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18-04-2009, 22:48
Hi peoples, i have decided to get an empire army, and now i would like to ask people types on theme-ing, my first choice for a theme would have to be Araby, but i don't know how easily a turban would be to sculpt out of green stuff. My second choice is Cathay, but i'm not sure how to make the empire look oriental without being racist and giving them lampshades for hats. So any tips on how to theme, or any tips on how to sculpt turbans/other arabic looking clothing, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone for helping me pick an army, as without you guys i think i'd be guessing what to do for ages. For anyone whos interested i will be making my army a lot less cavalry after looking at the modelling opportunities for the rest of their models.

Also could i use Bretonnian knights as empire knights, if i convert them a bit? a similar question for the use of other Bretonnia miniatures, like peasants as militia or something of the like?

Thanks again QuantumO3

19-04-2009, 00:22
you can use any models you want and convert :)

The Red Scourge
19-04-2009, 17:02
I agree. Go with a different range of minis, if you want something like Araby and Cathay. Take a look at perry miniatures for instance.

Oh and if you decide to go and convert them yourself, don't be afraid to go a bit "racist". WFB gets its charm from its caricatures and and portraits of the various cultures. And do a bit of research and you will find that the chinese and japanese has an enormously rich collection of rather odd, peculiar and outright outrageous hats :)

19-04-2009, 19:34
thanks peoples, i'll go do some research right away

19-04-2009, 22:39
And if you do Araby, don't forget camels ! You can have an uber-cool cavalry of soldiers mounted on camels !

I love camels :D

InquisitorLord Feldenhaus
20-04-2009, 01:06
I would just like to point out that, while it's ultimately your choice as to what army you choose, I think an Araby army would be better suited for the Bretonnians. Cathay, however would work well with Empire unless you wanted to focus your army more on Feudal Japan, than I would look at Bretonnia again.

20-04-2009, 01:14
I'm going to share what I've done as it might help you.

First let me say that ebay is great for buying bits, specifically, there is this one seller, Hoard o Bits, that has really good deals and lets you hold payment up to 25 days to combine shipping.

Anyways, what I've done is bought a bunch of Empire State Troop Sword arms and Left arms. To make my swordsmen, I take Bretonnian Men-At-Arms models and give them a sword arm, with the Bretonnian shield. For my Halberdiers, I took the Bretonnian body and pole-arm, and combined it with the empire left arms (kind of looks like they're saluting over their heart) and various torches etc.

I've found that there is some really nice synergy between Bretonnian/Empire models so convert to your hearts content, it's not too difficult. Essentially, my army is going to look like a Bretonnian one, but use Empire rules as they are much more interesting.