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17-12-2005, 17:55
This new Specialist for Space Marine Command Squads could be a very characterful addition for Librarian/Psyker heavy Chapters, such as the Blood Ravens, although it is intended for use in any Chapter (with opponents permission).

I'm not sure about points values, etc. but that can be worked out by anyone who wants to use it...?

A Lexicanium is a Librarian in training under the watchful eye of more superior Librarians.
- If the army includes any Librarian from the Chapter Librarian HQ entry in Codex Space Marines then one Space Marine model from any, or each, Command Squad may be upgraded to a Lexicanium at a cost of +25 points.
- The Lexicanium counts as a Psyker and has the ‘Storm of the Emperor’s Wrath’ psychic power (see the entry on page 26 of Codex Space Marines for details) but may not swap this power for any other.

The Lexicanium is the lowest of the battlefield ranks within the Chapters Librarium. It is his job to act as record keeper for the Chapter, chronicling its history in summary accounts varying in nature from campaign and battle details to the beliefs and philosophies of the Chapter.
When he is present on the battlefield all those around him are emboldened with the knowledge that even if they die their actions will be recorded for all time. With this knowledge they also become very protective in guarding such a record, for the honour of the Chapter and its deeds must be preserved at all costs.
- Whilst accompanied by the Lexicanium the Command Squad benefits from the Counter-attack universal special rule.
If the Command Squad includes both the Chapter Banner and a Lexicanium then all units with a model within 12” of either the Lexicanium or the Chapter Banner benefit from this rule.

All specialists with Terminator Honours may select additional equipment from the Space Marine Armoury, and the Lexicanium counts as a Librarian for eligibility in taking a Familiar.
However, unlike other Librarians the Lexicanium does not use a Psychic Hood or a Force Weapon, as he has not yet been fully trained in their use (he may physically carry a Force Weapon as part of his training, but it is no more use in his hands than a standard Power Weapon and so only counts as such).


Zark the Damned
17-12-2005, 21:06
I already did something like this a while ago...

'Mind over Matter' Trait Advantage

The chapter has a higher than ordinary number of Librarians. As a result, squads are often lead by Lexicaniums.

The sergeant of any Tactical, Veteran or Command Squad may be upgraded to a Lexicanium at a cost of 10pts. A Lexicanium counts as a psyker and has a single minor psychic power, however may not buy any other powers or librarian specific wargear.

In addition, the Chapter's more powerful librarians will often lead the army. An Epistolary may be upgraded to a Cheif Librarian for +15pts. Cheif Librarians gain the 'Rites of Battle' rule from Commanders but are otherwise identical to Episotlaries.

17-12-2005, 21:10
You just opened up assault/command squad hybrids.
This makes the 5th character option for them, and a min. squad of all 5 could take bikes/jump packs to create an uber- assault squad.
I'm not happy with the way command squads aren't allowed to take speed upgrades other than a vehicle, but I actually think that GW did it on purpose.
EDIT: I prefer upgrading the sergeant.

17-12-2005, 22:57
Seems like a strange idea, but I like it.

18-12-2005, 04:15
I already did something like this a while ago...

'Mind over Matter' Trait Advantage

That's a cool idea too. :)
I can see both ideas working together in a greater context though, ie:
My version for Codex Chapters (which is inherently limited to 4 Librarians total), with your 'Mind over Matter' Trait upgrade also then available to represent Psyker heavy Chapters.
That way everybody gets Lexicaniums, but Psyker heavy Chapters get more
...as it should be. :chrome:

EDIT: Of course only Command Squad Librarians would give counter-attack... being higher in the ranks, or something...?