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Red Corsairs
08-04-2009, 14:01
Just thought a few of you here would be interested in this new War of the Ring painting competition.

Have the chance to win 15 worth of LOTR items.

More information here - http://mightofmiddleearth.setbb.com/competitions-f20/war-of-the-ring-painting-competition-t244.html

Just thought a couple of you might want to know so you could have that chance.


Red Corsairs
09-04-2009, 07:40
Here are the general rules:

* All Entries MUST be a Single company from the War of the Ring (ie. 8 Infantry, 2 cavalry or 1 Monster) or an Epic Hero/Legendary formation.
* Entries do NOT need to be LOTR Models produced by Games Workshop although they do need to be models mentioned by Games Workshop in the War of the Ring.
* All Entries MUST be miniatures mounted on 25mm (if infantry), 40mm bases (if Cavalry) or 60mm bases (if Monsters). Display bases/plinths are not acceptable.
* Entries do NOT need to be put into a WotR movement tray but are allowed if you want to! If you do not use a movement tray the infantry must be organised in 2 ranks of 4 troops.
* Banner Bearer, Captain and Shaman/Musician are allowed on the front rank if you wish to add them in. However named Characters (Lurtz, Shagrat, Ugluk, Boromir etc.) are to be left out.

Closing date is 30th May for those of you who care :p