View Full Version : Great Devourer Tournament Results.... Where are they?

13-04-2009, 13:43
I am looking for the Great Devourer Tournament Results and have been unable to find them.... does anyone know where to look? I phoned my local GW and they said to look under the community and events section.... I looked and was unable to find anything of value!

Help is gratefully accepted!


13-04-2009, 18:38
Still haven't been published by all accounts...Over on the Warhammer forum they've been watching quite closely and nothing. A couple of stores have been asked and, predictably enough, they have no idea either.

14-04-2009, 13:10
Well that's just rubbish, the tournament was an organisational shambles and so are the results!!! jeez...

14-04-2009, 13:28
Results are in at GW High Wycombe. I'll try and get a copy to post online.