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18-12-2005, 19:50
yep.lizard on lizard.the most expensive cavalry in game-and in huge numbers
basicly, i'v got slightly bored by my usual saurus legions,and decided to to something new.revolutionary even.i'v decided to take cavalry in my force. so,here it is-unofficialy named "sacred host of Itzl"
Sacred Host of Itzl
Saurus Oldblood @ 242 Pts
General; Great Weapon; Light Armour; Shield; Sotek; Quetzl
Charm of the Jaguar Warrior
Aura of Quetzl
Saurus Scar-Veteran @ 154 Pts

Great Weapon; Light Armour; Sotek; Itzl
Venom of Firefly Frog [15]
Cold One

Saurus Scar-Veteran @ 139 Pts
Great Weapon; Light Armour; Sotek; Itzl
Cold One

Skink Priest @ 115 Pts
Magic Level 1; Lore of Heaven
Dispel Scroll
Dispel Scroll
10 Skink Skirmishers @ 70 Pts
Scout; Blowpipe

10 Skink Skirmishers @ 60 Pts

10 Skink Skirmishers @ 60 Pts

10 Skink Skirmishers @ 60 Pts


9 Saurus Cavalry @ 405 Pts
Spear; Shield; Standard; Musician; Champion
Huanchi's Blessed Totem

9 Saurus Cavalry @ 365 Pts
Spear; Shield; Standard; Musician

10 Saurus Cavalry @ 400 Pts
Spear; Shield; Standard; Musician; Champion


1 Stegadon @ 235 Pts
Giant Bow

3 Salamander Hunting Packs @ 195 Pts

Casting Pool: 3

Dispel Pool: 3

Models in Army: 85

Total Army Cost: 2500
I'm going to play my next game against the chaos mix of doom-khornate cavalry with screen, coupled with beastmen herds and gigant,with one or two deamonic units thrown in.i know that i'm going to have one hell of a time with the herds(moving from the sides, damn ambush),but can you see this list doing anything except embarassing itself against such army?:p

18-12-2005, 20:25
well as i'm a bit of a lizardman fanatic (having about 5000 points+). Well the list doesn't look to bad. Only problems i can see is that there aren't any units to hold a battle line you may want to add a unit of sarus or two. Next sarus cavalry can be a bit of a pain because of stupidity on some games they'll sit in the same place all game and do nothing in others there brilliant it all comes down to the luck of the dice. As for the army you'll be playing Hit them hard and fast, try not to get bogged down in combat use your manoverability to your advantage. Hope this helps

Regards Oldbury

18-12-2005, 21:26
Focus on one part of his army at a time, concentrating your forces on one or two units while the skinks hold up and harry to other flank.

Or refuse the other flank compleatly.

19-12-2005, 06:31
Waiiit.... if he has ambushers, that means he has a Beastlord as his leader, which means that his units won't have a higher Ld than 8, his Beastherds might well be on Ld 7 due to being outside his range, if so, nail the Foe Render (champion) and watch them flee.

As for the Giant, fill him full of holes

19-12-2005, 11:24
i agree take the beatlord and they'll break as for the giant i think you should concentrate some salamander fire on him

Regards Oldbury

19-12-2005, 13:44
the only problem with his LD,is that those pesky khornate knights have a rather high lD...and the herds pack characters with umptillions of S7 attacks.i'll have to quickly brake his main army,before the ambushers appear..because a cavalry unit in hth charged by ambushers is dead anyway;) the only real unknown about his army is whether he will take more than the simple caddy(in that case i'm gutted, since his "beer stand" of slannesh is impossible to counter with my one faithful skink)
well, thanks anyway, i'll try to write how it went on wednesday(considering my former games with the player it will be a massacre again,but duh' you don't learn by playing worse players;D)

19-12-2005, 20:14
If he fields several units and Characters with the Mark of Khorne, I doubt you need a caddy, hell, I doubt there will be ANY magic getting through from/aggainst your lines.

What you can do is force his Knights into terrain by having some skinks near it and fleeing into the terrain with them, or simply letting the Knights overrunn.

As for the Herds, if you fry them with salamanders and manages to take out the Beastlord (it's only him and normal Wargors that can join the Beastherds, not Mortal Champions), it SHOULD panic and run off, taking any low Ld character with them.

Make sure you combo-charge his herds with your Lizzie riders and remember this, don't EVER rear-charge a unit of Chosen Knights of Khorne, ALWAYS flank them and make sure you kill that flanked knight so there won't be any attacks back

And the Giant, simply have a unit of Skinks deal with him.

19-12-2005, 21:21
he will have magic,belive me.and it will be slaneesh magic to boot.probably he'll have only caddy,but since he mumbled something about characters with M10,but who knows, even his damned shamans are better than sauruses in combat.

20-12-2005, 06:16
Then, he must have a Beastlord with the mark of Chaos Undivided and include at least one unit with the Mark of Slaanesh, remember that, seeing as if he has a Khornate Beastlord and Slaaneshian Sorcerors, he cheats (unless he uses an undivided Exalted Champion as his leader, which means that he can't use Ambush)

20-12-2005, 09:25
I wouldn't think ambushing would be much of a problem, since your force is fast enough to move away from your table edge quick sharpish. Even if they ambush from the flank you're fast enough to get out charge range.

20-12-2005, 13:49
i have no idea how he does it,maybe i messed something up,but if one good thing can be said of that player,it;'s the fact that he doesn;t cheat.bend the rules to the point of breaking,yes,but not cheat;)
woot,change of plans...it's thrudsday now,and with VC:D:D.that was unexpected.still, they shuld be prety good against the damned knights of theirs:D