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Semper fi
20-04-2009, 08:43
Hi guys,

I posted this list in the Warriors of Chaos Tactica tread, but as the response there awas a little bit low I descided to try posting it here too.

I have reasently bought the WoC book, and spent some time working on a list that would be fun to play, but also a bit competative. I really like the fluff based around Slaanesh, and want to make a (almost) pure Slaanesh force. The way I see it, Slaanesh is all about messing with the enemys head, and in game terms this means messing around with his leadership. Therefore the list is based on forcing the enemy to take loads of terror-tests, fear-tests and panic-tests. So, without further delay, what do you think:


Demon prince with diabolic splender and 4 magic levels and mark of Slaanesh
This character nets in on 500 points on the dot, but gives me a flying, terror causing, close combat nightmare, that even can cast spells like a wizard lord. As most Slaanesh spells do not need line of sight, the combination of combat monster and spellcaster do not seems to be a big problem. I am a bit worried about survivability from range attacks though, but with a lot of other big nasties in the army this could only be a minor problem.

lvl 2 sorcerer w/ scroll, book of secret and conjoined homunculus riding in a chariot
290 points for this unmarked character. It is not cheep, but I hope he will give me some backup support both as a spellcaster and if needed in close combat later in the game. He cast lore of death, and beside the two magic missiles every spell can be casted into close combat. He also nets me one scroll and three more casting dices (with the ability for another d3)

Exhalted hero, BSB w/doom totem wielding a flail and riding a chaos steed. 230 points is a bit expencive, but is it too expencive for what he does? Rides either with my dragon ogres or my knights to provide both close combat support for that unit and army-wide support by redusing enemy leadership.


10 maruders w/flails
Only 50 points for this unit. I use it to secure table quarters or some flanking support if needed

5 horsemen w/ spear
70 points for a support unit giving me some tactical freedom. I use them for baiting, supportduty or fighting of enemy fast cav.

5 horsemen w/flails
75 points for a support unit giving me some tactical freedom. I use them for baiting, supportduty or fighting of enemy fast cav.


5 knights w/ full command and war banner
This is my heavy hitter that nets in at 270 points. It should break whatever it charges, but if I have to go up against some heavy hitters I can team them up with one of the maruders, my BSB or the chariot.

3 Dragon Ogres w/great weapons
This is my monster killer unit. Even though they cost 231 points they put out 12 strengt 7 attacks that should hurt everyone. If needed they team up with maruders or the giant.


Giant of Slaanesh
265 points of pure fun. Is there even more to say? A support unit that either make a combined charge with my heavy hitters or use its stubborn ability to hold one enemy unit all by itself.

Finally, a few questions for you more experienced WoC-generals out there.

1) I use 1020 points on characters. That is 50% of my army. All my experience from commanding other fantasy armies tells me this is way too much, but what do you think? At least I get a lot back from them; one terror causer, 9 PD, 5 DD and a scroll, and all three characters can tip close combat in my favour.

2) Putting the lvl 2 in a chariot is temting, but my experience from using characters in chariots with my High elfs tells me that every cannon on the table will aim at him. Do you think that would be a problem with this list, and if they do, they will not be able to shoot on my other heavy stuff. What do you think?

3) I would really like to get some more fast stuff, either warhounds or horsemen. Do i need it, and where should I eventually get the points from?

4) I got 2 anvils (not counting characters) but no real anvil (beside the giant). With such a fast army I do not think that would be any problem, I should pick my fights anyway. But what do you think?

5) I am not sure whether to go with the giant or the DO Shagoth as my rare choice. They both cost the same, and both causes terror. The giant have random attacks and will not allways be all that helpfull, but is stubborn. The Shagoth seems to make a harder punch in close combat but is not stubborn and really not all that fun. I guess it depends on the role I want to use it in...

So, thanks for reading through this long post. An even greater thanks if you also post a comment on my list, or comment on some of my questions.

Semper fi

20-04-2009, 16:44
You spend effectively too much in characters. I think that, besides VC, you should spend no-more or little more of the 1/3 of your points allowance in characters, particulary if you're playing with WoC. Besides SC, WoC's characters aren't very good on supporting your army. They're quite expensive in an army that is quite expensive and they can't really take big units on their own as a regiment of CW/marauders/CK. For example, your DP may be at the very least a good flank charger or may bully some small unit, role that may be perfectly made by a giant or a DO-shaggoth for 200 points less. Ok, he can fly and isn't a large target, but that doesn't justify its extra points.
Also, be careful that the Lore of Slaanesh may be countered by many armies, as the whole psychology test causing of your army. DoC,VC and OK are virtually unnaffected, other MoS armies/elves & dwarves have good Ld or are immune (or almost) to all psychology tests. I'm not saying that it's worthless but its effectiveness greatly depends on your opponent and not always it may be worth its points.
So I'd suggest you to increase the number of your units and decrease the point cost of your characters first.

Semper fi
21-04-2009, 07:44
Thanks for your comments akgaroth. Those two issues you are focusing on in your comment are also my biggest concernes with this list. First, is it viable to make a pure Slaanesh force, focusing on messing around with enemy leadership, with all those imune to psychologi armies out there? For me this is the decisiv question. As I mentioned in my first post, I see Slaanesh as all about using this kind of tactic. If a psychologicala tactic like this is hopeless in a semi-competative enviroment, then maybe I should work on another theme for my army. Still, I must add, that I am willing to forsake some of the list competativeness against a few given armies to stay with this theme.

Second, the use of points on characters. Here I really agrees with you akgaroth. more than 1000 points invested in characters is way to much. However, given my startingpoint mentioned above, what changes would be viable? Changing the demon prince to a sorcerer lord would probably be the obvious choice. I guess that would free around 150 points (not having the numbers in front of me).
To be able to use magic on the offencive this lvl 4 must be supported by a lvl 2. 4 lvls of magic alone is just vasted in my experience. Maybe I could take away the book and the homunculus, but my lvl 2 would still be around 250 points. Taking away his chariot would give me another 100 points, but it willl also reduce the lists combat potential.
The last character, my BSB with doome totem will be so vital for the theme of such a list that I do not think it should be removed. Othervise, this would probably be the obvious place to save some points.

Ok, the character changes have given me around 300 points. For this I have lost I terror causing flyer, some hitting potenial with the chariot and a bit of my spellcasting abilities. The nex question is then, what should be added. I guess an extra giant or an DO shaggot would be an obvious choice. I get my terrorcauser back, even though not flying, and replace the hitting power of the chariot. With the extra points I could get a unit of warhounds to make my manouverbility even better. Do you think this is a better idea?

Semper fi

21-04-2009, 08:13
I've stopped posting my own WoC lists here because everyone has different opinions :p

Personally if you like the theme and the way you think they army will work, just go for it and worry about what other people think later :)

If you want a cheaper, flying, terror causer, you could try a character on a disc with the filth mace... Put him through a unit of scouts or fast cav or something to cause a wound, then he causes terror...

21-04-2009, 08:16
I strongly support themed armies! Nice list ;) But yea, envisioning it in my mind, it seems severly lacking in the numbers department. It seems like it would be fun to play though in that it's a differant approach to the WoC army (for me atleast)

Have you considered perhaps taking the MoS off the Daemon prince since it does so little for him and maybe giving it to the lvl 2 along with a steed of slaanesh, golden eye of tzeentch and book of secrets. He would be a highly mobil magic missle nightmare.

MoS is just the only way to go with a giant ;) I'm not much of a fan of them any other way. Let us know how you do with the list.

Good luck

21-04-2009, 10:15
I really like your list! The DP with Diabolic Splendour and the Doom Totem BSB are a great Terror Bomb combination!
Granted, the army is pretty low on numbers, but you have the speed to make up for this, IMO.

21-04-2009, 14:42
Well, I wasn't saying that your army list won't work on a semi-competitive level. I was only suggesting you what are the weak points of your army so you'll be careful with them. There's no perfect/infallible army (no, not even DoC) so you should stick with the army you like more and use it the way you like it more.

To improve your army I'd suggest you to increase the elements that increases the chances of forcing your enemy to take panic tests while being fast and still competitive against Itp armies. Magic missiles/throwing weapons may help you in this task.
First, I'd suggest you to decrease the DP magic level to lev.1 or lev.2: the first spell of the Lore of Slaanesh is a magic missile so even is cast on a Itp unit it still has some effect. Or, as you said, you may substitute him for a sorcerer lord if you're willing to do so. The 2nd/5th/6th are quite useful too.
Regarding the sorcerer on chariot, remember that chariots can't make march movements. Good items that may help you are Bloodcurdling roar and stream of corruption: also, if you hero is mounted on a slaanesh steed he has 360 LOS if I recall correctly.
Finally, though I'm not a big fan of them but maybe in this case throwing weapons on horsemen may be worth somewhat their points.

These were some suggestions I gave, but in the end is your army and it's you who's playing, so it's up to you to decide which options are good and which aren't.

23-04-2009, 17:54
Id love play that army with my WOC army list... Giant? why? big, stumble and special attack.... i'd charge 5 marauders with flails and then run away and then attack him with either some marauders or knights... he'd watch and not do a whole load of damage and you can kiss those points... KNIGHTS my friends... or warhounds lots of warhounds