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18-04-2009, 04:35
This is a tactic that is easy to pull of for Gondor (unfortunately few other races can pull it of and even then not on the scale this one can)
What you need is 1 Knight of Dol Amroth, 1 Ranger of Gondor (Spear) and 1 Man at arms of Dol Amroth. For those of you who can tell yet the idea is the Knight will stand in front with his high defence, while the ranger supports with his spear. But being in this location also allows them to shoot and even if the knight is in combat, though finding a target in this situation is difficult. Lastly, the man at arms give extra support. This gives you 3 attacks with a fight value of 4. A solid defence. However this can be expensive.

There are also two other factions that can do this Elite Shield tactic - Isengard and Rhun. Isengard can do this however they will not have the support of a spear armed shooter. The formation will be left even more immobile due to crossbows. Rhun can also but again without a spear armed shooter and they also don't have the fight value of 4 what the Gondor one has.

This tactic is useful for a core force (though pricey) or for a narrow channel blocked like with Vault Wardens for dwarfs. Not much can get though them and if you where to place Imarduril and Gandalf in the centre of the formation not much can get to them.

18-04-2009, 08:26
It is a useful formation in heavily terrained battlefields or if you have somewhere to defend from, but on a more open battlefield you're going to be flanked very easily (unless you use greater numbers on your own flanks.

Also keep in mind that galadhrim will be able to use this tactic when they are released. Using an armoured elf in front, an elf with bow behind and a pike armed elf at the back.

18-04-2009, 19:26
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19-04-2009, 11:38
Each factuion could "Theratically" pull this off but most not on the same scale. The elfs would lack the heavy armour but would gain higher flight values. And sorry i didn't realise elf's where getting pikes.
I like the Dwarf "coward" Combo (I always call warriors of Arnor Coward's as they always seem to run at the first sign of trobble (Even more so than Orcs)).
However tho strong one 1 Dwarf falls the formation can crumble under poor courage. This formation does work (Very well) but unlike Uruk-hai, Easerlings and Friedoms they can handle numbers as well. due to only haveing 2 attacks at any 1 time (1 if the Dwarf uses his 2h axe).

20-04-2009, 03:09
uraks are the master of this