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16-04-2009, 08:26
Ok, I'm setting up my first two armies with WotR... since I didn't have any models for SBG and only played that a couple of times I had to build this from scratch. So I now have one Mordor and one Gondor army.

My plan is now to introduce this to a couple of friends to get them hooked... ;)

I have played some battles at the local gaming club, but mainly with what I had painted and borrowed models.

So this is my two army lists...


Leader: Gothmog, Castellan of Minas Morgul - 110p
Epic: Kardush the Firecaller - 100p

1st Orc brigade, 245p
9 Mordor Orcs with 2-H weapons (Captain and Drummer)

1st Orc infantry support battalion, 140p
3 Morannon Orcs with shields (Captain and Drummer)

1st Orc archer support battalion, 60p
3 Mordor Orcs with bows

1st Warg raider warband, 75
3 Warg Rider Warbands with shields

2nd Warg raider warband, 75p
3 Warg Rider Warbands with bows

1st & 2nd Troll detachments, 200p
2 Mordor Trolls

Gothmog and Kardush will most probably stay with the Orc brigade and work their charm on them as best they can while they rush to destroy the enemy on the other side. The brigade will be flanked by one Troll on either side.
The Wargs will try and move along either wing and act more as a harassment force. If they get to charge something that is quite a bonus.
The support units are there for support of the brigade and to keep dangerous enemy units from flanking it as well as to capture objectives and be a threat to flanking enemy formations and attack them from a distance

There are no Ringwraiths in the army yet and there won't be any until I go to 1500 point. I will then include either or both the Dark Marshal and the Shadow Lord. The Drak Marshal will also bring some Morgul knights and Black Numenorians with him, while the Shadowlord simply bring more Orcs. ;)
In 2000p or 2500p I plan on bringing the Witch King on a Fellbeast as well. But that is far in the future...
The Mouth of Sauron might also make an appearance to lead his fellow Black Numenorians together with the Dark Marshal.


Leader: Faramir - 90p

1st & 2nd Infantry Regiments, 300p
4 Minas Tirith Warriors (Captain)

1st & 2nd Archer Support battalions, 120p
2 Minas Tirith Archers

1st Cavalry Regiment, 205p
4 Minas Tirith Knights with shields (Banner and Captain)

1st & 2nd Cavalry battalions, 100p
2 Minas Tirith Knights

Rangers of Ithilien, 185p
3 Rangers (Madril and Damrod)

This is a rather tactical and well balanced force, slightly defensive but can be quite offensive if it so chooses. The infantry regiments will line up flanked by the arches and cavalry battalions behind the archers. The cavalry will be held back until they are needed.
The rangers of Ithilien are very dangerous and have the Ambush special rule, so they will be able to surprise the enemy with a hail of arrows and the odd rear or flank charge, they are also backed up with a total of four might, that is quite impressive to say the least.
The cavalry regiment will either be held in reserve or placed on a wing if there is any tactical advantages for that. Faramir will go to whatever unit are most appropriate for the time being, he can also be sacrificed in worst case scenario to save a unit from certain death if I have to, but I don't think I will use him for that very often. He also has Epic Strike, so he can defend himself pretty well in a fight too.

There are so many things that I like with Gondor and so many things I would like to include. I will expand the army with one battery of Avengers. I will also include the Axmen of Lossarnach and Forlong the Fat. More cavalry and infantry and archers, more rangers and/or the Blackroot Vale Archers. In addition to this I will include at least one company of Elves because I like them too much not to include then somehow.
I will include Boromir and Gandalf the Grey as heroes, any other suggestions for heroes to include that would be thematic as well?

16-04-2009, 13:34
I think I'd try to get captains into those warg rider units. This way they can move on the double! on the first turn to set up some flank charges later. With their S4 and prowlers ability they do very well with flank charges. Plus with the captain, if your opponent gets the priority when it's time to charge you can still do your heroic charge and get the all important charge bonus for them.

16-04-2009, 13:38
Yes, I had two captains in there before, but I removed them for an additional Troll, so that is an option... The trolls are quite important as well though, because they protect the Orcs pretty well when you have one on each side of the formation.

Another way would be to split them into three formations and use them as small support and irritating annoyance. Basically one shot missiles...