View Full Version : [WotR] 500pt Dwarfs

12-04-2009, 00:51
Balin = 100 pts (joins Khazad Guard)

Khazad Guard - 2 Companies = 100 pts

Dwarf Warriors - 3 Companies w/ Shields, Captain = 170 pts

Dwarf Archers - 2 Companies = 70 pts

Dwarf Ballista = 60 pts


12-04-2009, 07:01
I would say that it looks as a rather solid 500p army. You have enough firepower to make the enemy come to you (most of the time) and some really heavy fighting power in your infantry units. I would like to have banners, but in 500p I do understand if you choose the captain over a banner, so I think that is fine as well.

Da Black Gobbo
12-04-2009, 18:06
Hi! I'm newbie in WoTR too and i'm going to start with dwarves, I think is a pretty good list, Balin y a CC monster (like Gimli) and Kh‚zad guards are also pretty damm good, when you try it tell us how it was.

12-04-2009, 23:09
Thanks for the replies. This is my first list as well, and my first try at WotR. The lack of a banner concerns me too, knowing how useful it was in LotR, but I just couldnt fit it. I will hopefully get this army up and running soon.