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18-04-2009, 12:24
After playing 40k for 9 years my gaming group decided to play a bit of Fantasy. Now we're all just starting to buy armies and learning the game, but I'll soon have a match with a new player, who might be interested in playing Fantasy as well. He wants to play Vampire Counts whereas I play Dwarfs.

I know a little bit about the way Dwarfs are played, but I don't know much about VC. I do want to help him out as much as possible though, that's why I'm posting my question here. Could some of the more experienced players create a (reasonably) good 500 pts Vampire Counts list that has a chance against my Dwarfs? He wants to play a magic heavy list, but I don't know if that would be possible against the Dwarfs in such a small list. The models aren't a problem, because we'll use 40k ones before we buy the real ones (so we don't waste money on models we'll never use, like my 7000 pts worth of Orks :P)

My Dwarf list looks like this

Thane - Rune of Fury/Cleaving/Stone
16 warriors FC - Hand Weapon and Shield
10 Thunderers - Shield
1 Bolt Thrower with and Engineer

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

18-04-2009, 18:14
Against VCThat should do fairly well, as you have extra Dispel DiceWhy not cut the warriors down to 14 though, and use the extra to get some other rune. You want your Warriors in multiples of 5 or 6 anyways, and VC can't really hurt your ranks before you get to CC.

18-04-2009, 18:55
VC cant really do IoN spam at 500 points and especially not against the 4 dispel dice from dwarfs. In addition you need to keep your vamp general safe because the dwarf is likely to focus his fire on the unit the vamp is in. I would instead recomend to keep the vamp cheap (but with some protection) and put points into units. At this point level you might even consider taking zombies to put more bodies on the table and you can increase the size fo the unit easier than raising a new unit of them. Also I normally prefer ghouls but again at this level the higher armour saves of skelllies might be prefered at least for the vamp block.

At this point level I would recommend

combat geared VC hero in big infantry block (skellies?)
Zombies in front of vamp block (as shield) in one or possibly two ranks
additional block if you have the points or some faster units capable of breaking ranks

Goal is to get into close combat with as many units as possible. Keeping the zombies in front of the skellies and healing them with IoN (if possible against 4 dispel dice but cast with one dice and you have at least a chance). Use terrain if possible. If you can get into close combat you should have a decent chance of winning by static CR, since you should be outnumbering and cause fear they will autobreak unless they have a rune that protects them.

19-04-2009, 01:56
Getting some magic through will be very important for the Vampire player. I'd recommend a Vampire with Master of the Black Arts, for +2 casting dice, the Flayed Hauberk for a 2+ armor save, The Black Periapt, so he can save a dice from your magic phase so that he has 6 casting dice available, and a biting blade for an extra -1 armor in CC and magic attacks(though that doesn't matter in this particular battle.

This vampire build will allow him to get at least a spell through a turn if he uses his dice conservatively. This gets him the magic power he wants in this small of a game.

With this build, I'd make 1 big unit of skeletons to go with him. 19 skeletons with a war banner is 185 points. This unit will break a lot of units with the help of the vampire if kept at it's maximum.

This leaves 120 points, enough for a unit of 10 crypt ghouls and a unit of 5 Dire Wolves. These help support the main skeleton block by flanking things, or you can send the dire wolves into the bolt thrower for a good fight. The whole list is:

Vampire - 195 points
Master of the Black Arts
Flayed Hauberk
Black Periapt
Biting Blade

19 Skeletons - 185 points
War Banner

10 Crypt Ghouls - 80 points

5 Dire Wolves - 40 points

500 points even

I think you'll find that this will provide a good fight.