View Full Version : Mountain Wood Elves (Pardon the pun), Would it work?

vinny t
13-04-2009, 00:12
So, I was flipping through the Wood Elf Book and I realized just how good Warhawk riders are, they can never lose combat, and have 2 strength 4 attacks each.

So, a rough draft of this would be...

Lord on eagle
2 casters
Hero on eagle?

Glade Guard "The sentinels"

4 units of 4 warhawk riders

2 Great Eagles

How would this work, and would it be competative

PS: No Forest Spirits. This is in the mountains.

The Red Scourge
13-04-2009, 10:33
You'll usually end up with a draw or a minor victory.

What people usually go for in this type of lists is waywatchers instead of eagles. You won't need the eagles, as your warhawks will easily marchblock your opponent anyway, and its a rare kind of army that can catch them.

Also consider glade riders instead of guards to make the list utterly uncatchable.

Also Alters with great weapons are quite common. You can easily crash-and-burn those warhawks to hunt mages and a little S6 goodness goes a long way :)

Oh, and do expect people to whine a lot about this kind of list. Ask yourself if you'd like to fight it :)

13-04-2009, 21:12
the thing about this army is, it's very fast and almost uncatchable, but it just doesn't do that much damage. and if you don't watch out your opponent is gonna magic you to death, and you don't have the numbers to cope with that.

if you're still interested though, I suggest you head over to asrai.org and check out what they call Sethayla lists. that'll give you a lot of helpfull tips