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12-04-2009, 12:41
I have painted my Death Guard marines and terminator lord to a decent standerd but have no idea about how to base them. Tried the GW method but it didn't really do much for the 'evil' look of the army.
Advice would be appreciated.

Also, is this the right forum to put this in?

12-04-2009, 14:05
Well, P&T general would also work. One way to go is to use the standard method (glue in sand and paint it using abasecoat and drybrush), but choosing a more moody color (mine are based with purple sand). An option is using gloss acrylic medium (which is pretty much what GWs water effect is, only for a tiny fraction of the prize), mix it with small amounts of greens, purples, browns and yellows and apply the mix as puddles of ooze (the paint may take some of the gloss away, so adding a final layer of gloss is advised). Add tiny bits of anything painted black, or with a mix of chainmail and enchanted blue for buzzing flies (keep these really small). Skulls (from the CSM vehicle assesory sprue for instance - though itīs not as if that was the only source of skulls in GWs range...) with Ooze (as above) comming out of their eye sockets also add to the feeling of decay.

12-04-2009, 17:03
The ruined city base is another one that works quite well. Glue on sand and fragments of plasticard, paint black and drybrush grey, then add detailing as you feel.