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15-04-2009, 11:15
My last game, I was Empire with Arch Lector and the Mace of Helstrum. I was faced with an Exhalted Champion with a -1 AS. Guessing Chaos Armor (4+), Juggernaught takes it to a (1+), and enchanted shield ? (-1). Anyhow, the Mace is at S10... The item was beginning of 7th edition and at the time of writing it was probably assumed that no one would be able to get an armor save. However if you do the math, the Exhalted Champion gets a 6+ Armor Save vs. the Mace of Helstrum.. He failed it but I thought for a 65 pt item that only has 1 attack that no armor saves should be allowed. RAW it shows that you do apparently. Just looking for confirmation as I believe that answer stands that you do get a save. Crazy as it is.

S1-3 - Save -1
S4 - Save 0
S5 - sv 1
S6 - sv 2
S7 - sv 3
S8 - sv 4
S9 - sv 5
S10 - Sv 6

15-04-2009, 11:26
Yes, you get your armour save if it's good enough to withstand the Mace.

At the beginning of 7th, the best possible armour saves were even better than they are now ;)