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08-04-2009, 12:51
So this is my first attempt at a Dark Elves 2250pt army list, and i would appreciate it if you could give me some tips.


Dread Lord: Cold One Chariot, Heavy Armour, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Caledor'Bane-274


Master: Heavy Armour, Battle Standard Bearer, War Banner, Armour of Darkness-155

Sorceress:lvl2(lore of shadows), Staff of Sorcery, Tailisman of Protection-180

Sorceress: lvl2(lore of shadows), 2 dispell scrolls-180


23 Dark Elf Warriors:(Master Joins this unit) Muscian, Shields-164

24 Dark Elf Warriors: Muscian, Standard Bearer, Shields-177

10 Black Ark Corsairs: Handbows,muscian-105

10 Black Ark Corsairs: Handbows, muscian-105

5 Dark Riders:Muscian-92

5 Dark Riders:Muscian-92

5 Harpies:-55


6 Cold One Knights: Muscian, Standard Bearer, Banner of Cold Blood, Dreadknight-227

6 Cold One Knights: Muscian, Standard Bearer, Standard Of Slaughter, Dreadknight-237

1 Cold One Chariot:-100

1 Cold One Chariot:-100

Basically my strategy for my armylist is to pincer the enemy with various amounts of fast moving calvary. Mostly i trust the cold ones to due this, but to ensure they do i will place a unit of dark riders in front of them not only to absorb fire but to entice the enemy to charge them. Once the enemy charges i will use them to flee and counter by having my cold ones charge, (who will now be in range). So while that is going on in the flanks I will position my Spearman, BsB, Corsairs, and Chariots, and sorceress in the centre.I will postion the corsairs slighty ahead of my spearman, and chariots on both their flanks along with sorceresses near by. The plan is pretty much the same in the center as i will use my corsairs to draw out the enemy, but instead of running, i will stand and fire, and hopfully tie down the enemy long enough for my spearman and chariots to charge their flanks. So this is pretty much my strategy and suggestions ould be very much obliged.