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17-04-2009, 21:47
right. so i've finished reading all the novels available.

I was really inspired by the book that i am going to build the whole chapter thing. Anyway my conclusion on this chapter was that they were fleet based, surgical striking, without all the fancy vehicles and terminators. so drop i plan to drop in loads of marines (currently planning 100 marines) and few flyers if i can afford them from forgeworld.

Anyway enough of babbling. I have currently planned to do a company sized army. Firstly following would be used

60 tac marines
20Assult marines
20Dev marines

that adds up to 100, and i have decided to use the Chaos space marine codex for the army itself.

This was due to Sarpedon looking near simmilar to daemon with his mutation.
I have planned to build him using the giant spider with librarian top and a massive soul spear with few powers baybe give him mark of slaanesh for the psychic power (as it is pretty much the closest thing to the power he uses so called 'hell')

anyway any thoughts?

17-04-2009, 21:52
unfortunately the old space marine codex had the best representation of the Hell. (Fear of the Darkness was pretty much the same thing)

But Chaos should work, to bad you can't dump a ton of daemonic gifts on chaos lords anymore or it would work out pretty much perfect. :D

the Tech Marines and the Chaplain are going to need some creative rule-interpretation to pull off, but I doubt that's to much of an issue. :)

17-04-2009, 21:57
hmm tbh,
I was planning to use a lord as a chaplain itanos? and put him in a unit of 20 marines for the chaplain's so called 'flock'

and with the tech marine, possibly just an odd obliterator and put a massive weapon platform next to him, and say lygris brought out his favourite toy!

18-04-2009, 00:07
how are you arming your dev's??

im part way through the omnibus and it always seems they shun heavier weapons, 4 plasmas/meltas then??

i did think you could use the marine codex, unfortunatly it dosnt lend itself well to non heavy devs or multiply special tac's, only thing i came up with was using the quickening power as the hell, represent him sowing confusion/terror before he attacks