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21-04-2009, 00:24
Having picked up some models for Aeronautica Imperialis, I thought it was my duty to share a few pictures with you to encourage you to pick up this game and try it yourself. Without further ado, here are my first models, a few Hell Blades:


Hopefully I'll be able to add some more pictures of these models painting as well as future additions.

The Laughing God
21-04-2009, 01:23
I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. I was thinking about starting up chaos for AI but decided on Battle Fleet Gothic instead. Maybe in the future I'll get into the game.

Good luck,

21-04-2009, 02:21
I really love those designs. What colours you going to paint them?

21-04-2009, 02:50
I have a small world eaters army so im paining them red gore with dwarf bronze trim. However since you only ever hjave c.10 models i could easily get squadrons that could represent a wholehost of legions, thodse i'd most liekly do would be death guard, alpha legion or iron warriors. The problewm with chaos is their limited number. With imperials you could have a varied about of squadrons whilst with chaos you are shoe-horned into a swarm of hall blades and a few hell talons

21-04-2009, 06:39
What about that really big scary uber bomber?

You could always include some sort of "traitor navy" stuff in the form of chaosified Imperial aircraft!

21-04-2009, 20:02
Time for my first update, first batch of Hell Blades have been completed. Really simple, Baal Red followed by Red Gore and Dwarf Bronze. Cockpit is painted black whilst bits of metal are boltgun metal. I'm tempted to give them a wash of devlan mud.


I'll be getting myself a harbringer but for the moment thats not a priority since I doubt i'll get many opportunties to use that monster. Next thing to paint is some hell talons that I have.

22-04-2009, 23:10
Just another quick update whilst I'm on the ball, gave the three heel blades a wash of devlan mud and I think it looks ok, what do you think...


I'm gonna have to order the rest of my models since FW isn't know for its delivery times. I'm thinking 2 packs of hell blades and a pack of hell talons giving my 9 hell blades and 4 hell talons in total. that looks like a sound amount.

27-04-2009, 12:28
Update: I've jsut orfder another 2 packs of hell blades and some thunderbolts. At the moment i'm having a 4:1 ration of baldes to talons, 4 fingers and 1 thumb, with the Harbringer being the body. Since I'm only using 8 blades in my Skulltakers squadron, I'm left with one spare I can use as either an ace or start another warband, any suggestions

01-05-2009, 00:50
Shameless bump..Surely someone has some C&C

01-05-2009, 14:58
Looking good there Zan. Go faster red !! IMHO I maybe would have chosen a darker red to be more evil ? You've done some nice work on the details but it looks like you've missed the cockpit, I use an eery Scaly-green mix which livens up the black legion (black & brass) colour scheme i chose. Anyways may the chaos gods bless them and always keep bogies in their sights :)


01-05-2009, 22:34
Nice scheme. But you need more MOAR!!!

02-05-2009, 01:10
Looks nice, but maybe give the bronze a bit more attention.
A few highlights and a few glazes to add definition should do the trick.

02-05-2009, 09:58
Have to agree with some of the peeps here, nice scheme but 3 hellblades...thats not going to put the fear of khorne into your enemies.

Give us more.

12-05-2009, 00:40
Well my forgeworld order has arrived bringing my squadron to 9 hell blades and 2 hell talons. Been really busy with my dissertation at the moment and having no black spray has meant I havent had a chance to do anythign fun. However, I have undercoated the 2 hell talons before my spray ran out.


As ever, thanks for all the C&C. The paint scheme I use matches the paint scheme used for my skulltakers army I'm also building. So far I've painted zhufor and 15 berzerkers and half painted 8 raptors. I'll get pictures up once they are finished. I havent got any scaly green but I'll give that and the highlighting a try. I think im in need of a massive hobby buying spree. I need black spray, devlan mud, badab black, scaly green, sand and some new paint pbrushes. Will have to wait for the moment because I have jsut had an expensive TR weekend that I need to pay for.

28-05-2009, 11:16
Sorry for the bump, but this thread doesn't deserve to die off. Just wanted to say that these are looking good! Any progress?

Also, will you be adding any personalisation to schemes or additional details like ace designs, god loyalty or kill markings?

28-05-2009, 11:41
Here are a couple of Hell Talons I've painted up:


As for aces. Im gonna use the paintscheme of another legion so it'll stand out

29-05-2009, 12:34
Nice, any rear shots?

Also have you played with them? I'd be interested to know how they performed.

29-05-2009, 13:26
In Ai it's generally a bad thing to get a rear shot...


Nice work.


01-06-2009, 08:24
I do have a picture fo the underbelly of the Hell Talon. I don't think there is much point doing the same for the hell blades, they are a little bit too small.


Will get around to do the other 6 hell blades but at the moment, I'm stuck repainting 21 deathwing terminators. I will have pictures of the Skulltakers warband later, I just need to sort the bases out and ink the old berzerkers

22-06-2009, 01:57
Here is a group shot of my fleet. Haven't really had much of a chance to work on my AI recently as i've been working on the land divsion of the Skulltakers. Pictures soon once i get a pair of berzerker legs


22-06-2009, 02:45
Nice looking fleet. I'm glad this log has resurfaced, as I missed it at first, and since I'm planning on painting up a modest chaos flight wing or two of my own, it's nice to see how someone else handled the basic blocking.
Your color scheme does seems effective. The details on these models is so fine, it's going to be hard to create a vivid, precise "pop" on the trim. It looks as though you've pulled that off nicely (though the photographs make it a bit hard to tell).

22-06-2009, 16:28
Im still trying to work how how to get the best out of my photographs. I'm used to taking photos pof trees and buildings not minitures.

Once I've finished painting my next batch of Orks I'll be painiting some of the thunderbolts I picked up so that I can try gettign used to the rules. The rules seem simple enough tbh.

15-09-2009, 16:31
After much delay, I finally managed to get pictures of the latest additions. Unfortunatley, I delete a group picture but at this point in time I now have 2 hell talons and 8 hell blades. 1 thumb and 4 fingers so to speak.

Below are pictures of my double ace and one fo the aces.


The ace is very similar to normal except they are painted with shining gold rather than dwarf bronze and there is a little bit more metalic colouring on them although Im not sure if you can see that fromt he photo, I'm still trying to get the hang of photographing my models