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19-04-2009, 18:08
Just, quite litteraly, finished reading the rule book. After some umm-ing and ahhh-ing I've decided on an Angmar force. So heres my first bash at a 1000 point list. Nothing realy special, just some basic units to introduce me to the game :)

Gūlavhar, The Terror of Arnor

3 Ghostly Legion
Ghostly Captain

3 Ghostly Legion
Ghostly Captain

6 Angmar Orc Warband
Orc Captain; Banner Bearer; Orc Drummer; Shields

1 Court of Fallen Kings

Total Army Cost: 1000

Im guessing I should be aiming for a 2000point list? What do you guys think of this? Ta :)

Nu Fenix
19-04-2009, 18:26
Good choice on going for Angmar, they are my second favourite army.

Gulavhar is a nice choice because the model looks good on the table, having a flying movement of 12" allows him to make sure he gets in the right place, and if he can pick on small Formations, being able to call a Heroic Fight for free can make him chew through twice as many enemies as other monsters.

I would advise merging the Ghostly Legions into one Formation of 6 Companies. The reason is that they only have a Defence of 5, so it won't be too difficult for them to get cut down to size quickly. It also saves you 50 points from not needing a second Captain.

For the Angmar Orcs I would only take a Captain for your Command Company. The reason is that you pay more for you Banner Bearer and Drummer then everyone else, for no apparent reason [other then a hopeful type]. So, drop them, saving you 75 points for more useful things. Since Morannon Orcs are allies for your, normally they would be advised to be used over normal Orcs wih shields, as for the same price and Defence, they have better stats, and can pay for shields on top. As a result, Orcs often end up carrying two-handed weapons, to allow them to kill enemies with their large number of attacks thanks to Mob Rule and large Formation size.
So, depending on the models you own, you might be better off with a Formation of two-handed weapons, to kill them better then they can kill you back. Plus, you are only 20 points a Company, so generally they will cost more then you and lose out in the long term.

The Court of the Fallen King are very lethal if you can make sure they fight Resilience 2 Formations, such as cavalry and monsters. Just becareful of them going off alone without backup, as weight of numbers can still bring them down.

With a potential saving of 125 points, you could opt to include a Ringwraith in your army, to give you magical support. The Tainted is a strong choice for Angmar, as by stopping enemy Heroes sharing their Courage it can make your Spirit Grasp Formations more lethal, and also means spells such as Transfix and Visions of Woe are more effective.

When going for 2000 points, the way you evolve the army may depend on units you like the look of, areas you feel your army is lacking in, your budget, and also your local gaming environment.

Afterall, at the end of the day, what any of us say here is just advice, and your personal feelings towards or against models is key.

19-04-2009, 18:33
I second taking the tainted - he's almost a requirement for Angmar lists as his ability creates great synergy with your units and combat with enemies!

19-04-2009, 18:59
Thats a good point about the Morannon Orcs there Nu Fenix. I didnt notice any of that at all. I was actualy using army builder to make the lists, and the author of the data file cant of seen the difference in prices for the unit upgrades cause there all the same :p

19-04-2009, 21:00
Ok updated, hows this now?

Ringwraith [The Tainted]

Gūlavhar, The Terror of Arnor

6 Ghostly Legion
Ghostly Captain

4 Morannon Orc Warband - Allies
Hand Weapons; Shields; Orc Captain

Court of Fallen Kings

Nu Fenix
19-04-2009, 21:25
Looks good :)

Nothing more I can really say on it, other then good luck once you have it.

20-04-2009, 00:14

That is a TINY army. Likewise, the Tainted is going to die super-fast, as there's only one unit he can join, and simply wiping that out kills him as well.

My advice:

- Ghostly Legion are overpriced. I don't take any in my 1000 point list, but if you are going to take them, don't take 6!

- Gulavhar and the Tainted is going to make your list tiny at 1000 points. Take one or the other, not both. You might want to go with Buhrdur instead of Gulavhar, as that will save you enough points to get another whole unit on the board if you take Orcs, a Cave Troll, or some Warg Riders.

- I like the Morannon Orcs and the Court of the Fallen King, however. Good call on both, though I might suggest barbarians over the Morannon Orcs if you can do it.

24-04-2009, 06:32
Ok, I tryed the list and failed. Badly :p Mostly due to it being my first real game, I wont make alot of those mistakes again :)

Anyhow, Ive now come up with a 1500 point list. Here we go :)

Epic Hero

Ringwraith - The Tainted


9x Angmar Orcs - Captain; Shields
4x Ghostly Legion - Captain
4x Carn Dum Barbarians - Chieftain

Court of the Fallen Kings
Werewolf Pack

The Necromancer of Dol Goldur - Mordor Allies

As you can see, Ive gone back to the Angmar Orcs. That Mob rule is awesome for a unit that size. Im trying to stick to a mostly undead theme, so poped the Necromancer in there. Magic proves very effect when coupled with the tainteds skills. The werewolf pack will be my archery unit hunter, with M10 they should be quite quick at that.

Thoughts again?

24-04-2009, 15:44
Looks like a good list you have enough spirits to have synergy but enough orcs/men to soak up shots and act as anvils for your hammers (werewolfs/court/ghosts) to flank and destroy.

Good list let me know how it works for you