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20-04-2009, 20:40
A few weeks ago I posted an armylist, but yesterday I found out that that was illegal due to Virtues counting towards the magic item allowance (seriously... wtf?). So here is my retry:

1 Bretonnian Lord @ 195 pts Knight’s vow, Falcon Horn of Fredemund, Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Barded Bretonnian Warhorse

1 Paladin (BSB) @ 124 pts Knight’s vow, Gromril Great Helm, Wyrmlance, Barded Bretonnian Warhorse

1 Damsel @ 130 pts 2* Dispell Scroll, Horse

1 Damsel @ 125 pts Dispell Scroll, Chalice of Malfleur, Horse

9 Knights Errant @ 221 pts Errantry Banner, Full command

7 Knights of the Realm @ 217 pts War Banner, Full command

8 Knights of the Realm @ 241 pts Twilight banner, Full command

13 Peasant Bowmen @ 96 pts Braziers, Skirmishers

4 Pegasus Knights @ 230 pts Musician

5 Mounted Yeomen @ 87 pts Musician, Shields

8 Grail Knights @ 334 pts Musician, Banner

Total: 2000 pts

PD: 4 DD: 4(5 with Chalice) + 3 scrolls

Consider that I play in a very competitive environment with lots of magic abuse (hence the 3 scrolls + Chalice).
The choice for a lord is a bit of a tossup between Lord or Paladin + another Pegasus Knight (but I think 5 PK is overkill).
Eventually I will tune my list to a more tournament-based layout (RAF), but for the first few battles I would like to get a bit of the feeling of a vanilla Bret list.

thanks for your replies!

20-04-2009, 20:58
You went with the wyrm lance idea?!?!?...

You have too many points tied in characters. This is my 2k list:

Paladin w/ horse, shield
Paladin *BSB* w/ horse, warbanner, virtue of duty

9 KE w/ FC, errantry banner
8 KotR w/ FC
8 KotR w/ FC
9 KotR w/ FC
9 KotR w/ FC
15 skirmishing archers

5 pegasus knights
9 questing knigts w/ FC

It has two more units of KotR, another peg knight, a full unit of questing knight, and a huge unit of archers whereas you have a unit of grail knights and some fast cav.

You might be up against a lot of magic heavy armies but is it really enough to kill off two lances of knights before you charge them turn 2? Probably not. This is why a fast army can deal with having less magic defense.

Now I don't know the armies you usually face, but unless it's usually vampire counts I'd take a second look at your list.

20-04-2009, 21:23
And there was me, thinking that I trimmed most of the fat off my previous list but gee, I never looked at it like that... 2 full extra lances is a lot indeed. I think I will try your list when I get enough models painted for it (I'm just starting the army) as it does ineed look more scary then mine... (even though your magical defences are paper thin)

6 Charging lance formations in 2k pts backed up by 5 (!) PK..... scary sight to behold indeed.

I have three questions on your list though:

1 As stated in the original post, my choice for a lord was a toss-up between him or a Paladin + 5th PK. Do you really think the 5th PK adds something to the unit?
2 Why is your Warbanner on your BSB and not on one of your Vanilla Knight units? On your BSB your opponent can kill him (3 swordmasters striking first on your BSB have a good chance), whereas when hes on your normal standard bearer he he willl not go down until the unit is gone.
3 How do you cope with fear causing armies? Do you not struggle to get all your crucial charges off with max Ld 8?


20-04-2009, 21:31
It allows them to take on full units on their own, so yes 5 PKs are great.

It allows the BSB to quickly move over just before the charge if I need to shift where I need the CR bonus.

Fear can be a real problem but with more lances it means I can fail with one and still hit with another. At 2250 I upgrade to a lord though.

20-04-2009, 22:28
Valid points on the first two questions, thanks. PK taking on units of their own... geez, I knew they were imba, but had no idea they were that OP (though admittedly, they probably do cost more pts then most units).

About your last reply though: I assume you want to charge daemon / undead armies with 2 lances each in order to not get bogged down, so what do you do when one of your charging units fails its test? Doesn't it ruin your entire battle plan?

20-04-2009, 23:20
Oh it can (and has some times) but I just line up my KE or QK for the charges that really matter and then go from there.

Either way deamons and undead are going to be a tough fight for brets, and the only trick I've found is to swamp them with units. At first though grail knights would be good, but since they can't flee they ar prime targets for greater deamons. So either you have to switch to KE or just play the odds and be better against all the other armies.

21-04-2009, 00:16
This sounds like the list I run. 6 lance formation with 4 pegs. My magical defense is just to get into combat. Therefore a damsel with two dispell scrolls. What the heck I have had my grail knights go right thru a unit of jaggernauts without slowing down. And then nearly die on the counter charge.

21-04-2009, 04:39
ya and lose all peasents there a waste i would make the charactors more offensive to. joust is a vow that shouldn't be overlooked.

21-04-2009, 10:48
Go for the virtue that gives killing blow aginst monstrous creatures. I once killed my treeman right out, i wasnt very happen.. Looks descent to me otherwise.