View Full Version : bane head + blood statuette = ?

13-04-2009, 21:06
what happens when a character with the bane head (2 x wounds) hits the guy he nominates with the blood statuete of spite? (T test or take a wound and re-test.)

is it just me or could iat be really bad for your opponent?

13-04-2009, 21:09
it could be really bad if you could put two enchanted items on a character :)

13-04-2009, 21:10
Nothing happens because they are both enchanted items.

Oops, ninja'd lol.

Necromancy Black
13-04-2009, 22:03
As stated, you can't get both onto a single character.

13-04-2009, 22:32
Also, ive taken the Blood S. in 4 games so far, against elves, elves, skaven and lizardmen. It's done precicly nothing! And it was only dispelled once.

I'd stick to a reliable dispell scroll or rod of the storm myself (bound pwr6, kill 2-3 knights is amazing)

Necromancy Black
13-04-2009, 22:35
Yeah, the statue use to have some good potential because it ignored all saves, but now only ignore armour saves.

Waste of an item to really put in on any character. Maybe throw it on some TG.