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16-04-2009, 07:02
Hi folks,

Had this crazy idea while watching TV, and wrote it down before common sense took hold. I normally play Sethayala style wood elves, so this is... different.

Drycha [355]

Spellsinger [260]
Level 2, Glamourweave Kindred
Unicorn. Dispel scroll, Deepwood Sphere

Branchwraith [165]
Level 1
Murder of Spites, Annoyance of Netlings

8 Dryads [96]
8 Dryads [96]
8 Dryads [96]
8 Dryads [96]

12 Treekin [800]
Treekin Elder

Treeman [285]

Total is 2,249 points.

All characters go in the Treekin unit, for a 5*3 formation. It has 4+/5*+, with MR2.

I could drop the Sphere, the Treekin champion, and a unit of dryads for a bare bones unit of Wild Riders.

Any idea whether it might even work? Obvious problem is that the unit of treekin is likely too big to completely hide in a woods, but Drycha can solve that somewhat by teleporting it around. And if the opposition has seriously problematic tools in it's arsenal, just deploy Drycha on her own in a woods and call in the cavalry in turn 6.
Magic is decent, with PD 7, DD 7 and 3 bound spells. Sure, it's almost all one spell, but luckily, that's a decent one.

Wolf 11x
16-04-2009, 13:26
I recently opted to come up with a Drycha list myself. I actually assembled my last Treeman yesterday.

I feel (and have changed my list accordingly) that an Ancient with Netlings & CoR is far more suited to my playstyle. If you feel the DD are entirely necessary, then stick with Drycha. Otherwise, you might consider changing her out (at least try the Ancient :D).

As for your list, I think you need Wild Riders and I also think you need to break up the Treekin. I would take 2 of 4 at most. They move 5"! You'll be completely outmaneuvered the entire game.

With that said, here is my 2000 point list for comparison if you're interested. I take a noble just cause I love the model :evilgrin::


16-04-2009, 20:17
12 treekin?!?!? Do you really take them in one super unit?

You would do much better breaking them up into smaller units.

16-04-2009, 20:35
That unit of treekin will never make it into combat with any army that's semi-fast. I see lore of fire taking that unit to town...

17-04-2009, 00:51
3*4 treekin > 1*12.

17-04-2009, 06:43
Obviously, I know it's far from optimal, but the idea is basically points denial by only deploying it when there's a clear benefit, and then making sure I get one or two critical charges towards the end of the game. Table quarters do worry me, especially without eagles, warhawks or other fast units - it's why I wondered about the wild riders.

Basically, it's a silly experimental idea, but I have so little experience with Drycha that I am actually not sure how to optimally use her abilities.