View Full Version : 1k Beginner daemons, mixed

20-04-2009, 18:44
Tzeentch herald
-Winged horror, Master of sorcery

Nurgle herald
-Staff of nurgle

17 Plaguebearers

10 Horrors

5 Furies

5 Flesh hounds

3 Flamers of tzeentch

I'll bombard the enemy with spells (1st - horrors, 2nd - Tzerald, 3rd - Staff of nurgle). Horrors and Flamers take care of the other flank, while Hounds and Furies push the other, maybe backed up by the Terror spell depending on the enemy. Plaguebearers, that now regenerate, take care of the middle.

c%c, folks!


20-04-2009, 19:25
:mad: Love the List Hate the Army. Play Dark Elves Instead a make a few more friends LION