View Full Version : proper night gobbo horde list 2,000pts

21-04-2009, 15:22

night goblin big boss
light armor
big red banner

night goblin shamen
staff of sneaky stealin
lvl 2

night goblin shamen
horn of urgock
lvl 2

5x 30 night goblins
full command
3 fanatics

4x 20 night goblins
1 fanatic

21-04-2009, 15:40
Certainly hordey alright. The spears are worth it against crappy troops, but not against good ones, so a mix of HW&S goblins and spear goblins I've found to be best. Looks better too. The units of 20 could use musicians.

Mixing up the number of fanatics so your opponent is on his toes would be good. 3 in one unit, 0 in another, etc.

Going with straight Night goblins on foot there's nothing else to change. Looks like fun but the heavy reliance on fanatics to deal with anything more dangerous than state troops will backfire on you frequently- a single zombie summoning, some fast cav, a flyer, miners, etc. will cause a lot of fanatics to come out and then your opponent can hang back and shoot you to death while your fanatics kill you.

Some squigs/ squig hoppers would be in theme and help immensely.

21-04-2009, 15:58
Certanly would reduce the number of fanatics, 10 at the most.
Try and fit in some fast calvary as your lacking anything that can support the big blocks of goblins.
Im aware your going for a horde but I think your limiting yourself enough using goblins so I would atleast try and get a few warmachines or beast-esque units; i could see chariots working wonders for you in this kind of list.

21-04-2009, 16:08
not a good list, imo... too 1 dimensional. you need to diversify

you are doing an ng only list, but you don't have squig herds or squig hoppers?

also, snotlings come with all greenskins, so you can use pump wagons. trolls are dumb enough to be led by anyone, and giants always follow the beer. you can have a more diverse "ng only" force than just rank and file goblins with 19 fanatics

additionally, you are wasting points on command squads and giving away too many vp's with superfluous banners. only put fc on units that will have characters, and all the rest of the units have music only. character units need nets

you should check out some of the other lists critiques. alot of this stuff is covered dozens of times in other list threads

Nephilim of Sin
21-04-2009, 16:19
As much as I love fanatics, I can see where everyone else is coming from. That just seems a bit too much, points-wise and numbers. It could be really easy for someone to upset your line, release the minefield with methods already mentioned, and just sit back and shoot you to pieces while you are stuck trying to navigate. Although, it would be fun for one game, I won't lie, but for it being your standard list, I would have to so it would end up hurting you.

As others have said, since you are going NG all the way, why not throw in a Doom Diver or 2? Shave off a few fanatics, and maybe make 2 units of 20 as archers, you could actually have a shooting phase!

Unite All Action
21-04-2009, 16:36
Overall I think too much of the same thing does not really work and I think that this list highlights that.;)