View Full Version : A few questions pertaining to an isengard army.

21-04-2009, 07:31
I'm playing Isengard.

Currently my "heap of stuff which might come join the army" consists of:

2x pikes (which I'm likely to drop, because they die horribly easily each game, and never do a thing - hence me not having many).
9x sword and board uruk-hai
2x squad of crossbows (which I intend to increase).
3x Uruk-hai scouts with shields.
1x Ballista (2 more on the way from ebay)
2x Troll. (of which im tempted to have a third, if not a 4th - love the trolls!)
1x Each character for isengard.

Now, what I'm mulling on, is that the list is very rigid, and pretty much running off of one unit. I'm trying to keep it feeling right, though it doesnt need to rigidly adhere to the books.

I was pondering on some cavalry maybe. Do you feel that I could just crowbar in some riders, or do you think that I'd be better adding some orcs in too, to make it visually look right?

While I'm asking questions too, is there anything extra you'd reccomend me having? or avoiding? I only have my limited experience of WotR to guide me, so having extra brainpower to guide decisions helps...

21-04-2009, 11:08
Is the 9x Uruk hai warband (sword and board) split? I think you can only have a max of 6 companies in each formation.

I think one company of scouts is too few. If only one is to be taken i would go more for the bows.

Crossbows are good. Make sure a captain is in the crossbows to call a heroic move or shoot with his might.

Can never have too many trolls, but two is a good number to start with.

The epic heros are very useful. Make sure to put Saruman in a large block of sword and shields in order to keep him going. I play lurtz in with him as well, but you could put Lurtz in another large formation.

How many points are you going to play? This will put the real skids on waht you will actually be able to take.

21-04-2009, 11:43
I managed to make an epic typo on the scouts, theres 3 companies. (to maximise on the characters who need scouts).

The uruk-hai with sword and shield get taken in a 5 and a 4 generally.

What I'm quite tempted to add, is some isengard orks with either 2H or sword and shield (no idea which) and to get some wargs in.

Not sure how many orks to add. I mostly want them so the army doesnt look like a block o urukhai with some wargs tossed in.

21-04-2009, 11:49
When you field Orcs you need formation at the size of 6+. The only thing they have going for them are the Mob rule, and to use that you need big formations. They also tend to die fast, despite that I like 2H-weapons better than hand weapon and shields.
A 2H weapon will have them make lots of casualties and if the one you attack cost twice or three times as much as the Orcs does, that will be a very good trade of in points with 2H-Weapons. But in order to use 2H-weapons for best effects you need to have their unit as big as possible, preferably 9 companies.

22-04-2009, 08:01
how many points are you intending to play? This will have a major baring on what you will be able to actually bring to the table.