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10-04-2009, 15:02
Well I'm on the lookout for a new army. I've manged to get it down to 3 contestants so far - WE Forest Spirit; Empire Flaggelant and an Araby Army (yes, I know that the rumors of something big this summer 'might' point to them, but truth be told I doubt it'll be araby). This is what I'm looking at for the Araby listed based on the Empire list. The Lector will be model as a Vizier on a Djinn. Ogres are also going to be Djinn and the Birdmen as flying carpets. I really just hope they'll still allow Dogs of War in the newer lists where they're not mentioned. Well here's the list:

Arch Lector
Hvy Armour, Shield, War Altar
Sword of Power (+2S); Alred's Casket (takes a spell from a wizard in 12" on a 4+ - can then use it once as a bound spell)

Warrior Priest
Hvy Armour, Shd, Barded warhorse
Sowrd of might; Silver horn (bound spell - rally all troops in 12")

Warrior Priest
Hvy Armour, Shd, Barded Warhorse
Doomfire ring, sword of justice (reroll failed to wound)

Wizard lvl2
Barded Warhorse, rod of power

24 Swordsmen w. Full command
-10 Halberds detachment
-6 Archers detachment

24 Swordsmen w. Full command
-10 Halberds detachment
-6 Archers detachment

12 Handgunners

6 pistoliers

1 Cannon

4 Ogre Ironguts

6 Birdmen of Caltaza

Total: 1998

The list gives me 7DD and 4 PD and between 6 and 9 bound spells a turn - so not too bad. There's a few things I'm not sure about, first is the rod of power on the wizards or whether to get 2 dispels. The Speculum would be nice to get in too, but can't really see where. To free points I can drop the ironguts and take ogres with ironfist and light armour to get 20pts and I could drop a few handgunners and the wizards horse. This could mean I could field some knights instead of the pistoliers, but I'm not too sure about that.
So any comments, ideas,etc.
Of course I'd need to convert most of the army, so if I do it and before I start I'd like to get it more or less right.

10-04-2009, 18:41
Those birdman are really only worthwhile if you absolutely must have a flying unit - and even then I'd consider a pegasus captain instead.

10-04-2009, 21:40
I realise that the birdmen aren't especially the most cost effective - 25pts for a flying bow is a little steep. However I feel they'll fit quite nicely and make the army a little different, plus a captain on pegasus isn't that much cheaper, if he's going to be effective on his own. i suppose I could drop them down to 5 and save 25pts.