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11-04-2009, 14:52
Has anyone tried using these guys yet? They seem like a flexible unit with fairly good stats all around and the ability to strike at the same time as cavalry is pretty damn useful. I'm getting a blister so I can use the models to represent Duinhir and his two sons and but now I'm wondering if a few companies might be a worthy investment.

Nu Fenix
11-04-2009, 18:32
This is only based on my thoughts from paper, no actual in-game experience.

Their special rules, with striking at the same time as cavalry, but also being Stalwart and Indomitable are quite potent. Pathfinder (Master) is an added benefit, but will have mixed use depending on the level of terrain you will be playing on. The final rule where if Aragorn joins them then he gains Inspiring Leader (Master) with an unlimited range, although relying on one man to raise the Courage of your army is risky, pluys there are five other Epic Heroes in the army with Inspiring Courage, meaning Aragorn is best with allies of non-Men who aren't Courage 6.

The Banner of the King seems overly priced, as it is the same as any other unit buying a Captain. Whilst it gives the entire Formation +1 Fight, which is better then a Captain because it would work defensively, I'm uncertain if it is worth taking.

They are four Formations able to have longbows, and one of them is only Shooting 4. So, they can be used to shotting support, as well as slowly advancing towards the enemy and quickly getting into short range. However, I would see them rarely shooting and instead rushing towards the opponent to get stuck in.

My concern is, whilst they do strike with cavalry, they are only Strength 4, which can be replicated for a lower price with Citadel Guards [or the same price per Company if Longbows are added], or by Foot Knights of Dol Amroth who have a higher Defence, and thus likely to stay around for longer.

Overall, whilst at first glance they seem impressive, I feel they could be replaced by other units which are either cheaper, or more effective in other ways.

13-04-2009, 14:02
I think they are epic... and when i do my good 'wotr' army, will be having 6 bases of these bad boys


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Nu Fenix
13-04-2009, 14:24
May I ask, what is it about them you consider epic, from a gaming perspective?

13-04-2009, 23:09
I'm going to go with the fact that whilst you are paying more for a Captain, that captain has an extra point of Might and Courage, so is actually cheaper than normal courage.

Then we can move on to the points of Defence and Strength, Master Pathfinders, Stalwart, Indomitable, and the fact they fight as cavalry, all for only ten points more per company.

Yeah, they're pretty epic.

Avatar of the Eldar
13-04-2009, 23:35
I'd suggest another angle - apart from pure calculation of points/stats/abilities.

If you're bringing Aragorn into a predominantly Gondorian force, there are at least 4 thematic roles he can play:

1) Savior of Minas Tirith and the best unit to bring him in is the Grey Company. (plus Gimli and Legolas if you have the points). And yes, wouldn't you want Halbarad unfurling the banner Arwen lovingly sewn for him?

2) Captain of the Host, pursuing Sauron's armies to the Black Gate. Mounted at the head of Knights of Minas Tirith.

3) Thorongil, Captain of Gondor, leading expeditionary forces to Umbar and Harad. Likely with Rangers (commando raid) or second fiddle to Ecthelion II. (Possibly substitute Imrahil's stats for Ecthelion or even a younger Aragorn and Faramir stats for Ecthelion.)

4) King Elessar, hunting Sauron's scattered minions while reconquering Khand and Harad in the early 4th age.

I'd say yes, the Grey Company is a very nice addition for Gondor or even as allies for Lost Kingdoms of Rivendell Elves. Don't over-anyalize it. Make thoughtful, thematic lists and trust to the game mechanics to provide overall balance. Plus, learn to use the troops you have.

Commanders have to figure out have to figure out strategy and tactics based on the troops they have. They don't get to cherry pick their forces. Not in real life, nor in Tolkein's mythos.

Have fun with it!

13-04-2009, 23:49
"Oh, damn, I don't get to cherry pick my forces. I suppose I'll have to make do with the best elite commando infantry available to Gondor then... Woe is me..." ;)

I'll be using them alongside Rangers of Arnor, the main reason being that I love the colour scheme - that's it. I'm planning to give them a slightly metallic cloak feel, very light, but I like that idea to show off who they really are.