View Full Version : how would you beat this daemon list?

metal midget
18-04-2009, 19:23
i was just wondering if you knew any tips to facing an all nurgle daemon force with 8 power dice 3 staffs of nurgle with skaven

i was atmy local gamesworkshop playing against them and against almost all his units i had 1 unit on the front and 1 unit in the side yet the daemons still were'nt going away.

because of this it was agreed that i won but i was wondering if you had a few tips for next time

he had this
great unclen one
lv4 staff of nurgle
trapplings of nurgle

herald x2
lv1 staff of nurgle


15 plague bearersx2
full command

15 plague bearers

3 nurglings

1 beast

2 beast

my army is posted on army list

18-04-2009, 19:35
Two possible routes. The first is static CR which you apparently already tried. This requires some bad LD rolls from the daemon player so that some goes away to instability. The second option is to go magic/shooting heavy which is boring but may win the game for you.

18-04-2009, 19:41
With all the Nurgle Daemons running around, you might want some warpfire to go with your Clan Rats. Ratlings won't get through the regen well, but Fire, well that is something different.

metal midget
18-04-2009, 19:41
true but the only potent weapons are the warp lightning wich won't be hitting much due to fewer numbers and the ratling gun but that only has 15" range plus regeneration and ward saves

metal midget
18-04-2009, 19:44
i supose but i need to destroy epedimius quickly before his tally goes up and if i focus fire on him i leave the GUO un hinderd to blast me with magic

19-04-2009, 00:54
hmm, im not sure on your list comp but i think that Briohmar has it down. just sit back and let massed warp fire do the job. Also remember that eppidemus is not a herald of Nurgle (no locus of nurgle rule) so wont give his attached unit regen. If you concentrate here first you should be able to take this unit out fairly swiftly. Back this up with a good magic defense and you should be fine.


metal midget
19-04-2009, 16:54
no no he puts a herald in the unit to form up a unit of 20

19-04-2009, 17:31
warpfire throwers, and warplightning. frenzied monks to cover the p[syche and provide cr.

warplightning cannons to snipe epidimus and the GUO.

they are slow, marchblock with nightrunners and blast them back to hell.

metal midget
19-04-2009, 18:40
thanks foegnasher