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21-04-2009, 09:29
Ok... this is what I have on the drawing map for my Gondor army as the far end of its range. I'm almost finished painting up to about 1000p and that is the only models I have for them right now.

I like to keep with the theme of Gondor during the War of the Ring, before the Fellowship gathers in their journey. I know that Gandalf probaly was not around to help Gondor during that period, but I don't find in totally unsuitable for Gandalf the Grey to help them in some important battles. After all it is somewhat fictional Middle Earth.

Leader: Boromir, Captain of the White Tower

Epic Heroes
Gandalf the Grey

Common Troops

1st & 2nd Infantry Brigade
6 Minas Tirith infantry companies (Banner & Captain)

1st & 2nd Archer Regiments
3 Minas Tirith archer companies

1st Guard Infantry Regiment
4 Minas Tirith Citadel Guard companies (Banner, Longbows, Banner of the People(Army banner))

1st Cavalry Brigade
6 Minas Tirith Knight companies (Banner)

1st & 2nd Cavalry support battalions
3 Minas Tirith Knight companies (Banner)

Rare Formations

1st Artillery Support Battery
3 Avenger Bolt Throwers

Axemen of Lossarnach
4 companies (Forlong the Fat)

Legendary formations

Black Root Vale Archer regiment
3 companies (Banner, Hornblower, Duinhir)

Rangers of Ithilien regiment
3 companies (Madril, Damrod)

I would like to try and use the army banner and have placed that with the Citadel Guards unit, this unit will be lead by Boromir and placed in the center of the field flanked by both Minas Tirith infantry formations. Both smaller cavalry unit will be placed behind the lines and I will use their banners together with the army banner if I want them to do a Heroic charge.
The big cavalry unit will either be placed on one flank with the Axemen in support, or placed in reserve. They will be lead by Faramir.
The Rangers and Black Root archers will use their ambush rule to make as big of a nuisance as possible.
My archers and artillery are there to provide the needed support.
Gandalf will jump to any unit where he is most needed.

I might be a little short in Epic Heroes, but I want to play with a themed army using lots of troops. Hopefully I have not crippled myself too much.

Any thoughts before I buy more models??

21-04-2009, 14:16
Amen of Lossarnach

Typo !

Great list, Do you think the army banner will work best on an infantry unit rather than cavalry ?

21-04-2009, 16:12
Fixed the typo... :)

I hope it will work equally well on the infantry as it does on the Cavalry. The reason why I mentioned the cavalry was because they lack captains and can't do Heroic Charges normally, while the infantry formation can. Though every unit with a banner who are within 12" of the Citadel Guards unit will be able to perform Heroic Charges by the expenditure of only one Might Point.