View Full Version : 1500 mixed deamons- 40K as well?

08-04-2009, 12:35
hi all

thinking of selling my marrines and empire to get my self a deamon army for both 40K and fantesy (as I'm going to uni and running low on cash!)

so I came up with this deamon list using the fantesy rule book, and hopeing I can use something simmler for 40k?

1500 deamon list
Herald of Khorne armour of Khorne and firestorm blade
Herald of nurgle BSB level 1, palanquin, noxious vapours and spell breaker
Herald of tzeentch flames of tzeentch and master of sorcery
12 bloodletters champion and standard
11 horrors
15 plague bearers champion and standard and standard of seeping decay
3 screamers
3 nurglings bases
5 flesh hounds
3 flamers pryocaster

havn't read through the deamon codex but I have heard that screamers count as being equiped with meltabombs (which is why I have put them in the fantsy list as well)

will it work in both systems, I imagin I might have to make some small changers (gifts and unit sizes) but anyonther thing need doing?

also I'm not incudeing slanech- I just dont like it!

09-04-2009, 02:07
screamers arent great in either. id ditch them for more flamers which are ridiculous in both.

if you have a tzeentchian herald generally a 30 unit is better to really benefit from that 4+ ward imo.

similarly with the plaguebearers, big units are unstoppable. stack that static res.

in 40k flesh hounds are the one khorne unit WITHOUT power weapons. i reckon theyre pretty terrible because of this. but in fantasy theyre awesome due to the MR3 and high movement making them a brilliant mage blocking unit.