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12-04-2009, 12:21
After buying the WotR rule book, I decided I simply HAD to make a FR army. Actually, it's something I've wanted to do for SBG for a while, but WotR gave me the excuse. :D
So this is what I have thought of:

Haradrim Raiders
3 Companies, bows, banner and chieftain

Khandish Raiders
3 Companies

1 Company, pikes, captain and banner

2 Companies, captain and banner

Easterling Archers
2 Companies

And that rounds off what I have in my collection so far, but how to round off the 1000 points? My initial thoughts are:

Amdur, Lord of Blades

Winged Nazgul (Khamul the Easterling)

But having said that, I'd still like to get another company of pikemen (packaging makes this difficult though).
Thoughts, advice and comments please!

Nu Fenix
12-04-2009, 13:58
Good to see another player joining the Fallen Realms :)

First of all, I always like to ask how much of this army is set in stone? Are there things in here you definately want to keep as you feel they are what makes the army for you? How much, if any of this have you already bought and want to use so it doesn't gather dust? It's always frustrating to be told to remove X or change Y, when you really like X and Y.

I would advise against taking a single company of pikes. The reason is, only four of them need to be killed to wipe out all use of the unit. Plus, the upgrades from the command cost more then twice the price of the actual unit, so they would be better waiting until you have more, or being mixed in with the normal Easterling Cohort to bulk it out by another company and save you 85 points.

If you take a Winged Nazgul it will count as a ally. The reason is, you are allowed to take certain Ringwraiths as Epic Heroes without issue, but when they're on a Fellbeast they are no longer an Epic Hero but a Legendary Formation instead, so you would still need a non-allied leader in your army.

Although Haradrim Raiders come with Poisoned Weapons, shooting wise I would go for more Khandish Raiders if you want fast-moving shooting, as they can move their full distance and still shoot due to Skilled Riders, and cost less. If you want to use the Haradrim Raiders for combat, for the same price without bows you can take Serpent Riders instead, who have an extra point of Courage and Fight whilst having the same ability in combat.

I feel that whilst Amdur is a very good Epic Hero to use, he is quite alot of points in one man for such a small force who can't maximise his abilities. A Ringwraith on foot would work well, as that way you have a strong magical base to your army, plus their special ability on top. Another character I like, and intend to buy soon is Dalamyr, as he stops your opponent getting a charge bonus against his Formation and Epic Poison is very handy too.

I hope that I have given you some ideas to think over.

12-04-2009, 14:36
Thanks for the feedback!
I don't know why I didn't think of mixing the pikers with the other swordsmen. :P
As for what's set in stone, I have the Easterlings and both the Haradrim and Khandish raiders already purchased, so I would like to stick with them (though I see your point about the Haradrim). I'm also quite eager to use Amdur, though the Fellbeast can wait until I up the points of the army. I would like to include a Ringwraith though.
So dropping the command choices from the pike company and merging it with the swordsmen, dropping the bows from the Haradrim raiders and downgrading the Winged Nazgul to a Ringwraith leaves me some points. Anything glaringly missing from the list?

12-04-2009, 14:44
Since the rules are rather lax in its regard to models in a company you could place for example four pike men in the center of the company and swordsmen in the corner and use the company as a pike company, that would look rather good and I don't think your opponent would bother much. Make sure to also remove the swordsman before the pike man as casualties as well.
This would give you two companies of pike men instead of one.

Nu Fenix
12-04-2009, 14:57
Depending on your opponents or where you play, you could get away with telling them that your Haradrim Raiders are Serpent Raiders, which would be worth it.

Before Epic Heroes are added, so far I work out you have just under 500 points spent so far, so there is plenty of room to increase things.
- Get more infantry, as there is only one Formation of 3 Companies on the field [archers don't count], so getting some more would be very useful. I started off with 6 boxes, so I have all my Formations at 3 Companies strong, with 2 Formations of Archers and Cohort and 1 of pikes. Means I have a strong infantry base, for capturing objectives and generally holding my ground.
- I think a monster would be useful, as them having 360 sight, and striking before cavalry and infantry is a big boost. The most fitting would be a Khandish chariot. Whilst it has a lower Strength and Defence than a Troll, it has more base attacks, gets +4 for charging, slightly higher movement, comes with a bow and two-handed weapon, so has some serious power. Plus, the boost gained from increasing it to a King is worthwhile in my opinion.
- A second block of attacking cavalry could be worth thinking about, as that way you can come down the flanks, and it means you spread attention for their archers. You could go for some Kataphrakts to keep the Easterling look up, or add Morgul Knights for their higher Defence and Terror, plus they look good.
- A second Ringwraith [though arguably excessive] or a second caster [pick Queen Beruthiel over a normal War Priest] increases your magical flexibility, although it could be hard to fit at 1000 points with Amdur as well.

More for you to think over :)