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20-04-2009, 12:41
Hi all
I've already bought all metal TK model and now would like to make 1000 p or 1500p starter army so 4 I have 4 ushabti, 1 bone Giant, 1 Scorpion, all models of TP/Priests. 1 Catapult, 1 Casket , 1 Settra , 1 Carrion and 6 Tomb Guards and Army book I'm thinking on Battalion but because no one plays TK I'm totally lost on what to field in my army Please give me some advice on core of my army

20-04-2009, 12:44
bowmen, lots of bowmen;)

20-04-2009, 13:35
so I won't need any hand weapon skeletons ?

20-04-2009, 17:29
HW/LA/S skellies are a decent anvil, the second best option behind Tomb Guard. Having said that, bowmen aren't really that much worse. Tomb Kings win on static CR, not infantry killiness. If you are using bowmen you have the advantage of doing something while the enemy closes with you, and with smiting incantations and the 5+ autohit they can be quite dangerous.

So the choice is yours. An anvil unit that sits and waits to be hit, and then is moderately survivable, versus a unit that shoots for a round or two taking advantage of the best TK rules, and then reforms into an anvil that is only moderately less survivable. I think the choice is obvious.

I'm running 40 bows and 24 HW/LA/S and in small games, the HW/LA/S guys are staying home.

20-04-2009, 17:54
At 1,500 points or so (the minimum for effective TK play, since they are critically depending on their magic phase), bring a prince and 2 liche priests. It's probably worthwhile to give the hierophant the cloak and one of them the hieratic jar as well.

For core, I would personally probably bring a unit of 10+ skeleton bowmen, and a unit of 20 bowmen (or hw&s skeletons if you prefer).

Add a unit of 3 chariots (with the prince on a chariot preferably), 2 scorpions, and a catapult and you're pretty good to go. Don't bother with the skulls of the foe - there's too many units ItP these days. The banner of the Undying Legion is nice on the chariot unit in my opinion, althoigh it's not bad on a block of skeletons, either.

If you have spare points, it's nice to exchange one of the scorpions for a unit of 15+ tomb guard in some games, perhaps with the Icon of Rakaph.