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08-04-2009, 13:34
Just a few questions on the Isengard army -- thanks in advance!:

1) What's a good number of companies for an Uruk hai Phalanx and Warband formations?

2) What command do you find/think is useful for Phalanx and Warband units?

3) Are Scouts useful, especially when compared to Ugluk's Raiders? Are the more heavily armored Warbands simply better than the scouts? (Also, there seems to be mistake with the Raiders on their defense -- I think it should read "4(6)," not just "4" since they have shields)

Thanks again.

08-04-2009, 13:40
I called the GW-HQ Germany yesterday and they said that is probably indeed a typo on that defence matter. And yes, i also think that the legendary scout formations are indeed much better that the regular scouts, but be aware that you can only take them once and they are only 1-3 companies, so their use is limited that way.

08-04-2009, 13:57
All answer the questions as best I can, in the order you asked them:

1) The few games I've played say around 4 companies. This works well for Uruk-hai because any more really you have a fairly unwieldy unit that costs alot of points. Phalanx are great at 4 companies, as are the warbands.

2) Command is critical, especially heroes and their might, as well as the re-rolls banners provide. For Phalanx, I recommend a banner and captain as (I feel) its the most efficient and they are a more defensive formation.

Warbands on the other hand, if you intend to use them more aggressively, could benefit from the extra movement from a drummer.

Shamans I like; I'd include at least one in a unit (mostly because the models are great!) but also because you can cast spells that force the enemy to either suffer the effects of spells or spend the all important might point to resist it.

3) I'm a fan of the regular scouts because, simply, they are cheaper than than the legendary unit (and you can't have multiples of them!).

Also, they are faster movement than regular warband, and with shields they have a great defense of 6 to the front. The extra movement also helps a lot getting in people's flanks. The shaman is again an entertaining option.

Imagine being in someone's flank, and you cast sunder shields and then you hit someone in the front with a warband or even phalanx, then you hit them in the side. Ouch.

I do believe that is a typo, because they have shields listed in their equipment. That should also keep the RAW people quiet and prevent general rules lawyering.

Hope that helps.

08-04-2009, 16:49
Very helpful. Thanks. Definitely have some thinking to do and more opinions are always welcome.