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13-04-2009, 09:15
hey guys, here's the deal.
i'm trying to get my nephew into 40k again.
the story is long and hard but i'm going to tell it to you the way it is.

when he and i were young we grew up like brothers.
where the one bought pokemon cards,the other bought it aswell.
untill one day i bought my first lotr figure home.
instant love is all i can say.
me and my nephew made mental love to the models like only the raw enthousiasm of a twelve year old can.
after years of fun and carnage (as wel on the battlemats as on the painting table) i found that it was time for something new.
having grown to the respectable age of 14, i jumped into my car and rode to the nearest games workshop.........well not my car, but good joke hey?
so i bought my first 40k models, space marines(duhh)
after a lot of persuasion on my part, my cousin started it also, he started chaos as thousand sons.
over time i grew to do space wolves and a rivalry that would last for years to come was born.

then it happened, world of warcraft.
oh my garding how he fell from grace,the dark envoloped him like an all too eager drunk girl.
even now i can hear my cries of agony and the physical pain that ran trough my body when he told me he'd rather stay in than come battle with me.

now you know the story.

but it doesn't end there,years later we are both full fledged men'(its now legal for me to drive anyways:P)
he still plays computer games and i still play with little guys who run around doing stuff i'd go to prison for.
tough one thing has changed, my determination to get my once rival back into the saddle of his disc of tzeentch.
but my dear friends, i need youre help.
oh how i need it.

please save my mental health from declining.
help me with this issue and tell me the best way you would "persuade my cousin again"
and remeber i'm desperate it needn't be subtle or even non violent.

thanks for reading and russ sends his regards from the eye.

13-04-2009, 09:50
A few years ago I got back into 40k and tried to spark my brothers interest as well. He said he wasn't keen, preferred video games. I showed him the beginnings of my DA army, specifically the best looking mini's (termie chaplin, termie squad etc). This didn't quite get him going like I was hoping. Next step; I bought him the SW rune priest. End result; he now has more armies than me and we once again have a great rivalry on and off the battlefield. Mission accomplished. :D

13-04-2009, 11:13
ya, get him a gift, then hes pretty much obliged to at least put it together and have 1 game with you. thats all it could take. instant slavery.

13-04-2009, 13:03
Or you could do it the hard way. Over a period of 4 years, I've clocked more than 4000 hours worth of time spent on WoW and over 1000 hours on other random games like COD4, Crysis, etc. Anyone with a sane mind would be bored of it by then, even with all the flashy new stuff. What I'm saying is, shove the video game fest in his face till he gets really tired of sitting there. Then pull out that shiny new model you just painted.

Rick Blaine
13-04-2009, 14:49
Bribe him with an imported keyboard with a Shift key. I hear those are rare in Holland.

13-04-2009, 14:55
TBH, many people do fall out of the hobby as they get older and there's little yopu can do to change that. Carping too much will probably put him off, the best advice I can give you is simply to wait for an opening.

that said, I achieved the feat of getting my girlfriend to play (it helps that she's uber competitive) rather than actually asking her to, I simply asked her what I should do (which armies etc) and surrounded the place with my stuff and eventually she wanted to do her own army. The best way i can think of is to passive aggressively show him new models you've painted each time, point out the odd magazine and ask his opinion on what YOU are doing. If he's the type to return eventually he'll want to join in- but not everyone can be brought back...

At least this way, you're just sharing your hobby with him, so if je doesn't go for it, it won't become a bitter point between you.


Get a hot girl to start playing, not only will it entice him but it really puts a lot of players off their game (plus one guy got mocked so badly about getting smashed by my girlfriend that he almost cried- which was odd really as she hardly ever loses...)

13-04-2009, 17:18
Try to figure out his wow account, and get him banned, it the only way to break the addiction. XD But really who knows, I was sucked into wow for almost 3 years, finally stopped playing because I got an xbox 360, and I knew i would never play it if I got on WOW again, so I found time for 40k again also.

13-04-2009, 17:39
I myself had several 40k armies and invested as much time in the hobby as I could. When WoW came out, I dropped 40k.

At the time WoW was new and intriguing.
It’s also MUCH cheaper than 40k.
WoW provides a social outlet through software like Ventrilo that you don’t get while painting for hours on end only to spend a fraction of that time actually playing.
WoW does not require much intellectual investment opposed to 40k which makes it an excellent relaxation tool.

With that said, WoW is a perpetual carrot and a stick addiction. Even once you’ve acquired the best equipment you possibly can (no small feet) it’s only a matter of time before the next Arena gear release or raid dungeon release begins the chase again. Once you’ve achieved the highest level of skill possible with your character, even PvP becomes a monotonous intellectual exercise;

Ok, I’m fighting a mage… activate power A, power B, power C, power A, power D, power A, power B, he’s dead.

Your only hope is that one day he’ll realize; “hey, this just isn’t that fun. It’s the EXACT SAME GAME now that it was at level 1 except I get to open my character window and look at all my super pretty purple gear.”

In the meantime, play 40k. Participate in tournaments. Learn to have fun without your nephew. Regale him of stories of your epic battles and the beautiful and fantastic armies you’ve seen. Eventually he’ll get back into the hobby…

Or girls, whichever comes first.

13-04-2009, 17:56
Didn't you say it didn't have to be non-violent? Just beat him up and put a hole in his monitor; problem solved.

13-04-2009, 17:59
Bribe him with an imported keyboard with a Shift key. I hear those are rare in Holland.

lol nice.

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