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11-04-2009, 21:26
I wanted to break out my BoC army, but my buddy insists that I am not allowed to use my Dragon Ogres, Warhounds, etc...because of the part in the FAQ that says you are not allowed to use models from the DoC or WoC book. I tried to explain to him that it wa a reference to the HoC book, because the faq came out before the new WoC book. I think he's being a prick and trying to read too much into it. So my question is am I allowed to use all the units in the BoC book or just the ones that are not in the WoC book??

11-04-2009, 21:32
the BoC book too.

11-04-2009, 21:33
You're allowed to use all the units in the BoC book.

Hire your friend a tutor.

Supreme Archon Orlok
11-04-2009, 21:34
This question deserves a direct answer: yes you can use all the units in the beasts of chaos book, you can't use the units and magic items that are not in the beasts book.

If this was the case beasts would only have spawn as a rare choice.

11-04-2009, 21:36
lol..not even a SPAWN!!! they are in the WoC book also...but thinks

11-04-2009, 21:36
Dude, show your friend the FAQ; it says that Hoards of Chaos stuff can't be taken. The Warriors of Chaos Book is different from the hoards. Even if your friend was right, that stuff in both the books can't be taken, the warriors of chaos book has no relevancy to the FAQ.

11-04-2009, 21:39
the funny thing is that he's READ the faq and is STILL saying..."No, its says you can't use Warrior of Chaos models..."

Nurgling Chieftain
11-04-2009, 23:16
The point of the FAQ is that the books, which were originally written to be mixed together, are no longer mixed together. BoC, WoC, and DoC are each restricted to the units listed in their own army book, and cannot take units from the other army books.

Now, the confusion appears to be on that last clause. As both BoC and WoC have Dragon Ogres, I presume this silly fellow is claiming that the BoC's inability to take WoC Dragon Ogres somehow magically extends to them being unable to take their own BoC Dragon Ogres, as they are both "Dragon Ogres"? The simple answer is that of course you're not taking WoC Dragon Ogres, you're taking BoC Dragon Ogres, which is allowed, and is in fact the entire intent of the entry.

If that doesn't satisfy him, hit the troll upside the head with a rulebook. (Don't actually do that. Or at least, don't finger me as the reason you did if you do. :p )

11-04-2009, 23:19
:wtf: Of course you can use everything that's in the BoC Army Book!

Chicago Slim
12-04-2009, 21:16
Find friends who aren't so blitheringly stupid?

12-04-2009, 21:48
No,no, no WoC cannot use Dragon Ogres and Spawns etc, because they are part of the BoC book... period!:D:D:D

Classical Mushroom
12-04-2009, 22:17
BoC can use Dragon ogres only a fool would say otherwise as they are in the BoC army book :p tho they are a rare choice in a beast army not special plus they cost 5pts more and don't come with light armour. :(