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21-04-2009, 17:20
I created a thread a while back but havent posted a game for a while so heres a new thread. Played a game recently and had my camera handy. It was a smaller game, 1250 points. We played on my friends round kitchen table, which has a 48 inch diameter so some of the table corners that you find on a 4x4 table are missing it didnít really change the dynamic of the game. But anyways on to the game.

1250 point HE list

-barded steed, dragon armor, enchanted shield, foe bane (wounds all models with 2 or more wounds on 2 plus, adjusting strength etc.)
Lvl 2 mage
-jewel of dusk (+1 pd), phoenix guardian (5+ ward) (shield and vauls unmaking)
13 Archers
15 Phoenix Guard
-Full command, Warbanner
15 Whitelions
-Full command, Lion standard
5 Dragon Princes
-Full Command, Banner of Elorian, Amulet of Light (makes all attacks magical)

1250 point WE List

-Hail of Doom arrow, long bow great weapon
Lvl 1 mage
-Dispel scroll, (spirit of the forest)
Branch Wraith
-lvl 1 mage, annoyance of nettlings (tree singing)
10 Glade Guard
10 Glade Guard
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
5 Glade riders



I won the roll for deployment and choose the side with the 3 story tower. I deployed my archers with the mage behind the building. The whitelions in the centre on the right of the tower and the phoenix guard were on the right of them holding the right flank. On the Left of the building I deployed the dragon princes with the noble, there was a small forest in front of them.


He had a hill in his deployment zone (marked by the book) and place his free forest just to the left of his deployment zone. So from my right to left he had, 10 glade guard on the hill, 8 dryads with the branch wraith in the centre, then in the forest bunker he had: 10 gladeguard on the edge, the treeman behind them and the fast cav behind him, also hiding in the forest were his mage and hail of doom noble. Holding his left flank were another unit of 8 dryads.


I won the roll for first turn and decided to go first

21-04-2009, 17:34
HE turn 1

The Mage and archers move into the tower, both the whitelions and Phoenix Guard march 10 inches up the centre of the board. And the dragon princes wheel a bit and move around the forest on the left flank and get ready to roll up his flank.


I try to cast shield on the dragon princes and roll a 3 on two dice, and my drain magic is dispelled. In the shooting phase my arches line up his glade guard on the hill and end up killing three, not bad considering I moved and had long range. He passes his panic test.

WE turn 1

The glade guard on the hill move up a bit to get within short range of the phoenix guard. The centre dryads shuffle a bit to my right, to line up with the phoenix guard. The glade guard in the forest move 2 inches forward out of the forest. The dryads on my left flank retreat behind the forest in his deployment zone. His glade riders move out of the bunker forest directly in front of the dragon princes (to bait-flee the dragon princes), and the treeman moves out of the forest as well to countercharge the DP when they fail charge the glade riders. The mage and noble stay in the forest bunker.



In the magic phase the branchwraith casts treesinging on the bunker forest, I let it go through. The forest moves an inch backwards. Then he casts spirit of the forest on my archers on a 6, I roll 2 dice to dispel and fail. He kills 2 archers. I dispel his treemans treesinging.

Now itís the woodelves mighty shooting phase, I fear my army will be turned into pincushions. his entire army unleashes on my phoenix guard. The hail of doom arrow gets 11 shots, 8 hits, 6 wounds and I loose 2 phoenix guard. Then his 17 glade guard unleash at short range, and I loose one more phoenix guard. So 28 shots at short range, and I loose 3 phoenix guard. I love phoenix guard!

HE turn 2

My dragon princes declare a charge on his glade riders directly in front of them. They flee and I catch them, more importantly I am out of the line of sight of the treeman. The whitelions and phoenix guard move up towards his lines.



In the magic phase I cast shield on the whitelions, and he lets it go through. He dispels drain magic. Now its time for the high elves to show their wood elf cousins how to use their bows. My 11 archers target his 7 glade guard on the hill and I end up killing 6 of them! His 28 S4 shots kill three PG and my 11 S3 long range shots all but wipe out his unit of glade guard in 2 turns. His lone glade guard passes his panic test and decides to fight on. Excellent phase for me.


WE turn 2

No charges are declared. The treeman moves directly behind the dragon princes on the left flank. The noble shuffles around in the bunker to flank the dragon princes. His lone archer on the hill moves around to the right of the phoenix guard. The dryads facing the phoenix guard move back a bit to avoid being charged next turn. And the dryads behind the forest move to the right of the forest to get out of line of sight of the dragon princes and are now facing the whitelions.


In the magic phase I dispel everything except the treemans bound treesinging, which moves the forest an insignificant amount. In the shooting phase the gladeguard directly infront of the whitelions unleash on the warriors of chrace. 10 shoots get 9 hits, 7 wounds, and I loose 3 whitelions.

HE Turn 3

The whitelions seeking vengeance charge the archers in front, who elect to shand and shoot but are too close. The phoenix guard move up to cover the whitelions flank. This turn would be crucial for the dragon princes, they had effectively been cornered by the treeman, and noble in the forest bunker. My general elected to sacrifice himself in a heroic deed of valour. He would stay behind and hold of the treeman and noble while the rest of the dragon princes would move around the forest and flank the remaining dryads.


In the magic phase I cast shield on the whitelions again and drain magic is dispelled. In the shooting phase my archers decide to shoot at the wood elf noble who has exposed himself at the edge of the forest, requiring 6s to hit I score no hits. It was worth a try.

In combat the whitelion axes come down with the vengeance and kill four glade guard, I loose one warrior of chrace in return. The glade guard break and flee. I catch them and overrun into the 8 man dryad unit. Perfect, exactly the results I wanted.


WE Turn 3

His treeman decides to charge the dragon princes who thought they had escaped his grasp. I promptly flee off the board to live and fight another day. Much to my generals surprise the woodelf noble charges him setting the stage for an epic battle between the generals. The unengaged dryads with the branchwraith charge the phoenix guard. (im a bit surprised he didnít try to flank charge the whitelions, their flank was slightly exposed). Now every unit across the board in engaged in desperate hand to hand combat.



In the magic phase he moves the bunker forest another 2 inches. And his lone glade guard takes a shot at my archers in the tower, the arrow sailing wide of the building.

In combat the whitelions strike first, their great axes accustomed to cutting down trees, the dryads proved no different, I got 5 wounds and 4 dryads died. The dryads hit back and kill one whitelion. I win the combat and pursue the remain dryads of the board. In the phoenix guard combat, his branch wraith declares a challenge and I accept with the champion. I discover he has annoyance of netlings and swing wildy into the air, the wraith attacks back and kills the champion. His remaining forest spirits killed 2 more of the mute warriors. We add up combat res and with the rank, banners and outnumber I won by two. The dryads break but I am unable to catch them.

Now for the epic general dual. The wood elf noble charged out of the woods with his great weapon, the mounted noble of Ulthuan unsheathed his Foe Bane and struck his cousin down with 3 swift attacks.

The game is conceded.

Post game thoughts
Getting first turn really helped me out, it meant I could whittle down some of his shooting with my own archers. But more importantly it allowed me to dictate the flow of the game, his offensive flanking dryads spent most of the game backing away from my flanking dragon princes and my elite warriors in the center of the board. Everything in my army preformed exactly as I expected. The DPs were great flankers, the whitelions chopped down a two units and the phoenix guard just refused to die.

I hope to post a couple more reports in the future.

Gabacho Mk.II
21-04-2009, 18:21
Great game and an excellent report!

Show those Woodsies who is boss!!! :D

Man, I have to say that the games you play on the coffe table is probably the most enjoyable and most fun. I pretty much remember each game that I had played against my friends on my downstairs coffee table back from 8 years ago.

Looking forward for more reports.

Go High Elves! :evilgrin:

24-04-2009, 04:39
Played a game against a themed night goblin list, this army was very well painted and very interesting to play against.

2250 HE List

lvl 4 mage
-jewel of dusk
lvl 2 mage
-2x dispell scroll
-barded steed, dragon armor, shield, helm of fortune, foe bane
-BSB, great weapon, armor of calador

20 spearmen
-banner, musician
10 archers

20 phoenix guard
-full command, warbanner
19 whitelions
-full command, standard of balance
5 Dragon princes
-full command, lion standard


2250 Night Goblin List

Lvl 4 NG Shaman
-magic mushroom, +1 to dispell
Lvl 2 NG shaman
-staff of sneaky stealing
NG big boss
-giant cave squig, light armor shield, amulet of I blow up when killed in cc
NG big boss
-amulet of protectiness, unknown weapon

40 Night goblins
-full command, spears, nets 2 fanatics
30 Night goblins
-full command, 2 fanatics
30 Night goblins
-full command, 3 fanatics
30 Night goblins
-full command, bows, 2 fanatics

5 squig herds (25 guys total)
5 squig herds (25 guys total)
10 squig hoppers
10 squig hoppers
4 River Trolls

There were a couple of spire for terrian, no trees hills or building. A cool non traditional setup for a fantasy game that was refreshing from the standard setup.


From my left to right I had, 10 archers holding the flank, RBT, 20 Phoenix guard with lvl 4 mage, 20 spearmen with BSB, eagle behind spears, 19 whitelions with lvl 2 mage, RBT. Then on the other side of the pillar I had my 5 dragon princes with the mounted noble.


From my left to right the night goblin army: 30 night goblin archers, 10 hoppers, 30 night goblins with lvl 2 mage, 25 squig herders, 40 night goblin spearmen with lvl 4 mage and big boss, 25 squig herders, 10 hoppers, 4 river trolls, the giant cave squig, 30 night goblins.


I had the plus 1 for finishing deployment first, go figure :). I choose to go first.

24-04-2009, 04:55
HE Turn 1

The dragon princes on the right flank move up 8 inches, getting ready to charge the trolls next turn. The infantry line moves up a cautious 4 inches, while the eagle flies in front of the battle line. The archers and warmachines stay put, preparing to shoot.


In the magic phase the level 4 casts curse of arrow attraction on the left squig herders. He lets is go through, so I will be rerolling all shooting hits against that unit. I then attempt to cast flames of the phoenix and miscast on 4 dice. I roll a 7, my phase ends but I dont take a wound, thought that would have went better in my head, oh well.

In the shooting phase, curse of arrow attraction pays off big. All three units shoot at the left squigs and I kill 6 handlers and 7 squigs.

NG turn 1

His army is not plagued by animosity or stupidity this turn. His entire force marches straight up to meet mine.


In the magic phase the lvl 2 shaman casts gaze of gork on the eagle, I let it go through, he gets 5 hits, my throat dries, and I sigh in relief as he only cause 1 wound. He then casts brain busta on the eagle, determined to kill it, I dispell it. He then casts gork will fix it on the phoenix guard, I figure its harmless as were nowhere near combat and foolishly let it go through.

HE turn 2

The dragon princes charge the trolls, the noble unsheathing his foe bane confident in victory. This triggers three fanatics on the other side of a pillar which float around harmlessly the rest of the game. The eagle flies over the centre of the table and triggers 4 more fanatics and is killed. The rest of my units hold the line wary of the 4 fanatics floating around in no mans land.


In the magic phase the level 2 mage casts fury on the hoppers to his right. My opponent lets it through, I get 6 hits and 3 kills. Flames of the phoenix is dispelled, I initially rolled an 18 but then realized that the 6 counted as a 1 and he easily dispelled my 13.

The RBT on the right flank shoots the hoppers that the mage just attacked, killing only one more hopper. On the left flank the RBT and archers machine gun a unit of 30 night goblins, killing 6 all told.

In combat the dragon prince rolls his attacks and gets 2 threes and a 6, so against the trolls minus one to hit I only land one attack, needing 2s to wound I roll a one. My dragon princes inspired by their lord shortly followed suite, of 13 attacks, 8 hit, and only 3 wounded (I rolled 5 ones to wound). The horses add in their attacks and get an additional wound. He regenerates 2 of the 4 wounds and im left wonder how I didnt kill a single troll with the deadliest unit in my army. He strikes back and vomits and kills 3 knights. I loose combat by 1 and break. I out run the trolls and hope to regroup.


NG turn 2

All the fanatics in the centre of the board shuffle to the bottom left, staying in no mans land for the time being. The trolls fail their stupidity, giving me a chance to regroup my dps next turn. The rest of his army continues to move as quickly as possible in my direction, making sure to avoid fanatics.


In the magic phase I dispell the hand of gork, I dispell gaze of gork on the right RBT and use a scroll to dispel another spell that I have forgotten to take note of. It must have been something scary If I used a scroll.

HE turn 3

My dragon princes rally and turn around to face the trolls they will soon be facing again. The rest of the army stays as is, movement again distorted by the fanatics lurking around in front of their battle line.


In the magic phase the level 2 mage casts fury on the right hoppers and killing the remaining 6 hoppers. Flames of the phoenix is then cast on the big night goblin unit with the lvl 4 mage and big boss. It gets through with a 22 and cant be dispelled. Each of the characters takes a wound, as do 19 other goblins, though he has 6 up armor saves and saves 5 goblins! In the end I kill 14 rank and file and wound both heros, he passes his panic test. That went very well, flames of the phoenix absolutely destroys large horde units.

In the shooting phase the right RBT shoots at the right squig herders and kills 3 squigs and 1 handler. The left RBT and archers open up on the left squig hoppers and kill a total of 6, leaving only 4.


NG turn 3

Oh fanatics, so one of his fanatics comes back toward his line and kills 5 squigs. Another comes at my line at an angle hitting the phoenix guard and bounce straight through into the spearmen. The Phoenix guard take 4 hits and only 1 dies. The spearmen loose 3. The trolls pass their stupidity and charge the dragon princes who hold. The giant squig charges my right RBT and I hold. The rest of his army moves up towards my lines, the left squig hoppers just short of my lines. The 30 goblins bowmen release two fanatics at my archers, one gets to my unit and kills a lone archer.


With his lvl 4 mage suffering from animosity his magic should be easily dispelled. He casts the hand of gork with irresistible force on his hoppers sending them directly into my left RBT, both of my RBT boltthrowers are now in combat, uh oh.

His goblin shortbows are now in range and he takes some pot shots and my archers, to everyones surprise actually killing two more elves.

In combat, on the left flank the RBT crew strikes first and actually kills two hoppers! The remaining two attack back and eat both crewman, overunning towards my board edge. Much to my amazement the RBT on the right flank also inflicted a wound on the giant cave squig rider, only to be saved by his light armor and shield. The giant cave squig strikes back and easily overruns that bolthrower.

Against the trolls my mounted noble once again wiffles his attacks, getting only one hit, and rolling a 1 to wound, again. The dragon princes fare no better, inflicting two wounds, which are both regenerated. The 4 trolls strike back, choosing to use their conventional attack instead of vomiting. (this kind of baffled me cause vomiting is great against T3 2+ AS knights). I loose one more dp and the noble makes all his saves thanks to the reroll from the helm of fortune. I loose combat by 1 but hold.


24-04-2009, 05:08
HE turn 4

The whitelions charge the right unit of squig herders, while the spearmen move up to cover their flank as do the phoenix guard, creating a staggered line to face the oncoming goblins.


In the magic phase flames of the phoenix kills another 15 goblins, brings the lvl 4 shaman down to one wound but fails to wound the big boss. Nothing else gets through. In the shooting phase my archers kill one of the fanatics.

The whitelion combat is quick and ruthless. The whitelions kill 4 squigs, who fail to anything in return. I win combat and the squig unit scatters inflicting wounds on all nearby units. Killing 3 goblins from the lvl 4 shamans unit, 2 squigs and 1 herder from the left herder unit. Kills 2 whitelions and 5 unsuspecting spearmen. The whitelions foulishly overrun, setting themselves up to get flank charged. The trolls once again use their clubs to fight the knights, who again fail to wound, the banner carrier is killed, and the noble is untouched thanks to his armor. He breaks from being outnumbered by fear causers and is not caught.


NG turn 4

The unit of archers is hit by a fanatic, killing 4 and leaving only 3 to hold the left flank. The goblins declared their waaagh! And my whitelions do indeed get flank charged. The trolls fail stupidity and charge the noble, who promptly flees of the board. The remainder of his line holds steady. The hoppers who just overran the RBTs were so far behind enemy lines that they forgot to move this turn.


In the magic phase flames of the phoenix is dispelled and he casts gaze of gork with irresistible force, rolling a 6 for hits but failing to do a single wound. In the shooting phase his short bows do exactly that and come up short.

In combat his nets are flung and my flanked whitelions strike first, each lion pairs of with a hero in his unit. I kill his big boss hero, fail to hit his mage and cleave the champion in two, he strikes back and kills one warrior of chrace. I win combat by one and choose to pursue. In an interesting turn of events he flees through his entire army, (2 units of goblins and the squig herders) and cause the bowmen to panic. I dont catch him but do setup to flank charge his remaining squig herders next turn.


HE turn 5

The whitelions flank charge the squig herders. And the phoenix guard charge the left goblins with hand weapon and shields. These fail their fear test and run. The spearmen reform to face the giant cave squig. And the archers wheel to shoot at one of the fanatics.


My magic is nowhere to be found as both mages charged this turn. Shooting is ineffective.

In combat the whitelions kill 2 squig herders and unleash another squig bomb. This time I loose 2 whitelions, 4 spears, and 2 phoenix guard.

NG turn 5

His lords unit doesnt rally but stays on the board, neither do the archers who run off the board. The goblins who ran from the phoenix guard do rally. The trolls pass their stupidity and secure a table quarter, the goblins on the far right start their long march towards the center of the board. The giant cave squig bounces just short of the spearmen unit. And the hoppers move towards the archers ready to charge the next turn.


Magic and shooting are insignificant.

HE turn 6

The whitelions charge the goblins in front of them, who choose to flee and get away. The spearmen with bsb charge the giant cave squig. And the phoenix guard wheel to face the goblins on the far right flank.


In the magic phase I cast flames of the phoenix on his right goblin unit and kill a whopping 17 of them after saves, the unit flees. The 3 remaining archers shoot at a fanatic that hanging around my semi circle in the center of the board. One hits and doesnt wound.


In the giant cave squig combat the spearmen take two wounds of the squig while the bsb takes one wound off the rider. The squig attacks back and kills 5 spearmen! I end up winnig by one because of my banners and outnumber. He breaks from combat and I catch him with a 4!


NG turn 6

His lord rallies and tries to cast some spells, which I dispel with all my dice and remaining scroll.

The one fanatic I had failed to kill runs into my phoenix guard and causes only one wound, it is saved by the ward save.

The hoppers bounce into the archers and kill all three.


The game ends, victory to the elves.
It was a good game, I was worried early on because of the sheer size of his army. Squigs in all varieties are dangerous and should not be underestimated. The game was won by my lvl 4 mage and flames of the phoenix, I doubt there is a spell better then that one when facing horde armies. The fanatics really got in the way of everything, I would have preferred to play a more aggressive game but it just wasnt possible because of all the fanatics in no mans land. The dragon princes were a huge disappointment, not even killing a single troll in several rounds of combat. Good game overall, I would recommend 2 scrolls over sneaky stealing any day, they really help shut down some of the gamebreaking spells.


24-04-2009, 07:39
Some great reports, I look forward to reading more.

24-04-2009, 14:30
Well done against the goblins!

Gabacho Mk.II
24-04-2009, 16:05
This was a wonderful opponent to game with a much-themed and not OTT armylist.

Quite an interesting battle!

Good job on holding your line and not panicking against all of those gobs.

[High Elves rock!] :D

25-04-2009, 02:33
Yeah my magic and shooting were huge in that game, shooting alot of his hoppers was huge, and flames of the phoenix just ate up his units, in combat i fared less well. Spearmen die in droves. I'll keep playing with them and see whether they are more useful than another unit of archers.

26-04-2009, 18:48
That goblin army looks ace :) Thanks for the reports, too

Gabacho Mk.II
28-04-2009, 16:36
GreenSpeed, [and all other HE generals as well]

I beg you to try gaming with large Spearmen units. The large blocks (especially against Gobs and equivalent 'lesser' opponents) honestly give you more bang-for-the-buck so to speak.

Through my experience (while of course yours might/will be different) I have seen Spearmen in units of 25 or so stand up against many an opponent. The whole dynamic of the game changes when HE armies field large Spearmen units. Honest.

Try it. You might never switch back. :D

Cats Laughing
28-04-2009, 19:06
Last night I had a unit of 20 Seaguard w/full command take down a huge block of Zombies (was 40 at beginning of game still around 25-30 when they got into combat) and followed that up by slaughtering the Vampire and his block of Grave Guard(though admittedly that second slaughter was due to his bad rolls).

They're basically spearelves, since the bows did little.

Gabacho Mk.II
28-04-2009, 19:14
You know, I have yet to have any sort of appreciation for Sea Guard. Honest.

While it is nice to have a unit that can lend some missile fire, the fact that the range is 24" and S3 does little to compel me to field them.

Would a unit of Spearmen have done the same job in the battle you described?

[[I would venture to say yes, and you could have fielded a few more models for the same price.]]

Cats Laughing
28-04-2009, 21:54
Yes and No.

Stand and shoot against three units (raised zombies a turn before the big block) killed a few and generally took off a rank(little, but something, I guess). I suppose I could have fielded more archers with the archers in front of spears, but panic checks have ruined my plans for such configurations before, and I doubt the archers would have had the Lion Banner my Seaguard did.

Still against a different opponent they may have done nothing more than spears.

I just had extra points and no desire to make the gunline longer.

Btw, I normally run spearelf blocks.

30-04-2009, 08:32
I don't think you can use spearmen and seaguard the same way.I normally use sea guard in units of ten and spearmen in units of twenty four. The big spearmen units are briliant anchors for the line and can (usually )deal with most regular rank and file troops.

Seaguard i use for guarding war machines in two ranks and they can be relied on to see off light cavalry and skirmishers far better than archers (2 ranks and LA only.)

I think people try to play LSG as spearmen and as everyone has said 4pts each for 5 s3 bow shots a turn is a waste. If people use them to guard war machines I think they will see a far more positive return.

I suppose it is like everything else in the high elf army, everything has a niche. Problem is finding it.:)

30-04-2009, 09:17
hmm, just a couple question about the battle against the gobs.
I don't quite remember that rule, so, about the white lions flanked by gobbos, is someone allowed to pursue a unit that was attacking on the flank?
Also, why did the other gobs run from failing their fear test against your phoenix guards?
To be honest, the night gob army didn't stand much chance, ASF is the bane of my all gob army, especially squigs with their T3 and no save at all. Anything that gets in melee is chopped down to pieces unless the HE player whiffs all his attacks.
Btw, I'm not surprised at how bad your dragon princes performed. Sure you got quite unlucky, but, from my experience, you'd have most likely lost anyway. River trolls are the best trolls oce in melee, the -1 tyo hit plus 3 wounds plus regeneration, well... let's just say I always thorw them at the toughest enemy cavalry in front, and they win most of the time, even if charged. Though I'm with you, why the heck didn't he use vomit after the first round? it is MADE to attack heavy cavalry unit. His choice of dispells is a bit off too, I think (I don't agree with you about the staff and dispell scrolls, look, how many times did you cast flame of the phoenix? He had the staff of sorcery too it seems, should have helped if he had waited for that spell, which is the one not to let through). What killed him is the two useless big bosses, he'd have one more shaman, he might have locked your magic. Bah, not that it would have changed much anyway, he had little hope once in melee, all gobs is already difficult, but all night goblin?
Though I bow to his dedication, I sincerely hope he doesn't care about losing :)

Cats Laughing
30-04-2009, 21:13
A note on the seaguard.
I was hoping for an opponent deploying on a hill to bring out the (look all my ranks can fire at you) thing, but as my opponent was large infantry block VC, he just ignored the hill in his deployment zone.

Anyway, I started in 2 ranks of 10 to get 10 shots, then shortened to 2 ranks of 8, with a 3rd rank of 4, to make a larger gap for my RBT to target through. I suppose I could have shortened to 3 ranks of 7 (minus 1 in the last rank), but I ended up not bothering.

Against the screening Zombie unit my entire block got to attack, against the smaller frontage units I still had a large number of attacks. I gave up static combat res, but against zombies and the like, that wasn't important.

True, seaguard typically play differently from spears, but can play the same if they have to. You're paying a premium for versatility, but that's not always a bad thing.

I'm not recommending them for hardcore tourney play, but for a friendly league they do well enough it seems. Especially if you're too lazy to alter your list :)

01-05-2009, 01:58
Ive used all three core choices. I like having a unit of archers to take out fast cav and hold flanks, the extra range is usefull for first turn shooting and taking out stuff deployed deep in his deployment zone.

Ive tried units of 10 seaguard, without much success, they usually get spanked in cc, but i can see how they can be usefully, its just use the points not spent on seaguard on upgrading my special choices.

My spearmen always die in droves, even against the golbin boss in the last game, 4 died. Im gonna keep using a unit of archers to cover flanks and one unit of 20 spearmen and see how that goes.

my best use of spear units was units of 15 in a 2 dragon army at 2k, yes i know cheese just wanted to try it out, they charged along with a dragon, adding static combat res to the dragons kills, that worked out really well. So the lesson here might be to use them with another unit to support, such as a chariot.