View Full Version : [WotR] Isengard - Crossbows or Ballista?

The Adept
15-04-2009, 17:47
I've got 75pts left in a 750 pt list I'm gonna use tomorrow. It's all melee troops (warbands, pikes and Lurtz), and I want a little shooting. Should I use 2 companies of crossbows, or a siege ballista?

Nu Fenix
15-04-2009, 17:55
I personally would pick the Crossbows. They are harder to kill because there are more of them, and whilst they are less powerful the increased shots made by them makes up for it.

Plus, they will be better at fighting back in combat, with 8-16 dice most of the time, depending on casualties.

17-04-2009, 11:31
ballistas are better en mass, now if you had 150 points to spare, 3 siege bows would be nice from the mordor list or 2 ballistas