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20-04-2009, 16:13
Hey just bulit a 2250 list i think has some really nice concepts looking for any ideas on changing it or comments about whether or not you like the list?

1x Count Mannfred w/ Barded Nightmare Skull staff and Book of Arkhan 595 pts. (in Blood Knights)

1x Vampire BSB w/ Dread Knight , Drakenhof Banner 275pts. (in Blood Knights)

1x Vampire w/ Dark Acolyte and summon creatures of the night 145pts ( on Foot)

1x Vampire w/ Dark Acolyte , summon Creatures of the night 145 pts (on Foot)

1x Corpse Cart w/ Unholy Lodestone 100pts.

20x Zombies 80pts.

20x Zombies 80pts.

20x Zombies 80pts.

3x Fell Bats 60pts.

6x Cairn Wraiths 300pts.

5x Blood Knights w/ champ, SB, and the Flag of Blood Keep 390pts.

Total Spent : 2250


My other options are Drop the Cart for a helm of commandment and Black periapt on one foot vamp and a talisman of the lycni and staff of damnation on the other foot vamp or keep the CC w/ Lodestone to help raise the fell bats and Cairn Wraiths.

The basic Premise of the army is to Increase the Fell bats to around a 3-4ft wide screen in the front blocking shooting and LoS for magic to every unit in my army. Use the wraiths in the back for the 1st couple of turns for the skirmishing 360 degree charge on any flying mounted enemy wizards. on the 1st turn i wont move forward as i can raise more than can be shot down / magic'ed.all but the BSB can use IoN to increase the bats past starting and w/ the CC giving an extra wound from the IoN should raise alot on the 1st turn. all my units except BK's and Wraiths can be raised past starting.And just use the Bat screen as a slow move like 8 -10 inches per turn while i raise troops. by about turn 3 fly the bats behind the enemy so anything that flees gets auto destroyed.and then get the charges w/ wraiths and knights on that same turn.using all my PD on Vanhel's rerolls .I'm thinking it should do pretty well. Although my other thoughts are I could possibly start a 2nd unit of Fell bats and raise both.I'd really appreciate any Advice on the options i gave and anyones input thats actually used this Strategy.I have over 20 Fell bats so the models wont be an issue.Thanks for all the help in advance.

20-04-2009, 16:46
no advice at all? not sure whether to take it that my List and strat is pretty solid or it needs soooo much help noone wants to write it all out...

20-04-2009, 19:36
This list has HUGE problems.

First off all there is no where for those vampires on foot to hide since characters can't just zombies. So they will be picked out by enemy shooting and magic.

Your next problem is that you've thrown too much into those blood knight death star, and the problem with blood knight death stars is the frenzy. Now if your list was full of hounds and black knights then maybe, but other wise you are looking for trouble.

Finally with all the magic and deamons running around I don't know if I'd take wraiths when you are really magic heavy.

I would seriously rethink this list. Mannfred isn't worth it and those deathstars will only beat new players and will be crushed by those that know what they are doing.

20-04-2009, 21:19
ahhh hey Malorian sorry also forgot to mention this list is built for a DE shooting army...and the screen of fell bats about 20 or so wide should stop LOS to the vamps on foot. i dont see them getting picked off at all.as for the frezy of the BK's the same screen should handle that aswell.My apologies to everyone that read this i forgot to mention its for a DE army match.

20-04-2009, 23:23
How big do you think this screen is going to be? :) And it still doesn't protect you from units on hills.

I would at least drop a unit of zombies to be a ghoul bunker.

Th blood knight bomb might work for a bit, but expect your opponent to learn very quickly how to beat it.

27-04-2009, 02:01
Just for an update i massacred the 1st game then he changed lists a bit and we drew the 2nd game list wasnt bad at all he's a good DE player around my shop and the 2 screens were definitly enough to control which way i wanted the Blood knights to go the frenzy wasnt an issue at all and he had figured out how to beat them previously. on a side note you were completely correct on the Vamps on foot they were a very bad idea but i added to units of ghouls instead of 2 units of zombies and managed to Bunker 1 before he got destroyed. learned alot about how effective some of the different (non-wolves) screens can be and i think the bats are much much better honestly after having played them.everyone go buy 20 fell bat models .thanks again malorian for the input

27-04-2009, 16:06
was curious tho what do most peoples 2250 lists look like?Heavy magic? Fighty? and is it beaters or Mostly Static CR to win. i like tar pits w/ a couple of fighty units in an almost entirly magic armor cant remember last time i took a fighty lord in under 3250.