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12-04-2009, 12:37
Okay, the first thign you need to know is that at th moment we are only playing 500 point games. I have thus far destroyed Space Wolves, Witch Hunters, Tyranids and Orks but the Tau are becoming an issue.

My friends list goes something like this (please note I don't know specifics)

1x Shas'o in a battlesuit with a Plasma Gun and some anti-tank weapon, 2 shield drones.
1x Hammerhead with railgun etc
1x Devilfish with SOme sort of Hunter Killer missiles
7x Fire Warriors with markerlight and pulse rifles

Any advice?

Asi the Red
12-04-2009, 13:19
First tell him he needs a second compulsory troop choice.
Then maybe post what you've been taking and any other models you've got that you can change in.

12-04-2009, 13:54
Yup, he needs a second troop unit, which will probably mean, heīll have to drop one of the vehicles.

At 500 points Nurgle CSM have a problem, because of the cost of PM. You minimum troop spending is almost half of your army and you want unit Champions and special weapons.
Keep these units small and naked, give your Lord a power weapon and the MoN. Then try to get a fast unit in, Bikes or Raptors with at least one Melta weapon. Use this unit to get close to the vehicles and bust them with Melta and to tie the Shasīo in close combat (points permitting invest in a champion with a PW as well) for your Lord to finish off. Run your PM towards the enemy, keep in cover and kill them in CC.
At 500pts, you wonīt be able to buy the IoN for the bikes, or Raptors, but at that point cost thereīs not a lot you can do.

12-04-2009, 15:15
I'd say plasma guns and a DP would give him something to think about. That and your opponent being required to field a legal list should do it. Of course him having to field a legal list might do it alone...lol


12-04-2009, 15:29
you will struggle getting anywhere near a decent DG army at 500pts, I'd even say 1000 is a bit of a push.

I'd use ya guys as vanilla chaos space marines and with pts saved get ye self some obilterators if you have none already, they never disappoint.

12-04-2009, 15:53
Like Asi said, pop in a rundown of what you've got and folks here can probably give you some pretty good advice.

One thing's for sure though, the 500 point mark is a tough number for a lot of Marine armies. By the time you buy an HQ, you're looking at 400 points or less to do the rest of your army in (potentially much less if you're going with cult troops). Couple that with fairly expensive troops and it means that you've an uphill fight. Perhaps the best ability of any Space Marine is their talent for putting out accurate firepower that doesn't go away (and Plague Marines are even better at not going away than normal Marines). The problem becomes that at 500 points, you just don't have many models on the table.

I'm sure we've enough Death Guard players on Warseer to give you a helping hand, but do be aware that low points games are going to be the 'tough spot' for your army. It's a great practice point for you though, since you'll really have to learn to get the most out of your army to win.

12-04-2009, 16:30
I would suggest doing as Latro_ said. I take it this is the early stages of a campaign or you and your buddies are in the process of building up your armies?
If that is the case, there is nothing to stop you from modeling and painting up your models in the Nurgle (Death Gaurd" style. That way, you can build up and start switching over to marked units and units with icons as the points values get higher. It will also let you be more competative early on while sticking with your theme.
Good Luck.

12-04-2009, 22:07
Thanks to everyone, and yeah this is the start of a campaign with the rest of my friends. My army list is this
1x Chaos lord with pair of lightning claws, Terminator armour, melta bombs, MON, Nurgles rot, D strentgh, D esscence.
7x Plague marines with plasma gun, frag grenades, Aspiring champion with powerfist, MON
1x Rhino with Mutated hull, smoke launchers
6x Plague Bearers

Just had a thought, do Deamon packs count towards minimum troop choices? If not then what should I replace them with?

12-04-2009, 22:37
I suggest you to get the new 5th ed Chaos Codex.

You are an edition behind.

My 7 Cents.

12-04-2009, 23:02
OK, your list is illegal as well under the current Codex... And without Icons you couldnīt even summon the Deamons under the 3.5 rules. Your PM cost less in these old rules, but are quite a bit worse (they get one more attack when charging and feel no pain now, for 4 points per model). The Lord is OTT and melta bombs can not be taken with terminator armor. Under the 3.5 Dex deamons counted towars minimum troop choices. They donīt do that anymore.

So my first advice would be to use the new dex.

Second advice: Even under 3.5, drop the deamons, drop most of the lords wargear (what good are the deamon gifts in this case? There are two weapons in your opponents list that will instakill you and thereīs no good reason for strenght against Tau either. And rot was good when facing Orks, Nids and IG, not so great against Tau), add more PMs, drop the Fist on the champ (waste of points), consider dropping the Rhino, the Tau are very good at offing vehicles and Iīd rather not present a target at this point size (now when you go 1k or 1.5k, you can take a couple of vehicles in which case the Rhino may be worth it).

So (as long as you donīt have the new dex, this is what you could do under the old one): 180 point Lord: Big Nono. Strip him down a lot, keeping with the Model Lord, MoN, Terminator armour and twin lightning claws (75points of unneccesary armor in my Opinion, but well, thatīs the model - You donīt have a power amoured guy with a power weapon around, do you? Because thatīs something you give Demonic speed to, giving you a 18+D6" charge range. Thatīs 80 points cheaper and will kill stuff before getting killed. In this case you may even add the Melta bombs and have somthing to do when the Infantry is dead). But DS, DE, NR and the illegal melta bombs free up some points. This buys you infiltrate for your PMs and their champion.
Talking about that unit: Powerfist off, Powerweapon is you feel you need to have it.
Rhino: Drop it. under the new Dex the points spent there would almost buy you 3 Rhinos. Or a unit of bikers. Or...
Drop the Deamons as well and you have enough points to buy another 7 PMs, let them infiltrate and give them a melta gun (consider switching the other special weapon to melta as well).

13-04-2009, 04:01
Thanks for the advice, i'm currently waiting for the new codex to get in at the local hobby store ( even though I ordered it 3 weeks ago... and my friend assured me the one I have was up to date, wich is why I shouldn't trust a Nids player)