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19-04-2009, 15:45
I bought a dragon ogre shaggoth, I just love that model and had to get it into the army. I first tried a regular shaggoth, it died after killing half of a cold one knight regiment (=4 riders) and Malus Darkblade, and failed horribly versus bretonnians. I realised that Kholek has better stats all round, most importantly those that left regular shaggoth so weak in those test games: wounds, armour save, and movement, so enter the Suneater!

After three games, this army has beaten lizardmen by surrender on turn 4, wood elves by wipe out on turn 5, and high elves by 1600 victory points on turn 6. True, lizardmen player made one mistake and failed a stupidity test on ld9 that let Kholek get to his lines unscathed, but still. Kholek seems to have some kind of aura of cool on him, in those 3 games he has received a total of 2 wounds, and earned 1000/~500/~500 points respectively. That lightning bolt that he can throw, it is madness.

Kholek of KICK ASS and AWESOME
Sorcerer of Nurgle: 2level, barded chaos steed, dispell scroll, book of secrets (lore of fire, vs HE lore of death)=206
Sorcerer of Nurgle: 2 level, barded chaos steed, dispell scroll, power familiar=206 (the second half of the magical duo of destruction, quite a team for 400 points)

10 marauders=40
5 warhounds=30
5 warhounds=30
5 marauder horsemen of Slaanesh: flail, musician=91
5 marauder horsemen of Slaanesh: spear, shield, musician=91

5 Knights of Khorne=230
5 Knights of Nurgle: musician, standard=260
3 Chaos Ogres of Khorne: GW, chaos armour, musician, standard=210
4 DD+2 2 scrolls, 8PD and 5 spells, 1 lightning bolt for shooting

Kholek takes a flank, kills small stuff or weakens knights etc with his lightning bolt, if he gets frenzied that's ok too. Sorcs spam buboes or the other nice spells they get, lore of nurgle is such a nice set of spells. As long as the enemy does not shoot outrageously lot and/or have a hideous amount of redirecters, I think this army can do quite well.

What do you think, come on say something? Someone told me to get dragon ogres instead of regular ogres, but the points are really tight as you can already see from the core section. Command models are set and cannot be changed :/ I actually need 10 points already, as the marauders on foot actually have shields but I haven't paid for them...

Le Shirrif
19-04-2009, 16:07
Sorcerer of Nurgle: 2level, barded chaos steed, dispell scroll, book of secrets (lore of fire, vs HE lore of death)=206

Just a brief point. Doesn't it say in the WoC army book that if you take a mark you have to use that lord?

Second, I love Kholek, even though I have never had the opportunity to use him!

19-04-2009, 16:40
Yes, I was referring to the lore I was using for the book of secrets. Of course I use lore of nurgle for the 2 spells he gets without the book. Lore of Nurgle=win.

Le Shirrif
19-04-2009, 17:16
Ah, OK. I get it now :P