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21-04-2009, 20:24
I'd heard that Epic Heroes can't join Legendary Formations, b/c they've already got an epic hero. I looked through the rules, but I can't find anything on this... not saying it isn't there, but somehow I must keep missing it as I flip through.

Just wondering if anyone knows where this rule is in the book! Thanks.

21-04-2009, 20:34
All i can say is that i never read or heard of such a rule.

21-04-2009, 20:45
The hero in a legendary formation is NOT an epic hero. They are merely a named captain so as to keep people from taking several formations of them. That's why none of the legendary formation versions of heroes have the same abilities as their epic hero versions (eg. Haldir, Erkenbrand, etc.).

Epic heroes are not limited by what formation they may join as long as there are more 'normal' warriors than epic heroes, and if the formation doesn't have the "We Stand Alone" rule.

Nu Fenix
21-04-2009, 20:45

Whoever you heard this from has their facts mixed up.

21-04-2009, 20:50
Well, that's a relief. No wonder I couldn't find it.


Guardian of the Rage
24-04-2009, 12:37
In some senses such a rule would make no sense in the context of Aragorn and and the grey company. One of the Banner of the King rules specifically applies only when Aragorn (an epic hero) joins the Grey company (a legendary formation). would be a little odd other wise.