View Full Version : Unconventional Dwarf list (1,000 pt)

19-04-2009, 17:24
I'm going to be playing my second WotR match against my son today. First game was 500 pt of Dwarves vs 500 pt of Uruk-Hai.

This time we're upping the ante to 1,000 pt, and he's playing Elves.

I was very impressed with the way the Dwarves played the first game (aside from the Ballista) I've decided I want to be a little sneaky and have come up with another Dwarf list that will have a lot of fodder/interference.

Here's the list I've come up with:

6 companies, Warrior Kinband
Shields and close combat weapons. No upgrades.

2 companies, Vault Warden Kinband
I love these guys!

2 companies, Ballista
Gonna give this unit another try, and hope I roll better! :)

3 companies, Murin's Guard
My choice for leader

21 companies, Hobbit Archer Militia


That's right, 21 companies of Hobbits up front! I plan on running 7 formations of 3 companies each. I figure, at the very least I may score some casualties, and tie up Eleven units into close combat which will allow the Dwarves to plow into their flanks.

Nu Fenix
19-04-2009, 17:55
There is one major problem with your army, which will need to be changed before you use the army - The King's Champion cannot be your leader, as he is a Rare Formation, not a Legendary Formation.

So you will still need an Epic Hero or Rare Formation to lead your army.

19-04-2009, 18:22
Ah, hadn't noticed that! Thanks! :)

19-04-2009, 18:25
Okay, adjusted!

Nu Fenix
19-04-2009, 18:34
Much better now it is legal ;)

Murin's Guard is a nice choice, as they will be tough for the Elves to break through, due to lacking any high strength Formations or any bonuses To-Hit, other then the extremely expensive [and hopefully unlikely!] Gil-galad.

I like the look of the army, especially since it is lead by a Legendary Formation and not an Epic Hero :)

Will you opponent mind you being 5 points over? I ask as some people do care, and others don't.

19-04-2009, 20:29
No, we play for fun and minor overages are not minded. Plus, since it was our second game, we're still getting the feel for the system.

My son suffered playing against this rather power-mad setup even though he was grossly outnumbered. It was a complete slaughter on the part of the Dwarves!

For our next game I'm going to be making a 1,000 pt Gondor build; but I already promised him that I wouldn't be cheesing out the allies this time. :)