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Time of Madness
20-04-2009, 16:55
Well I'm thinking about putting a Skryre based list together for the release of the new skaven book. I really want to limit myself when creating this list. I do not want to include any Moulder/Pestilens/eshin aspects in the army. This limits my army a little however makes it a stronger theme in my opinion. Here's the list.


Grey Seer
* On Screaming Bell *
- Warpstone charm
- Tenebrous cloak
- Eye of the Horned Rat
= 515pts

Chieftan (BSB)
- Storm Banner
= 145pts

Warlock Engineer
- All upgrades minus pistol
- Storm Daemon
- Dispel Scroll
= 135pts


29 Clan Rats
***Grey seer on bell here***
- Full Command
- Ratling Gun
= 230pts

25 Clan Rats
***BSB here in the rear***
- Full Command
- Ratling Gun
= 210pts

20 Slaves
= 40pts

20 Slaves
= 40pts

25 Stormvermin
***Warlock engineer here***
- Full Command
- Warbanner
- Ratling Gun
= 335pts

3 Globadiers
= 30pts

2 Globadiers
= 20pts


5 Jezzails
= 100pts

5 Jezzails
= 100pts


Warp Lighting Cannon
= 100pts

TOTAL POINTS = 2000pts

Casting Dice = 10 + 1 bound and eye of horned rat
Dispel Dice = 5 + 1 scroll
Models in army = 142pts

The basic idea will be to put the 3 larger units close by to benefit from the bsb/seers LD.

Anyone have some changes they'd like to see me make?
Time of Madness

20-04-2009, 16:59
I'm not sure I would pick the Storm Banner myself, especially since your units of globadiers and jezzails are on the small sides. The globadiers especially are panic generators if you're not careful, and you lack the Ld of a Warlord to stabilize your lines.

Have you had good luck with the Bell? I used to be quite fond of it, but the fact that the Grey Seer is suddenly so easy to pick out is a serious problem. Probably worth exchanging the bell for another engineer.

20-04-2009, 23:08
To be honest, any skaven list with less than 150 models at this many points doesn't worry me. I think if you got rid of some of the expensive stuff and piled on the troops, your army would be much more of a threat.

If you lost the ratling guns, the globadiers and the storm banner (just make it a warbanner) you could probably afford a lot of chaff, and chaff is key for a skaven army. 600 points on about 15 models just does not make sense to me in a skaven army.

Also i think (at 2k points) you should choose screaming bell OR storm vermin, not both.

And if you do take storm vermin, get the warbanner + banner of the swarm in the unit for static CR of 8. Combined with 3+ armour and bsb re roll makes them rather hard to shift!

21-04-2009, 10:30
yah, way too few bodies there. 2 units of clanrats and 1 of stormvermin? only 2 slave units..

My 1000pt army has 2 units of clanrats, unit of plague monks and a slave unit, 2 ratlings and some rat ogres or jezzails (depending on who/what i'm up against), chief and 2 warlocks.

335 pts for stormvermin and 200 for bell would be an easy chop for me.

maybe get another warp cannon? 10 more jezzails so you can have 2 units of 10? that in itself is only 300 points which is stil cheaper than those stormvermin.
But you definately need more meat for the grinder, up against an opponents army I wouldn't be surprised if a few of them outnumber you and that's where you really don't want to be. I've found stomvermin as much as I like them fluffwise and lookswise tend to be a luxury item and rarely alter the course of a battle. Whereas a couple barebone clanrat units and slaves give me the extra distraction for the good stuff to survive a few extra turns.