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Ranger S2H
20-04-2009, 13:42
I had decided to introduce inquisitor to some of the members of my gaming club (dubbel dobbel).
sadly, the only thing close to 54mm were three WW2 american soldiers, and after I had set up the terrain the day before, I decided to write a scenario using the actual figs, rather than counting them all as IG.

the first character was a time-travelling spy, who went to WW2 to find a bomb send there by a terrorist group.
the second was a terrorist who had waited in WW2 untill he was instructed with finding a bomb sent through time, to place it on the location where in the future the HQ of the first character's organisation would be, and sending it back.
the third was an actual WW2 american soldier, ordered by the first character to drive him to the location of the bomb, and later blamed by his CO for stealing a jeep. he explains, and the CO assumes the other characters are german and russian spies, and orders him take them out.

I wrote three stories (they're written in dutch, I'm busy translating them to post them here) each from the point of view of one of the characters. all players only knew about the story and objectives of their own characters, so for example player 1 and 2 didnt have a clue what no. 3 was doing there.

It was a fun game, all players quickly figured out the basics and it ended with the first player getting away with the detonator, the second dead, and the third escaping alive, getting a medal for killing a spy and so winning the scenario. (each character had a number of objectives with VP values, he had most)
I did use my unlimited GM powers to call in a crashing bomber which destroyed the nearest exit of player 1, as all he did was grab the bomb and run away, which, IMO, wasnt very spectacular.

EDIT: one question: how big should the playing area be, and how far should the characters be apart at the start of the game? I used a
4' by 4' area, but I think it was too small.

20-04-2009, 14:22
I tend to play on a 4x4 table. But the table needs to be crammed with terrain. INQ is much, much better with lots of terrain to much about with.


Ranger S2H
26-04-2009, 11:00
ok, thanks

for our next game I want to try something bigger, with more people.
(last time I played with four while another our where standing around)
Is it playable to let each person have one character to control, with anout 9 - 12 characters in three teams? has anyone tried that before?

on the other hand, ill also need a new scenario. I need something simple yet effective, but its probably better if it is standard, as in not 40k-ish, as most of my students barely know the backgrounds of their own army yet, let alone about the inquisition. any ideas?

Ranger S2H
29-04-2009, 23:41
Im working on the scenario, which involves a bounty hunter, but Im not sure how to kidnap a character without killing him, could someone help me?

30-04-2009, 07:07
You could drug them. Knock them unconscious. Bag over the head and stuff them into a car. The ideas are endless.

01-05-2009, 07:35
Im not sure how to kidnap a character without killing him, could someone help me?

Just shoot them. Actual death in INQ rarely occurs from a single shot. System shock failure simply means that they're unconscious.