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20-04-2009, 11:42
Well, I am back from the tournament having gotten 11th best overall out of 38 and (I believe) 3rd best painted, so I am quite pleased. My goal was to get in the top third, which I did and I would say that is not bad when I haven't actually played FB until now in 2009.

My list:

Barack the Bringer of Change @ 220 pts
1 Chaos Sorcerer, lvl 2
Mark of Tzeentch
Biting Blade
Chaos Armour
Moneybags Timothy (Infernal Puppet)
Vice-General Joe (Conjoined Homunculus)
Disc of Tzeentch

Hillary, Minister of Invading People @ 220 pts
1 Chaos Sorcerer, lvl 2
Mark of Tzeentch
Hand weapon
Chaos Armour
Dark Magic for Dummies (Book of Secrets)
Press Secretary (Spell Familiar)
Stream of Vitriol (Stream of Corruption)
Disc of Tzeentch

Robert, Defender of the Gates @ 235 pts
1 Exalted Hero
Mark of Tzeentch
Sword of Might
Chaos armour & shield
Golden Eye of Tzeentch
Bloodcurdling Roar)
Battle Standard
Disc of Tzeentch

Men of Unrepentance @ 64 pts
10 Marauders
Mark of Slaanesh

Men of Unforgiveness @ 64 pts
10 Marauders
Mark of Slaanesh
Great weapon

Riders of Unreason @ 96 pts
5 Marauder Horsemen
Mark of Slaanesh
Light armour

Hounds of Winter @ 30 pts
5 Warhounds

Hounds of Hunger @ 30 pts
5 Warhounds

Ancient Horrors @ 231 pts
3 Dragon Ogres
Great weapons
Light armour

Dumb Brutes @ 135 pts
2 Chaos Trolls

Knights of Inconsistence @ 310 pts
5 Chaos Knights
Mark of Tzeentch
Ensorcelled weapons
Chaos armour & shield
Full command
Blasted Standard

The Unlucky Ones @ 110 pts
2 Spawn

Total: 1745 pts

Thankfully I got the second warhounds done in time, but I still had to borrow some Trolls from my greenskin army.

Battle 1 vs. Vidar H. (Empire)
He had:
Warrior Priest on Horse with Speculum and Sword of Might
2x flying Captains with unknown stuff
20ish Spearmen, w/FC
- detachment of 10 handgunners
- detachment of 5 Free Companies
10 Swordsmen
- detachment of 5 Archers
- detachment of 5 Handgunners
25ish Flagellants
5ish Knights
5ish Inner Circle Knights (w Warrior Priest)
2 Cannons
1 Rocket Battery

He had most of his shooting on his right with his cavalry on his left. Naturally I placed most of my expensive stuff on my right to avoid getting shot and only a couple of token units on my left.

We did some manoeuvering on the right (from my point of view). His cannon there blew up and his Rocket Launcher did very little. I baited his regular knights with my horsemen, he took it and ran them down. That exposed their flank to my Dragon Ogres, which charged them and ran them down. That caused the Inner Circle Knights to flee in panic and my BSB chases them off the board. He then destroyed the large unit of Handgunners and the Archers. Meanwhile one Spawn made an attempt to hold up the Flagellants, but got squished in the first combat round, so I sent in the Trolls to the flank and they stayed there until the Chaos Knights could join the fun and wipe out the humans. My Sorcerers didn't do so much, but Hillary killed a good number of Spearmen and caused the rest to flee into impassable terrain and die. Then she flew over to the Helstorm Rocket thingy and used her breath weapon to kill the last of the crew.
His Pegasus Captains did very little, being chased around by Spawn.
Result: Solid victory (15 - 5)

Battle 2 vs. Øystein B. (Daemons)
When I saw who and what I was up against, I immediately regretted being foolish enough to win round one. He had:

Skulltaker on Jugger
Nurgle BSB Herald on Palanquin with -2 Ld banner

16ish Plaguebarers (w both Nurgle guys)
12ish Bloodletters (w Skulltaker)
2x 5 Furies
2x 5 Flesh Hounds
3 Beasts of Nurgle

He placed his Khorne units on the left and Nurgle units on the right, with the Furies hiding in the rear. I placed very little on the right (if Skulltaker and the boys charged me, I'd just die), keeping most of my stuff on the left.

The scenarios was a capture variant with one big objective in the centre and two smaller ones on each flank.

He advanced quite quickly, I quite slowly, flying my characters around to prevent march moves and kill the light stuff if I could. Hillary managed to fry a Nurgle Beast with Flickering Fire, which was a great relief and my Knights charged the remaining two after they had tried to charge me but failed. I did two wounds and took none in return, he rolled very badly for his break test and the unit disappeared. My Knights overran. Meanwhile, the Nurgle block moved up the centre. My Dragon Ogres made a valiant attempt to take out the BSB (I made a calculation error or I would never have bothered), but only did 1 wound. They broke and got run down the the Nurgle guys charged my Trolls who had failed two Stupidity tests in a row. They managed to do a wound on Epidemius, but predictably broke and ran off the table. His block then turned and waddled back to the objective in the centre, which I couldn't contest as I didn't have enough guys.
My Sorcerers flew around, casting spells on mostly the wrong units and staying out of trouble by hanging around with the BSB so the Furies did not dare charge. One unit of Flesh Hounds charged my Knights and killed one, but in return got destroyed over two rounds of combat. The other Flesh Hounds lingred too long on the far right flank to do anything. Skulltaker and the gang also did little apart from holding the objective there and killing a Spawn and some Marauders.
In the end we were nearly equal in everything apart from the central objective which was firmly his. It was worth 500 VPs and that was almost exactly how much he won by.
Result: Minor loss (7 - 13)

Battle 3 vs. Sindre (Dark Elves)
He had:

Noble on Manticore with Ward pendant thingy, MR item and some other stuff
Noble on Pegasus with Biting Blade, Black Dragon Egg and possibly some other stuff

Assassin with Manbane and Rending Stars and possibly some other stuff
20 Corsairs w/FC
5 Dark Riders with RXB
5ish Shades with GW
12ish Black Guard with ASF banner and some magic sword on the champ (Soul Render or something)
5 Cold One Knights with champ with Ring of Hotek

Nothing spectacular about the deployment. I probably deployed much too narrowly, as when he came up very quickly, my units got bogged down in each other's way and found it hard to get a good charge. My Knights charged his Black Guard to hold them up, but sadly died very quickly. His Hydra flamed some Marauders and did very little useful, which was fine by me. His Shades with Assassin moved up and his Assassin shot at my BSB. I should have asked my opponent "What exactly are you shooting at my guy with?" in round 1 rather than 2, since then we could have discovered that Rending Stars do indeed have 12" range and not 18" and he might not have been within range. Oh well, too late. His Manticore flew around and chased my Trolls off the table while his Pegasus rider charged the Horsemen and actually lost combat two turns in a row, eventually fleeing, but not being run down. He did little else of note.
Magic and my shooting attacks killed 3 Cold One Knights and then my BSB charged in and eventually killed the rest, removing that annoying Ring. He then got charged by the Dark Riders, which he killed with the aid of the Dragon Ogres, who overran away. My BSB couldn't as it was not the first round of combat for him and he got charged by the Manticore rider and somewhat charred Corsairs. I forgot about challenging and my BSB lost his second wound. *grumble*

My Sorcerers then fried the Manticore with 7 S7 hits from Flickering Fire. Since the Noble suddenly had a 360 degree LOS he charged Hillary, fluffed his attacks, lost combat due to outnumbering, wasn't immune to Fear, broke and got run down. Hillary pursued into the Corsairs, which was a bit of a risk, but I wanted to tie them up so the Dragon Ogres could charge in. They did, smacked them around a bit and ran them down. Sadly that meant the Shades could shoot Hillary and she died (she had previously lost a wound to shooting from the Dark Riders).

Meanwhile Barack got charged by the Black Guard, which again was a stupid mistake. They had been tied up by a Spawn, but of course it eventually died. He broke, ran and failed to rally. Drat!

Since the scenario gave out double VPs for killing characters, I lost pretty badly.
Result: Solid loss (5 - 15)

Day 2

Battle 4 vs. Bjørn-Erik (Vampires)
He had:

Vampire lvl 2 with Enchanted Shield, summon Skeletons and probably some other stuff
Vampire lvl 1 with Ghoulkin and Talisman of Lyceni
Necromancer with Black Periapt and Scepter of Noirot

20ish Skeletons
30 Ghouls
2x 5 Dire Wolves
3 Bat Swarms
25 Grave Guard with hatred banner
4 Fell Bats

His bat-like stuff set up on his right, his other stuff fairly conventionally on the left. I put very little on my left and the rest fairly spread out on my right. He had no ranged attacks at all, which was a relief.

His right flank moved up a bit slower than I thought it would, the Varghulf and Fell Bats puncing on the Horsemen and destroying them. The Bat Swarms charge a unit of Warhounds and do nothing, eventually being destroyed by the dogs, who can't believe their luck and go on to claim a table quarter (only 1 Warhound died in the entire battle, a record!).

On the right my Knights charge the Ghouls and Ghoulkin Vampire. They kill the Vampire, but lose three members of the unit over two round and break but escape and later rally. His Dire Wolves charge a Spawn and the other Warhound unit and are all wiped out (the one charging the Warhounds had been zapped a bit in advance).

My Dragon Ogres and BSB charge the Skeletons and Necromancer and give them a decent stomping, but annoying don't manage to kill the Necromancer. In his turn his Grave Guard manoeuvres to avoid my Warhounds and magically charge in (I let it go, since I realise that it would be better to fight them now with the Dragon Ogres and Skeletons still in the combat, than in his next turn, when my BSB might be on his own). My guys grind down the dead guys, eventually killing off the skeletons completely. By that time, my Trolls can charge the Grave Guard in the front and the Dragon Ogres charge their flank. Unsurprisingly the undead are wiped out. Crumbling finishes off the rest of the undead army except the Ghouls, who are too many.

Meanwhile, my Sorcerers have been flying around and killing some stuff here and there. Of note is a Flickering Fire which fries the Varghulf, a great relief for the Marauders who were just about to be charged.

Result: Massive victory (17 - 3)

Battle 5 vs. Rune S. (Dwarfs)
He had:

Thank with unknown stuff
BSB with unknown stuff
Runesmith with very little

2x 20 Warriors with FC
20 Crossbowmen
2x 10 Thunderers
10 Slayers
2 Bolt Throwers with S7
Organ Gun

He set up his army to shoot at my centre-left and defend the shooty units if I advance that way. Naturally I placed very little there and instead deployed heavily on my right. I advanced quickly up and around, meaning that his units spent much time turning to face me and little time shooting me. I took out a bolt thrower and one unit of Thunderers in turn 3 and then the Organ Gun the following turn. My BSB got stuck into the Slayers, which in hindsight might not have been a good idea, since he eventually died (having lost a wound earlier to a stand and shoot from the Thunderers).
I took out a Warrior unit containing the BSB and Runesmith with a Flickering Fire / Doom and Darkness combo after he paniced and conveniently failed to rally. Then my remaining Trolls and Dragon Ogres charged his block of Crossbowmen, fluffed their attacks and the Dragon Ogres broke. That was quite annoying, since if they had rolled normally I would have won and with Doom and Darkness on the unit they would probably have broken and been destroyed. As it was the final turn, the Dragon Ogres could not rally and my opponent also got points from a couple of other little units. Still, there were few VPs on either side.

Result: Draw (10 - 10)

In total I got 54 battle point and 15 paint points placing me at 69 in total.

I also tied for first place on the quiz, which I claim a moral victory for since one question was "Which is the most powerful Chaos god?" and I deliberately answered Tzeentch while I knew that almost certainly Khorne was the answer they were looking for. ;)

Pics will folllow.

20-04-2009, 14:26
Okay, some pics:

Battle 1
Empire right flank

Empire centre

Chaos army

I met several people who said they recognised my army after reading my blog, but who didn't recognise me. To alleviate this, I have included myself in this pic

My best hope for victory!
(picture taken five minutes before the Spawn was removed as a casualty)

Trolls getting stuck into the Flagellants. Note absence of Knights in the background. You can just see part of Robert's base behind the tree.

20-04-2009, 14:31
Battle 2
Daemon right flank

Daemon left flank

Nurgle beasties advancing towards the chaos army

...but not so long after they are just a smear on the ground while the Chaos Knights ride on
(objective marker in the foreground)

Clever formation flying

The Flesh Hounds too fail to defeat the Knights of Tzeentch

20-04-2009, 14:36
Battle 3

I forgot to take a lot of pics from this battle, but here at least we can see the Dark Elf general fleeing from Hillary

Battle 4
Bats and Varghuld take cover behind an outcrop

Chaos army advancing

Attack on the Skeletons

Battle 5
The chaos force move around a hill to avoid bolt throwers and thunderers

The Dwarf left flank is starting to crumle

20-04-2009, 14:55
Best painted nominees (there were 9, which is a bit excessive when it's one quarter of the participants)

Tzeentch Daemon list, a bit bitzy (spore mines for horrors, plastic details from WE sprues as furies), but not the worst I have seen.

Dwarf army from battle 5, a bit too colourful for my liking

Vampire army, too much use of hands and heads as complete models for my taste

Daemon army from round 2, a bit too much drybrushing

Dogs of War army, not very shaded

Orcs & Goblins army that won best painted. I voted for it (with some doubts since it used purple!), so I can't complain.

20-04-2009, 14:58
VC army from round 4, nice enough

Lizardmen army, four Stegadons, nuff said

Tzeentch Warriors of Chaos army, trying to grab some votes for having a couple of cool conversions

20-04-2009, 20:54
And a honest review of how stuff performed:

-Barack, the Bringer of Change
Never actually died, though he ran off the table in battle 3. None of his items were ever used, so that was a bit of a waste, though some stuff was chosen simply because I needed the points anyway.
The problem was a lack of decent spells, which I couldn't do a whole lot about when I had the Infernal Puppet (the Third Eye would only have been useful in battle 4 since none of the other armies had wizards). I always took Flickering Fire with him, two times because he rolled it and once because he got Call to Glory. In three battles he also got Transmogrification, once he got Gateway (which I didn't get off) and against the Dwarfs he got the (in the circumstances) completely useless Pandaemonium.

- Hillary, Minister of Invading People
Did much better than Barack, having much use for her items. Miscast twice against Empire and rolled 'Rebound' both times, which was hilarious against an army with no wizards. Never miscast after that battle and in general did quite well. Was shot in battle 3, but survived all the others.
She chose Death as her second lore, getting a fair spread of spells. Highlight was in battle 5, when after rolling up Transmogrification (Dwarfs don't fail many Ld tests), I said "What I need now is Doom and Darkness" I rolled just that.

Robert, Defender of the Gates
- Also did very well, though he died in battle 3 (a bit suspect, he might not have if we had known the range and checked it) and 5 and lost a wound in battle 4. Three times he cheated death by passing his 6+ Ward save on his last wound (those of you who are good with maths will immediately realise than in two of those cases he later failed to cheat death by NOT passing his 6+ Ward save). Sword of Might was definitely a good choice, since it let him strike at S6 I6 each round while keeping a 2+ armour save. The Golden Eye was also highly useful and the Roar did okay once or twice, but often he was stuck in combat and had nothing to shoot.
Killed one enemy character (the Vampire General) and got Magic Resistance at a time when all enemy wizards were dead!

- Marauder infantry
Useful in that they were dead cheap and immune to most psychology. Got shot at a lot (better them than anything else) and IIRC never got to attack in close combat at all. Gave me an advantage in deployment and occasionally held a table quarter. Decent enough at 64 pts each.

- Marauder Horsemen
The unit I was most disappointed with. Got wiped out in every battle except the one against Daemons and only in the battle against the Empire did they do anything marginally useful. It could possibly have been avoided in battles 4 and 5 and perhaps I just need to stop treating all my fast cavalry as if they were Wolf Riders.

- Warhounds
Useful in the same manner as the Marauder infantry, though a bit more so since they were half the cost and didn't actually run away in panic either, despite being Ld5, by staying close to the general most of the time.

- Trolls
Decent because they were so cheap. Died in battle 2 due to Stupidity and in battle 3 (but then most stuff died in battle 3). Got mutations three times for regenerating damage and managed to roll 7 (The Eye is Closed) every frickin' time!
Otherwise did okay, though while alive they limited where my general could comfortably go.

- Dragon Ogres
Consistently performed well, though they died in battle 2 when I forgot what the WS of a Nurgle Herald was, and ran away in turn 6 of battle 5 when they did 1 wound with 6 attacks and needed to do 2.

- Chaos Knights
Died in battle 3 and lost three guys in battle 4 (stupid irresistible Danse Makabre). Otherwise did very well, though 6 would not have been a bad idea. They surprisingly didn't get shot very much, so the Blasted Standard did not come into play very often. For some reason my opponents often shot Marauders instead.

- Spawn
Died very often, though they provided a nice distraction at times. Died in combat quicker than I had expected, though the armies there had a lot of nasty close combat units.

Over all I am reasonably happy, though it is a somewhat difficult size to play and, as mentioned repeatedly, I didn't have as much painted as I would have liked.

21-04-2009, 16:37
Thanks for the great reports, avian :) Nice to see how a WoC army plays without gateway on a sorc lord. It seems your army faced off well against even the trickier ones including 2 very unfriendly DoC and DE armies :)
Grats on the painting award too.

21-04-2009, 16:40
Your names are uber!!!

21-04-2009, 21:13
a very nice showing Avian! I take it this was the 2d6 crusade? Didn't play because of inexperience with WHFB and in a non-comp enviroment I'd just been eaten alive (that DoC list was particularly unfriendly)

Gabacho Mk.II
22-04-2009, 04:31
I am happy you placed well Avian.... You are lucky you didnt meet my Un-defeated High Elves! :p

Lastly, a question Avian,

Were the games at 1,500pts? [[[edit: Sorry, re-read the thread and found that the games were 1,750pts. Doh!]]]

Secondly, were the battles actual scenarios or each battle being basically a Meeting Engagement but with different victory points/conditions?
[the reason that I ask this is our group mainly games scenario battles and we are always up on including newer/original scenarios into our gaming]

Thanks again!

Oh yeah, Chaos sucks!!!


22-04-2009, 17:24
Thanks, guys :)

@ Gabacho Mk.II: I take it you mean a pitched battle and not meeting engagement?

Two scenarios were standard battles, two were standard with different victory conditions (one gave extra points for characters and less for units, one gave extra points for objectives and less for everything else) and one was standard with an added special rule that reduced the effect of magic a bit.

Gabacho Mk.II
22-04-2009, 20:42
Yup, that's what I meant. :)

Sorry, got my FoW and GW terminology mixed up there.

And btw, why did you mark your Marauders? Not that the mark would cost too much but I would think that you might flee with them a few times, when the opportunity would present itself, and thus be able to entrap enemy units. Just a thought.

And I loved your character names!:D

22-04-2009, 22:55
IIRC Mark of slaanesh doesn't make you ItP just immune to fear, panic and terror so they can flee even though marked

23-04-2009, 15:41
Yeah, that's right. You can shoot at them all day and they will only flee if I want them to. :D

23-04-2009, 19:45
Nice reports, and always nice to get comments on how things have been working out.

I get similar performance from the marauder horsemen, sometimes incredibly useful but often they move around with a big sign saying "look 15 points per model and no save!". Great unit but still light cavalry, and light cavalry in an army with 1+ saves and 30 point disposable dogs. They actually need to be screened a bit or other targets offered instead of them and then they can work magic mid game. Blasted standard knights are one of the best screens as well :)

Gabacho Mk.II
24-04-2009, 17:08
IIRC Mark of slaanesh doesn't make you ItP just immune to fear, panic and terror so they can flee even though marked

Yeah, that's right. You can shoot at them all day and they will only flee if I want them to. :D

Ahh, I see.

Sorry, I thought that they were ITP.

You know, this isnt an OTT armylist that you are running Avian. At first I thought it would be given the number of Tz magic-casters that were flying around, but when viewed again I think that the armlist is rather tame by most standards.

..... and again, your character names! :chrome:

25-04-2009, 18:01
Yeah, magic-wise it's not really all that scary. And the Sorcerers fly, so they are rather hard to catch if you don't have enough mobile firepower, but flying in itself isn't especially great. And they do cost 200 pts each. Flying on the BSB is much more interesting, because there it has more of an offensive value.

25-04-2009, 23:01
Very nice report Avian. I really like how you kept the descriptions short and sweet. Makes for a good read and you get the jist of what happened. Very creative army too. Were you happy with the tzeentch spell list durning the tourney? I use to use the same set up with 2 lvl 2 sorcerers but I swear I am terrible at rolling spells and only ever got any use out of Flickering flames.

Just curious, were there rules allowing units to be below minimum unit size? Thought trolls were minimum 3 but I could be wrong! =)

Great battle reports!

26-04-2009, 06:09
Very nice report Avian. I really like how you kept the descriptions short and sweet. Makes for a good read and you get the jist of what happened. Very creative army too. Were you happy with the tzeentch spell list durning the tourney? I use to use the same set up with 2 lvl 2 sorcerers but I swear I am terrible at rolling spells and only ever got any use out of Flickering flames.

Just curious, were there rules allowing units to be below minimum unit size? Thought trolls were minimum 3 but I could be wrong! =)

Great battle reports!

I think its a typo, he listed them as 135 points, that would be three.

26-04-2009, 16:54
Yeah, it was three trolls, not two.

Magic-wise, Barack was struggling with only two spells and often only one was useful, so it became a matter of flying around and casting Flickering Fire at the enemy (not that Flickering Fire is not a good spell, it is). If I had known that I wouldn't get any dangerous miscasts, I would have taken something other than the Infernal Puppet on him.

I never got Treason against something useful (two out of five armies were completely immune to psychology in in most of the other armies, units had far too much armour compared to their strength). Pandaemonium wasn't terribly useful, Transmogrification did better than I had expected and I only tried Gateway once.