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20-04-2009, 06:17
I hope everyone is well!
University is nearly over for me untill september! Just a stupid amount of work to do before then!

In the next month or so my local Gw is going to run a campaign for fantasy. I am normally an avid 40k player and have been on and off since 2003 ish.
In that time I have played Dark Angels, Chaos Space marines, Tau & Imperial Guard.

A few years ago I tried playing fantasy and collected a small Dark Elf army, although it never made it above 500 points.

The campaign the store is running is in the style of 'A tale of X gamers' and sounds pretty interesting too me. So I am thinking of taking this chance to start a new army as well as my new guard army

The problem however is I have no idea what I want to collect!
I narrowed it down ever so slightly, but its not made anything any easier,

The problem is I am not really sure what I want to get out of the army!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, the armies I have been considering are:

Wood elves
Dark Elves
Vampire counts

20-04-2009, 06:21
what do you want out of the army?

wood elves are ambuch/ranged combat
dark elves are all around balanced melee/shooting/magic
chaos has no shooting(ok hellcannon but really...) but amazing combat and magic potential
VC is a horde combat with great characters/magic

20-04-2009, 06:23
Thats the problem I got really,
Im new to fantasy, although Im up for a challenge, but other than that I am clueless as to what I want to get out from an army,

I am pretty happy to collect anything, except orcs for some reason!

Empire was something I was tempted by!
Simply because I think I could potentially theme it around an old army idea I once had which i developed from Rp,
Basicly a band of mercenaries, although I have no idea how to go about this

20-04-2009, 06:27
you can win in any phase in fantasy remember that...and that any army can win so if you have an idea you like just roll with it and work from there.

20-04-2009, 06:31
ok, cool,
Would something like that be feasible, what would be the best way to create it?

I was thinking something like a captain? To represent the mercenary and then lots of troops, maybe a bit of artillery etc

20-04-2009, 06:36

could go with something like

captain and a mage or two for the heros
any of there core other than knights look like merc's and its not hard to see a cannon selling its services either:)

ex list

20-04-2009, 06:44
thank you :)

20-04-2009, 06:47
Wood elves

Plays like Tau, a lot of move and shoot, with a critical difference, that being a Wood Elf can actually fight in close combat. They still aren't tough and have no armor, so they really have to be careful about what they engage here. Psychology can affect most of the army, so you also have to be careful.

Dark Elves

An army that can fill most roles. Can be made to be a bit overpowered with only a bit of work. Not as tough as some armies, but makes up for it with Elven quality


Warriors of Chaos have some of the best infantry and cavalry in the game. Can be tailored with marks to suit most situations, though some marks aren't as good as they used to be, but definitely a contender.

Beasts of Chaos could work, if half their potential wasn't ripped out by the release of Warriors and Daemons. Still workable, but will take more work than most armies to succeed.

Daemons of Chaos is Warhammer on easy mode right now. Very few armies have ways of dealing with you effectively and consistently. Because of this, they are viewed as cheesy and overpowered. Consider this before committing to this army.

Vampire counts

If set up right (i.e. magic-heavy), this army can easily be overpowered. It's quite easy to make it so you have an unlimited army and just swarm your opponent with undead. This tactic is also considered overpowered and cheesy. Otherwise, a fairly good army all around.

Gork or Possibly Mork
20-04-2009, 07:47
A few years ago I tried playing fantasy and collected a small Dark Elf army, although it never made it above 500 points.

Do you still have them? I'd say stick with them. DE have one of the most well rounded armies in the game. Thier quite capable of various competitive builds and they have a really great range of models. Same could be said of Empire but I think DE are a little more well rounded and if you have a small force already Id go with DE.

The Red Scourge
20-04-2009, 08:17
chaos has no shooting(ok hellcannon but really...)

This is one of the most common misconceptions. Chaos have shooting, although it is specialized. Marauder horsemen with either throwing axes or javelins are some of the best and most versatile troops in the game. Cheap enough to be sacrificial cannon fodder, but enough of a threat to divert enemy attention.

Back on topic, as a player of WoC, VC and WE, I will recommend wood elves the most. They are quite hard to play, as you need both patience and tactics, but they have no no-brainer crutches and allow for a wide range of tactics. Though most of all I'll recommend picking the army with the best figures. You'll have to spend a lot of time painting them, so you might as well enjoy that too ;)

Edit: Unlike most players here, I'll say that WE are more of a CC army than a shooty army. Bows are a decent little support element, but this game is won in CC.

21-04-2009, 07:28
Been having a look at the Gw website, tomb kings have actually struck me as a cool looking army, but I dont know much about them, I have read a bit on the Gw website, Im looking through warseer atm to find out as much as I can,
What do people think of them etc?

21-04-2009, 07:47
You need to know how to play tomb kings well, or your going to get butt ******

21-04-2009, 07:58
So their an army you need to be able to play well?
I am liking :P

21-04-2009, 08:02
You need to know how to play tomb kings well, or your going to get butt ******

Pretty much.

If Daemons is playing Warhammer in easy mode, Tomb Kings is playing in chess mode. You really have to have movement down to a science as much as, if not more than, Dwarfs. Like all Undead, Tomb Kings can't march on their own, so they have magic to boost that along. They can be raised by magic, and can even double their attacks per round by magic. Their magic and shooting is VERY reliable. Unfortunately, it also tends to be weaker than most armies to compensate. Because they rely on their magic so much, and because they often don't have as much of it, it can be hard to get their spells off when your opponent is bringing magic-heavy armies like Vampires, Lizards, Dark Elves, or Tzeentch Daemons.

Aside from that, they are a very well balanced army that the new edition didn't hurt too much. It's all the ever-increasing in power new army books that have reduced it's power.