View Full Version : Short Wood Elves vs. Gondor 1000pts.

11-04-2009, 23:21
Right this is just a quicky. In-store today i lost a game by a margin of less than a millimetre. we were seizing the high ground with the silly malestrom setup. My gondor led by imrahil and faramir were fighting galadriel, thranduil and cirdan. it was hard as the majority of his army had elven cloaks and was unshootable.

The setup wasnt so bad. All of his army got to et up together in a corner and most of mine along the opposite board edge apart from my archers, setting up a bit along from his army. As his high elves moved towards the central objective my warriors of minas tirith did the same and my knights of dol amroth came round the side for a flank march. His main formation of 5 wood elf companies led by galadriel and thranduil came round to face my archers and launched a flurry of generally uneffective magic at them. the wood elf archers killed 7 over a few turns whilst the archers killed 5 wood elf arriors who were just brought back magically.
The high elves were flank harged and completely wiped out.

part 2 tommorrow!

14-04-2009, 21:58
After that it went downhill. Imrahils boys were wiped out by constant magical bombardment and missile fire. the archers actually surcvived and occupied a building a foot away from the objective. On the 7th turn when his 5 company strong wodd elves advanced too close to the objective, literally a millimetre inside the 3" zone i revealed my ambushing 3 companies of ithilien with faramir. i came out right in front of him and sht killing a handful but crucially using might to get a few more, this cost me the game as turn 7 they charged me and killed 10 to my 7 and after the bombardment of throwing weapons wiped me out leaving them a millimetre inside the control zone to contest it with my warriors minas tirith. Because they had killed more they had won but so just i almost cried, if i had waited for combat to use the might i would have won, damn!
oh this is the fist topic in the battle reports, shame its so bad!