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14-04-2009, 16:36
So I play Dwarfs and Angmar as my two main lists and here's what I've got:

The Tainted

The Necromancer (ally)

Ghostly Legion x6 (Banner, Captain)
Spectral Host x4 (Banner, Captain)
Angmar Orcs x9 (Banner, Captain, Drums, Taskmaster)

Court of Fallen Kings x1
Shade x1
Werewolf Pack x1

Fates: Situational

Total: 1920

So here is my Angmar list since my dwarf posting has been sitting around with scant comments - figured I could pick up some critiques about my evil army.

So I have a massive orc screen for my ghosts spectrals and necromancer etc. to hide behind. They counter charge or move right past the combat to rear lines.

The court of fallen kings kicks so much ass that it's a must IMHO - they are very vulnerable with only 8 wounds but if hidden behind my orc screen and used at the right time they can mop the floor with cavalry or high R troops. - if used in combo with another block troop I could even kick some monsters butts.

The specters and shade I love those two I will keep close together and stack their detriments on players while charging them with a 3rd unit (werewolves)

The necromancer is key IMO as he comes with 5 spell mastery and the first spell I will always cast is Dismay (same with The Tainted). Other spells are nice but that spell is key for Angmar (the -1/-3 courage).

I think Elves and Dwarfs may be the toughest armies to face with their high C values and good armor. If I face another evil player I wouldn't too scared of their C or such but the sheer numbers (like a Misty mountains army)

16-04-2009, 20:08
does my army suck? I haven't run it in a game yet (still painting and collecting some odds and ends) - any other Angmar players or WOTR gurus have some pointers to beef up this army while still remaining fluffy (i.e. almost completely Angmar units)

Gabacho Mk.II
16-04-2009, 21:42
You know, I would love to give you feedback, however as I am just starting WoTR, I dont know or have much to say.

The list 'looks' effective. ;)

Sorry, am not much help.

16-04-2009, 22:04
better than nothing Gabacho, thanks!

I am toying with the idea of either taking more nazgul or keeping the necromancer... It's a tough call - with more nazgul I can cast more dismay spells - but they need units to be put in which means my only unit of orcs (and if that goes then all my nice nazgul go with em!)

16-04-2009, 22:36
1) Not too keen on the Necromancer (as it's an Angmar army and also because he's not that good for the points IMO). I'd take Gulavhar instead - immense in combat and fast.

2) Drop ALL command upgrades apart from captains.

3) Overall the army is quite solid. With the spare points you could ally with mordor - a lot of options to choose from like trolls, gothmog, morannon orcs, warg riders, etc.

Hope this helps!

Nu Fenix
17-04-2009, 01:16
I have looked at branching out to Angmar, and currently use allied Spectral Hosts in my Fallen Realm army, so I will try to offer what advice I've picked up so far, as well as from reading the book every spare chance I get ;)

* The Spectral Host don't have any option for Command, so I have no idea how you are giving them a Captain and Banner. My only thought is you cut and pasted from the Ghostly Legion and forgot to remove it. That or you got carried away buying Commands and figured they could by mistake. As such, you will want an Epic Hero to join them.

* The Necromancer is a nice idea, as it makes the army seem less about Angmar and more about Dol Guldur. Him being a Spirit with all the associated benefits, as well as Inspiring Leader on them is quite useful. I like the idea of him, and would like to try him one day. However, whilst he is Defence 8, he is only Hard to Kill, which means he could be taken down with enough hits. If you did go with your gut and change him for some Ringwraiths, it means you can cast the same spell more times due to more casters being on the board. The Undying could be useful to protect the Spectral Host from spells, allowing more of them to reach combat. In the same vein, The Shadow Lord could protect you against shooting.

* If you wanted another spellcaster but also felt like going for something different, how about Queen Beruthiel? She is also a spirit, which fits with the theme of the army, although only knows Spells of Darkness, not Dismay.

* I concur with Babolat about only using the Captain on your Orcs. For some reason you pay more then everyone else [Errata please!], and the points saved are much more useful then the minor benefits gained from them.

* Although it is unlikely, if you wanted to break theme then you could take Grima Wormtongue. Sticking him in a high Courage unit allows you to bring them down heavily, making it easier to damage them with Spirit Grasp, and also pull of Courage based spells.

* Have you thought about adding a Fate to your army? Two seem of most use for your army, and are also the cheapest.
Watcher in the Shadows can help weaken the enemy, and as it is placed after deployment, you can position based on the objectives and style of their army. If you expect them to stand back and shoot for most the game, placing it near their most troublesome unit will either force them to move or risk being more easily killed. If you expect there to be a contest over certain objectives, placing it there makes it easier for you to get the objective.
Haunted Wasteland can be used to help slaughter an enemy unit, especially if you managed to cast Sunder Spirit on them before they moved. Especially amusing against enemies that have Pathfinder, as they would never imagine being punished for moving through terrain they would normally move at full pace through. Make sure you remember it causes CASUALTIES and not hits. Easy way to kill cavalry or monsters who think they know better.

* Because of the Werewolves they mean I dont have to suggest something fast, as they have that covered, but be careful as they are only Defence 4, and rely on getting the charge. Having someone cast Transfix on their target when you don't have priority should help you get the charges you want.

* Whilst they would be allies, I think that the Wargs, Giant Spiders and Bats from Misty Mountains would be fitting to your army. In a similar, but significantly more powerful way, Castellans of Dol Guldur could make a very anry addition to your army, with their combination of Strength 5 with Spirit Grasp and Defence 7 with Resilience 2, they will eat most things that stand in their way. The downside is they are very pricey, in both points and cash.

Well, those are my thoughts for now. Some you might find useful, and some you may think is complete drivel! However I hope it has given you some ideas for your list.

17-04-2009, 08:06
im surprised to see no castellans in a mostly spirit army like angmar! :)

something with inspiring leader master may be useful as well

17-04-2009, 10:32
Alright I've edited the list some based on the comments (thanks all!)

Ringwraith [The Tainted]
Ringwraith [The Dark Marshal]

9x Angmar Orc Warband [Captain]
6x Ghostly Legion [Captain]
4x Spectral Legion

1x Court of Fallen Kings
1x Shade
1x Werewolf Pack

1x Buhdur
2x Castellans of Dol Goldur

Fates: "There Will Be No Dawn."

This list gives me the same amount of dismay spells (the spell that really counts in my army) I think the Dark Marshal is good because he is inspiring (master) where as the Necromancer was only (spirits) - though the necromancer is more geared towards this army (being a spirit etc.)

The Dark Marshal can also toss his fight value to a formation within 12" - I could toss this on the Court of the Fallen and bump their fight value from 3 to 5 - or any other unit that has "We Stand Alone" - which is most of the army!

I also took two formations of Castellans since they are hard as nails and would be good for a defensive formation on a flank or in support of my orcs.

I also had enough points for a fate AND Buhdur - Buhdur is great with Ambusher, I can see him using that very well to get into combat and tie up a few units from my main lines for a turn (or two).

The fate I think is the best for Angmar as once again it deals with courage - making all enemies reroll successful courage tests - which is insanely good for a terror/spirit grip army (combine that with dismay spells!)

I really think Angmar comes into it's own dominating the game with a combination of fast movements and hitting the right unit and right spell at the right time - the army seems much less forgiving than Mordor or Misty mountains where you have TONS of units.

17-04-2009, 11:34
looks pretty solid i like it, not 100% sure on the tainted though i forget his particular effect.

Depending on what it does khamul or the knight of umbar may be better choice, if theres room for allies.

17-04-2009, 14:48
The Tainted: Enemy formations within 12" of The Tainted may not use a Hero's Courage value instead of their own.

this is wonderful in combat with the -1 to -3 courage spells, terror, and spirit attacks! Khamul is nice but it's not downright amazing for this army (certainly is for Mordor)

17-04-2009, 18:01
Great army!! Nothing else much to say really!

17-04-2009, 20:52
your right totally keep the tainted, good list :)