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Nu Fenix
17-04-2009, 19:58
To help me understand armies and units I could face, like many people I have a good read through the book. As I do, sometimes I get the urge to create an imaginary army, wondering how well it would work, how it would look, or even just how different it may seem.

So, I thought about a Mordor force built around the idea of Cirith Ungol, with a mix of Sauron's troops, but also Shelob and assorted spiders to represent her children.

I have built this list without any Epic Heroes, only Legendary Formations. There are two reasons for this:
1. None of the Epic Heroes felt right for the theme, as they would all be busy elsewhere, whereas Legendary Formations such as Shagrat's Tower Guard are spot on for the theme.
2. To show that not all Mordor lists need a Ringwraith and/or Gothmog. Yes they are very good, and we all know that. So lets try something else.

Legendary Formations
Shelob - 250
3 Companies of Shagrat's Tower Guard + Two-Handed Weapons - 215

Common Formations
9 Companies of Mordor Orcs + Captain & Two-Handed Weapons - 230
9 Companies of Mordor Orcs + Captain & Two-Handed Weapons - 230
6 Companies of Morannon Orcs + Captain & Shields - 200
3 Companies of Giant Spiders - 105
3 Companies of Giant Spiders - 105

Rare Formations
Spider Queen - 145

I chose to go with only Captains in my Command Companies because I would rather spend points on getting more Orcs on the table, and that the cost to effect ratio of command isn't that impressive to me.
I wanted to have spiders in the force as I think it goes in well thematically, and the usual Mordor mix of Wargs and Trolls didn't fit the image I have in mind.

So what do people think, both in terms of theme but also as a viable army on the table?

18-04-2009, 01:51
It looks very good. The Cirith Ungol Theme is cool. The only other thing i would add is Gollum because he is very very thematic with this list. If i recall correctly the orcs call him 'her [shelob] sneak' or something like that.

I'm a bit confused about only having captains in your orc blocks. I know drummers and banner bearers are very pricey for not much benefit but i thought taskmasters were reasonably cheap (though i don't have the book on me). Orcs have pretty lousy courage so i would think a taskmaster is worthwhile. However, i haven't played orcs or anything yet (i have elves atm) so i could be completely wrong.

18-04-2009, 06:04
You should seriously consider some Uruks and Gorbad instead of those morannon orcs, a lot more fluffy! Gollum would fit as well.

Nu Fenix
18-04-2009, 08:33
I never thought about Gollum, as during the War of the Ring, when all of the fighting was happening Hollum was busy leading Frodo and Sam, and so would be unavailble for my army.

The Taskmasters would give me an extra point of Courage, combined with the Captain bringing them to a total of 4. To equip all three units with one however, would cost as much as three Companies of Morannon Orcs, and I'd rather fail a test by 1 point then have 24 less Orc on the table ;)

Shagrat's Tower Guard are Uruk-hai, and to me they were the elite minority within the Tower, due to them being better. As such I haven't taken more Uruk-hai in the army beyond my current 3 Companies.

I looked at Gorbad, but they just didn't seem that interesting to me. The ability to make two At the Double rolls, plus the command just doesn't seem worth while.

18-04-2009, 09:51
I would say that is a cool list...

In my 1000p Mordor force I have one big block of 9 Companies with Orcs (equipped the same as you). In front of them I have a three block strong Morannon Orc unit with shields... to get them safely to the front shielded by heavy armor troops. The formation are then flanked by one troll on each side.

The problem as I see it is that you could be very vulnerable to missile fire without a hard metal shield... though, if there is a large hill in the enemy setup zone that will not work either but you could then use the Morannon as extra flank protection instead.
You also don't have any small flanking forces. I would perhaps divide my Morannon Orcs in two and either use them as missile shield or flank protection. Depending on my enemy and/or terrain.

Adding drums to the force are quite nice as well (and not so expensive)... The task master and banner are usually too expensive, but then I use Gothmog so courage and banner is not a very big problem for me. ;)