View Full Version : need a woc list 4 gt october09 help????

09-04-2009, 13:39
ok so taking woc to the gt in october suggestions for a list
thinking small compact elite somthing like

3 x 14 warriors

2x 25 marauders

2x 5 marauder horse

6 x knights

1 x 10 dogs

3 characters

1 exalted champ
1 exalted champ bsb
1 scroll caddy

c+c please

09-04-2009, 15:19
Split the hounds into two units of five.

I think the warriors would do better in true MSU as just units of 10, but that's just an opinion.

09-04-2009, 15:23
If you have lots of slow moving units, is it not best to force the enemy to come to you by going magic heavy? Otherwise they will just ignore your heroes and pick off your weak units one by one.

Im no expert with WOC but the ones i have played have only threatened me with magic. M4 is too easy to avoid or combine charges against.

09-04-2009, 16:26
Will any of the units or heroes have marks? How about commands? What is your strategy with your army?

09-04-2009, 20:14
that unit of knights will eat every cannon and spell turn 1, then if the opponent is smart he wipes the units of horsemen with minor shooting/throw-away units. now you are all m4 blocks, and no real deathstar or point denial. I fear it would get eaten up too quickly.

Some magic would help depending on what marks you are taking, but if you want to stay just with a caddy, maybe a chariot or two to replace one of the blocks, make your opponent think twice about what to target for a few turns and give some punch, and they keep pace with the infantry fairly well. or another unit of knights to spread the wealth of incoming fire.

just from my skaven prospective, i would warp lightening both fast cavs to get them out of the way, then use my jezzails and cannon at knights while positioning globadiers to be within 13' of them next turn (accounting for your movement) and run some censurs straight at them. now my usual tourney list has 5 jezzails, one cannon, 2 engineers and 7 censurs. not overly SAD, even soft in some places, but i could fairly reliably remove your fast stuff in one turn i think (not bragging, just explaining the reasoning behind my comments)

09-04-2009, 21:28
Yea i think those comments are fair.

The main problem i see is that you have 2 armies, a fast one and a slow one. The fast one will be wiped out and the slow one will be too far behind to do much until it's too late. Then the entire enemy army gets to take you apart one half at a time.

chariots sound like a good idea. Can keep up with both elements of the force, allowing more flexibility.

10-04-2009, 00:13
Don't field chariots, most opponents that can pick Lore of Metal will do so and find use for Commandment of Brass. Any s7 hit will ruin your chariot and they don't keep up with cavalry as well as you'd like..

I would advise against a scroll caddy and opt for a more offensive magic phase as Spirit already advised.

A 2nd level sorcerer of tzeentch on a disc, with book of shadows, golden eye of tzeentch gives you a good warmachine/ranged unit hunter.
(if I have 20pts to spare I usually give him Bloodcurdling Roar too)

He'll need some backup or he'll have a hard time casting spells though,
Add a Sorcerer of Nurgle to snipe wizards and other nasty stuff.

I play with 2-3 blocks of infantry that stay in range of the BSB,
give him mark of tzeentch and Collar of Khorne so he'll have a better chance at survival and add some magic resistance to protect the unit he's with.
Optionally give him Helm of Many Eyes and a great weapon for some close combat destruction. But you'll have to cope with Stupidity ofcourse.

Why not add a Shaggoth?
He's big, fast and powerful. Sure, he'll attract shooting and magic, but if that gives your knights a chance to get into a charging position, all the better.

But if they shoot the shaggoth, then the sorcerer has a 2nd turn to cause damage..
Or the knights can get a charge.. Or..

Marauder horsemen with the mark of slaanesh cause mild headaches too.
If you can't get them down with one ranged unit, do you use a second unit to drop the last marauder or not? Has a single marauder on horseback any chance against a war machine crew?

10-04-2009, 08:32
Why would you pick a Shaggoth over a Giant?

10-04-2009, 09:42
no armour saves, mv 6", random attacks

Any wounding hit spells drama for the giant, but the shaggoth still has a measure of defense. (unless s6 and/or 'no armour saves allowed' ofcourse)

His attacks are more of a personal matter, I never seem to roll the needed attack when he does get a swing. You still need to roll to hit and to wound with the shaggoth but at least you know what you'll get.

I'd field both Shaggoth and Giant, or Shaggoth and Hellcannon, but then I would be writing a new army list instead of commenting on his army list :)

10-04-2009, 09:49
Stubborn makes up for it imho, atleast he can charge a block in the front.