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10-04-2009, 22:12
Ive heard alot of talking about Raveners is nerfed!

I dont play tyranids but i have red the codex and i dont see a reason why they are nerfed

10-04-2009, 22:57
Rending is less effective in 5th Edition, as now it is a roll to wound of 6 that will be AP2, whereas in 4th Edition it was a toll to hit that would autowound and ignore saves. And the bonus die for penetrating vehicles was changed from D6 to D3. Where rending claws + scything Talons made Raveners OK before, the rending nerf took one of the things that made them worth it (if you didnīt have the common aversion against mid size critters).

Classical Mushroom
10-04-2009, 23:00
Like susu said rending has been made less effective. Also means that necrons can get back up as its counted as AP 2. :cries: