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21-04-2009, 21:28
Chronicles of Fillyerboots Boulderchow (Ogre Batreps)

Fillyerboots Boulderchow was smart, for an ogre. He knew the boys of the Mawcrag tribe were restless, and as any tyrant knows there is little worse than a band of ogres with nothing to do. He was also aware that their lack of activity was providing ammunition for his many detractors.

The problem was, the Mawcrag tribe were isolated, even for ogres. Their particular choice of home, high in the Iron Crag mountains, meant they had to travel some distance for their periodic food raids on other, smaller denizens. But this winter had been particularly hard, and although the bulls didn’t really feel the cold, they could do nothing about the avalanches that had blocked their regular hunting routes.

Fill, as the few ogres he could call ‘pals’ called him, was stuck. ‘Wot we need is a gud fite, not a particularly ard one neeva,’ he bellowed at his third favourite gnoblar.

But where to find it? He knew the three maneaters he’d managed to coax into the tribe, with the promise of riches and the finest human thigh meat, wouldn’t hang around long if things didn’t buck up.

But then, as things do in the Warhammer World, chance smiled on the foul smelling tribe.

A lone warrior, armed to the teeth and riding a monstrous horse, rode into the camp and hurled an object at Fill’s giant tent in the centre.

The object struck the ice hardened floor, bounced a couple of times and rolled through the flap at the front, before coming to rest at the tyrant’s feet.

It was an ogre bull’s head. Bileguts’ head to be exact, and he was supposed to be on watch duty – as if ogres needed to keep watch.

‘You have until morning to surrender, or we raze this pathetic excuse for a camp,’ the knight shouted, before galloping past stunned gnoblars hauling a huge cauldron for the mid-morning feast.

It was what he had been waiting for, but Fill, who was just a bully at heart, knew it wouldn’t be easy against those chaos blokes.

But he couldn’t back down either, or Two Bellies would be stomping into his tent to call him out. So be it then.

‘Mawcrag! Feeding time!’

Ok, this is my first game of Warhammer for probably 18 months after a new job took me out of range of a club for a while.

I am pretty rusty, as this report will no doubt show, and I’ve had just a handful of games with the ogres, so forgive any mistakes I make.
It’s a 2k game, against a very good player, and it was certainly entertaining fare. Hope you enjoy, any comments welcome.

Apologies but I didn’t take any pics – far too rusty for all that.

The board was a 6x4, with from my viewpoint a small hill in the rough centre of both deployment zones. On my side, there were 2 small ponds side by side half way between the two armies and around 8” from the left edge.

There was also a small wood in the left of my opponent’s deployment as I looked at it. On the right there was a wood, around 10” from the right edge in the centre of the armies, with another wood parallel but closer to my opponent – creating a bottleneck between the two on the right.

Sorry if that’s a bit confusing, but hopefully I can explain it better during the battle.

I won the roll and deployed as follows (L to R): Maneaters (Butcher), Bulls (3) (Butcher), Ironguts (4)(Tyrant), Ironguts(3) (Butcher), Bulls(4), Bulls(3) and the trappers in the wood on the right closest to me.

Opponent deployed (L to R): 5 Chosen (MoK), in front of which 5 Warhounds, Chosen (MoS)(Lord), Marauders(MoS)(Slan Sorceror), Marauders(MoS)(Nurgle Sorceror), Warhounds in front, Scyla, Marauder horse, Knights

I won the roll off and chose to go first.

Ogre army:

Tyrant: Tenderiser, Gnoblar Thiefstone, Fistful of Laurels – 286
Butcher: Dispel Scroll, Bangstick- 190
Butcher: Power Stone, Halfling Cookbook – 190
Butcher: Bloodcleaver, Dispel Scroll – 190

3 Bulls: Bellower, Xtra hand weapon – 127
3 Bulls: Bellower, Xtra hand weapon – 127
4 Bulls: Bellower, Xtra hand weapon – 127
3 Ironguts: Gutlord, Bellower – 174
4 Ironguts: Gutlord, Bellower, Standard – 242
8 Gnoblar Trappers – 48

3 Maneaters – Brace of Handguns (1) – 258

WoC army:

Lord: Shield, The Father of Blades, Armour of Damnation, Mark of Slaanesh – 310
Sorceror: Level 2, Mark of Slaanesh, Dispel Scroll, Third Eye of Tzeentch – 190 (Lash, Titillations)
Sorceror: Level 2, Mark of Nurgle, Dispel Scroll, ? (Buboes, ?) – 150?

20 Marauders: Musician, Mark of Slaanesh, Light Armour, Shields – 140
20 Marauders: Musician, Mark of Slaanesh, Light Armour, Shields – 140
5 Chaos Warhounds -30
5 Chaos Warhounds – 30
5 Marauder Horsemen: Throwing Axes – 81
5 Chaos Knights: Mark of Nurgle, Standard, Champion, Musician, Banner of Rage – 315
15 Chosen : Mark of Slaanesh, Banner of Wrath – 390
5 Chosen: Mark of Khorne – 125
Scyla Anfinngrim – 105

Ogre Turn 1
Everything in the ogres, barring the gnoblars, advanced forward at least 10”. The unit of 3 bulls on the right moved to the right edge of the wood containing the gnoblars, the unit of 4 bulls moving around to the left.

The two irongut units in the centre advanced forward, wary of the threat of the chosen and Scyla. The unit of three bulls with butcher on the left moved alongside the pond. The maneaters moved into the pond.

Magic: Braingobbla panics the warhounds in the centre, but they pass the test with the reroll. Bonecruncher kills 1 warhound, without wounding the butcher. Second bonecruncher kills two from the 5-strong unit of Chosen on the left, causing a wound to the butcher.

Shooting: None!
Combat: None!

WoC Turn 1
The knights move their full move, throwing in a couple of wheels for good measure to line up in the gap between the woods on the right.

The marauder horse move as far as they can into the wood, and now within 2” of my trappers. The 2 marauder blocks shuffle backwards, the warhounds move forwards and Scyla moves at a 90 degree angle along the deployment line in front of the chosen.

The 4 warhounds on the left, along with the now 3-strong chosen, advance towards the pond. The chosen stay where they are.

Magic – Buboes takes a wound off the Butcher on the right (3 left)

Shooting – Marauder horse kill 2 gnoblars, they run away.

Combat: None!

Ogre Turn 2
All units shuffle backwards, apart from the 3-strong bulls on the right, who move partially into the wood, but within 8” of the marauder horsemen.

The butcher on the left leaves the maneaters. Gnoblars rally – hurray!

Magic: Trollguts general unit wounds butcher centre. Bonecruncher 1 fails to kill any of the lord’s unit of chosen, bonecruncha 2 kills a knight and bonecruncher 3 scores 12 hits on the knights with irrestible force, but fails to wound any (curses!). Butcher on the left suffered a wound from bonecruncha (3 left).

Shooting: Maneaters kill 3 hounds, hold on general’s leadership.

Combat: None

Chaos Turn 2
Knights charge ironguts with butcher, who flee, get away and panic the 4-strong bulls on the right. Scyla charges the bulls with butcher, but is just short.

Marauders and chosen move forward, along with centre hounds. Remaining hound on left hides away. Marauder horse stumble through wood.

Magic – buboes wound butcher right (2 left), Tzeentch magic item uses braingobbla three times but is dispelled twice and with a scroll third time.

Shooting – none.

Combat: none

Ogre Turn 3
Units shuffle back again. Ironguts with butcher rally, bulls (4) rally. Bulls (3) on right move through wood 1” from marauder horse. Gnoblars move up towards knights.

Magic – Bonecrunch knights, scrolled, bonecrunch again miscast and lose spell from the game (crucial :(). Bangstick kills 1 chosen from lord unit.

Shooting – Gnoblars fail to wound knights, maneaters wipe out 5-strong chosen unit.

Combat – none

Chaos Turn 3
Chosen move up off hill, knights charge bulls (4) who flee and get away, warhounds and marauders advance again, marauder horse wiggle forward a little bit.

Scyla charges bulls with butcher on left.

Magic – buboes is scrolled on right butcher, lash and trollguts dispelled.

Shooting – marauders kill 2 gnoblars, who run away again :)

Combat: Scyla challenge, 2 wounds to butcher. Ogres hold

Ogre Turn 4
Butcher ironguts charge knights in flank, but I am told they can’t because they can’t get full rank in so they would clip the warhounds who inevitably flee :(

Ogres (3) on right move behind marauders. Gnoblars run off board and bulls (4) rally with bellower.

Magic – Butcher in combat with Scyla successful Bloodgruel (2 left). Trollguts miscast on centre butcher, D3 wounds and he dies (must have taken another wound from trollguts somewhere, can’t remember).

Butcher left trollguts and toothcracks tyrant unit.

Shooting – Maneaters kill 2 marauders.

Combat – Scyla causes 1 wound on butcher. Ogres hold.

Chaos Turn 4
Chosen charge into Scyla combat. Marauders advance with warhounds again.

Knights charge bulls (4), who hold or run off board. Marauder horse move forward a little again.

Magic – Braingobbla dispelled twice, third time pass panic. Buboes wounds butcher left, trollguts and toothcrack dispelled.

Shooting – none

Combat: Scyla kills butcher middle, chosen kill another ogre and unit flees and is cut down by Scyla.

Chosen overrun into ironguts and tyrant, at which I am rubbing my hands. Knights destroy bulls and overrun to board edge.

Ogre Turn 5
Ironguts with butcher charge marauder horse, who have to hold or get wiped out through bulls (3) on right. Maneaters and butcher move up left.

Magic – trollguts and toothcracka tyrant unit. Bangstick on warhounds dispelled. Butcher unit on right trollguts and toothcracka.

Shooting – none.

Combat: Lord challenges, accepted by tyrant. Lord does 2 wounds, tyrant kills lord with max overkill (mmm tender).
Chosen kill 1 irongut, ironguts kill 4 chosen – they break and are wiped out with a standard captured.
Butcher ironguts kills 4 marauders with bull charge and pick of survivor in combat and overrun.

Chaos Turn 5
Knights turn around and move up to butcher unit. Marauders move away from tyrant unit Warhounds move to be a nuisance.

Magic – dispelled trollguts and toothcracka on both units.

Shooting – none

Combat – none

Ogre Turn 6
Tyrant shuffles back, butcher moves for LOS on warhounds and ironguts with tryrant. Bulls right try to get away from ironguts with butcher who are looking doomed. They turn around to face knights.

Magic – Butcher right panicks warhounds who pass with reroll. Butcher left bangsticks them and wipes them out. Trollguts general, but dispelled.

Shooting: Maneaters kill 2 marauders.

Combat: None

Chaos Turn 6
Knights charge ironguts. Hold. Shuffles from the marauders.

Magic – Butchers right have benefits dispelled.

Shooting – none

Combat: Knights gut ironguts and butcher and overrun into bulls (3), who pass panic.

And there we have it. Final result was a hard-fought draw, which was a lot better than I expected.

My experiment with three butchers seemed to work ok, barring the 2 miscasts ;), and their ability to cast trollguts (love Halfling cookbook) and toothcracka was key to my success.

The failed charge on the knights irked a little, but my units were far too close together as a result of me being so rusty. There were a couple of times my deployment/movement let me down so that will have to be worked on.

Hanging back seemed like it worked. If I had got a little more luck, and no miscasts, the knights would surely have been doomed and saved me a unit of 4 bulls and 3 ironguts with butcher. I was able to get rid of Scyla and the lord’s chosen because my opponent expected me to pile in to his line – so that worked out ok.

Loved the tyrant. I’m normally an Empire player, so the thought of chucking my general into combat fills me with dread, but he’s a monster – especially when WoC characters have to challenge. I hate armour of damnation, and that father of blades would have been horrific – if I’d rolled a one!!

Man of the match goes to Fillyerboots – single-handedly pounding 400+ VPs of stuff and giving me a chance of a win.

Final VPs were: Ogres – 1256
WoC – 1038

Very enjoyable game and great to be back after so long. My next opponent is going to be dwarves, so will try a report with hopefully pics then. Thanks for reading. :)

22-04-2009, 02:24
Interesting battle. Nice report. Pictures are always an added bonus.

I have been toying with making an ogre army as I have a boatload of old ogre models and a few leadbelchers that I have picked up as Dogs of War. It is nice to see an ogre battle report to see what other people are doing with them.

Gabacho Mk.II
22-04-2009, 03:36
Very nice! :evilgrin:

Good job and a great report!

Dwarfs next, huh?

Take lots of beard-shaving implements. You know, just in case. :D

22-04-2009, 13:16
That was a good match up and even though it came down to a tie it's nice to see it in the ogre's favour :)

22-04-2009, 16:22
Great report! Sounds like you get a teensy bit lucky killing the Chaos Lord though- re-rolling hits and 1s hitting yourself, you were lucky not to just kill your own Tyrant!!

22-04-2009, 17:26
cool report! Ogre reports are rare, why not turn this into you very own ogre batrep page!

22-04-2009, 18:00
Thanks for all the comments so far, much appreciated. I really enjoyed the battle and doing the report, so I think I will take you up on the idea of making this my own ogre batrep page :)

For the next one, I'm hoping to take my digicam along to get some snaps. Sadly I haven't painted a single ogre yet, but it'll give me some incentive at least.

As for getting lucky with the Chaos Lord - yes, you could say that. I was sweating a little when he explained what the items did. That said - thanks to trollguts and toothcracka, he was S8, T6, regen, so I'd still fancy his chances.

I do hate armour of damnation though.
Does anyone have a url/tip for a map making tool?

22-04-2009, 19:48
I don't get why you couldn't charge? Did you hit the hounds first?

23-04-2009, 00:32
That said - thanks to trollguts and toothcracka, he was S8, T6, regen, so I'd still fancy his chances.

Hold on... you had two (Possibly even three if your Tyrant was somehow S8) Gut Magic spells on your Tyrant? Not actually allowed. You did say you were rusty, shame it was such a massive game-winning mistake you made :(

Mind you it sounds like your opponent was making some weird mistakes too, casting Braingobbler multiple times per turn? Blech.

24-04-2009, 10:41
My opponent explained I couldn't charge because although the unit could see his knights, and it was in the their charge arc, I could only get one irongut in contact.

To get the full rank of ogres, I would have to go through the hounds, so he said I clipped them.

As for the gut magic, yes that is a particularly large error :eek:

I hope it didn't affect the outcome too much. He didn't cast spells at the unit because of its magic resistance and the combat they were in was over so quickly and I don't think would have affected his dice (as I recall, his lord rolled a few 1s in the challenge anyway).

I think he felt he 'stole' my magic with the Tzeentch item, and because I can cast it multiple times he can too. Not sure on that.

24-04-2009, 15:43
If you can get 1 guy in contact, you can fight... unless the hounds were out in front and you hit them first.

If you can clip a unit you just shuffle the attacker over so they are base to bases with as many models in contact in possible. It's not specifically in the rules but even GW says you should be doing this out of sportsmanship and to make the game smoother and more realistic.

If you could move forward without hitting another unit and clip them, then you could easily move over and fight. Sounds like he didn't want the impact hits!

24-04-2009, 16:35
nice enough rep, and will get even better with pics I'm sure. Next time without the rusty magic errors ;) one gut-enhancement per unit.
Lucky on the duel, but I agree the Tyrant is great fun.

25-04-2009, 15:09
I think he felt he 'stole' my magic with the Tzeentch item, and because I can cast it multiple times he can too. Not sure on that.
A single butcher actually can't spam-cast the same spell over and over, so neither would he be able to when he nabbed it from you ...

Pity about the mishaps, but those will just get ironed out in practice. Props on the draw (shoulda had those knights though!), and well tenderized with those chosen!

- Salvage

26-04-2009, 12:31
Good to see another Ogre Player. Will be watching this thread.

26-04-2009, 22:52
lol @ third favorite gnoblar.

nice report. I got a little lost with a lot of the running away and what not as to who was where, but the details of the charges and stuff cleared it up nicely.

one of the hardest things about an ogre army is they just get in eachothers way sometimes. i know we always say "just double charge or front and side charge with em" to win, but to get that to happen, especially around terrain is harder than it seems.

poor luck on your butchers it seemed! but i've never seen them actually do a lot anyway. :)

27-04-2009, 01:16
Heya nice report and don't worry about ogre magic hi jinx, you'll not be the first person to get it wrong :) Keep up the rep's

29-04-2009, 21:09
Sounds like a really close game with lots of CC madness!
I've never played against Ogres with my WoC, but it seems the two armies are very, er, compatable against each other.

04-05-2009, 17:56
Well, Fillyerboots Boulderchow, as he is now known, will be facing off against dwarfs in just under a week's time - so I thought I would post my list in advance.

I'm going to continue with the three butcher experiment for this battle, but there are a couple of tweaks to the previous line up. As always, comments appreciated!

Tyrant: Tenderiser, Kineater, Fistful of Laurels
Butcher: Bangstick, Power Stone
Butcher: Halfling Cookbook, Power Stone
Butcher: Skullmantle, Power Stone

3 Bulls: Bellower, X Hand Weapon
3 Bulls: Bellower, X Hand Weapon
4 Bulls: Bellower, X Hand Weapon
3 Ironguts: Gutlord, Bellower
4 Ironguts: Gutlord, Bellower, Standard, Warbanner
20 Gnoblar Fighters



Now my (other) army is Empire, and dwarfs have never really bothered me too much before. This time, it's going to be a different story though. I'm fairly worried that the shooting phase could decimate my poor ogres, and with their low(ish) leadership could have them running before they can get across the board, hence the Kineater.

I've had a little flick through the dwarf book, and my previous confidence with my tyrant facing up against a dwarf lord has diminished a little, so I'm hoping to avoid the little fella until the last turn or so, whilst pelting his bodyguard with bonecruncha spells.

I have no idea what my opponent will take, which makes the battle all the more fun :)

Of course, generally my tactics go out of the window as soon as I start, but I'm not entirely sure what to do with the gnoblar. I was tempted to screen the 2 units of ironguts with them, but don't fancy bickering stalling my best units from closing with the dwarfs, not to mention they don't move fast enough!

Anyway, I will be taking my digicam with me this time and am hoping to have a go with a deployment map etc. Fingers crossed for another decent performance!!

04-05-2009, 18:05
Good luck, are 3 butchers good vs dwarfs then? Also isnt your W/L record better than it is in your sig :)

Entreri Bloodletter
06-05-2009, 01:35
Nice report, one thing I'd like to add is that I think you were ok with your tyrant being S8. Normally he is S5 the spell would bring it to S6 and the tenderiser would bring it to S8 as I believe it also counts a GW. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you were ok in that instance.

Looking forward to the dwarf battle rep

06-05-2009, 09:47
No idea if three butchers are any good against dwarfs, but I took them in the first battle as an experiment (I have used 1 or 2 previously), so thought I would continue with them in this second battle.

As regards the S8 question - he would have been S8 with a successful bullgorger spell, but the problem was he had trollguts cast on his unit already and you can't have two gut magic spells on one unit. It was a bad error on my part, I would have kept trollguts against the chosen and lord.

07-05-2009, 11:23
Nice battle report, well done on your part. :) Game sounds like it was a fun one to play.

13-05-2009, 12:30
Splatkins and Weevil were happy, in a way.

Of course, gnoblars are never really that happy, as they are only the length of a bull’s arm from being the next meal. But as gnoblars go, these two were pretty happy.

In keeping with one of the Mawcrag tribe’s more irritating rituals, if you were short of 3’ tall and green that is, Fillyerboots in a fit of boredom had decreed that the traditional run the gorger gauntlet game should be played.

Not one for the more subtle of life’s pleasures, the run the gorger gauntlet game was exactly as it sounds. A handful (mouthful?) of gnoblars were selected, generally without willing participation, and bets were placed on which, if any, would survive the subterranean cave run. They were then lobbed into the underground caverns, and attempted to get out as soon as they could, before the tribe’s two gorgers got hold of them.

Problem was, gnoblars are even more cowardly than ogres, and the gorgers were always hungry. Bobsit, their former comrade-in-arms, had already stumbled down the wrong tunnel and the two diminutive greenskins didn’t need to hang around for the shrieks and hideous bone crunching noises to know what had happened to him.

So when they stumbled through a previously unseen gap in the cavern wall whilst in headlong flight, then plummeted down a pitch black sinkhole into a rough-hewn but widely spaced tunnel, it took them some time to come to terms with where they were.

For months, or at least the last couple they could remember, members of the Mawcrag tribe had been talking about the dwarf outpost 2 days journey from their hovel.

The snows had been fierce thought that winter, and so tyrant Fillyerboots Boulderchow had put off venturing to stock up the larder with bearded stunties until it got a bit warmer.

By the time Splatkins and Weevil extricated themselves from the permanent gloom of the subterranean caverns, the rest of the ogres had got bored of the game and started another barbecue.

But for a brief moment, the pair were the centre of attention as they described the underground route they had discovered. So excited was Fillyerboots, he forgot to eat Splatkins and instead used him as an unfortunate napkin to wipe his filthy maw.

In typical ogrish haste, where food is concerned, the tribe was mustered for war and the two smug gnoblars attempted to lead Mawcrag to the tunnel.

Unfortunately they couldn’t find the sinkhole again, but after Weevil was booted so hard by one of the tribe butchers his head fell off, Splatkins suddenly remembered the right way. A couple of hard blows with irongut clubs later, and the way was clear for the rotund party to advance.

A lumbering behemoth of lard and muscle therefore found its way along the dwarf-made tunnel for several hours, and several tea breaks, before they emerged into the bowels of the dwarf keep.

‘Fer Maw’s sake, where ar da stunty hairies!’ bellowed Fill.

Mawcrag had come expecting a fight, you always got that from the dwarfs, but the keep was deserted. Even the decorations had gone, with the denizens leaving just engraved doorways, vast murals etched into stonework, and dust.

The gnoblar fighters had been through the keep three times, but found no trace of life. All they had found was a wide bowl cut out of the mountains, with enough room to swing three rhinoxes tied together.

There was no buildings in the bowl, just rock floor and walls and the clear sky above. Not even a dwarf sigil or rune to be seen. This was weird.

For the fourth time, Fill stomped his massive girth into the centre of the hollow and bellowed in frustration. He was good at bellowing, and always made sure to put all his belly behind every one.

It was during a particularly ear-splitting rendition that the giant frog visage first appeared. For this reason, Fill didn’t see it, or hear it, for several seconds until the gnoblars’ excited chattering eventually roused his interest.

At first the giant frog, which shimmered in the air, just sat there.
Fill was about to go and smack it with his massive club, but the creature began to speak.

‘Begone, foul one. You are not welcome here,’ it said.

‘Yer wat?’ said the tyrant.

‘You have 16 part cycles of the third lunar trajectory to remove your foul presence from this place, or you will be wiped from the face of the earth.’

The tyrant was a little taken aback, as far as a 950lbs lump of gristle, fat and encrusted dirt can be taken aback, and he simply stared back.

‘As you wish, foolish one.’ The lizard glowed, then faded. One of the butchers coughed quietly.

‘Wat da?’, started Fill, as a host of scaled creatures shimmered into existence on the other side of the hollow. He was dense, but it didn’t take a high elf mage from saphery to work out Mawcrag were under attack.

Right, here is the second battle report of the Mawcrag tribe, led by none other than tyrant Fillyerboots Boulderchow.

For those who read the first, I was meant to be playing a dwarf army, hence the early part of the fluff, but due to a double booking I ended up playing lizards instead!!

It was a very entertaining game, as I hope you’ll agree, and gave me my first glimpse at the new scaly ones.

Ogre Army

Tyrant: Heavy Armour, Siegebreaker, Gnoblar Thiefstone, Fistful of Laurels, Beastkiller
Butcher: 2 tooth gnoblars, Bangstick, Powerstone
Butcher: 2 tooth gnoblars, Dispel Scroll, Halfling Cookbook
Butcher: 2 tooth gnoblars, Dispel Scroll, Skullmantle
3 Bulls: Xtra hand weapon, bellower
3 Bulls: Xtra hand weapon, bellower
4 Bulls: Crusher, xtra hand weapon, bellower
20 Gnoblar Fighters
3 Ironguts: Gutlord, bellower
4 Ironguts: Gutlord, bellower, standard, bull standard
Gnoblar Scraplauncher
2 Leadbelchers: bellower

Lizard Army

Oldblood: Light Armour, Shield, Carnosaur, Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent, Carnosaur Pendant, Glyph Necklace
Scar Vet: Light Armour, Sword of the Hornet, Enchanted Shield
Skink Priest: Level 2, Ancient Stegadon with Engine of the Gods, Diadem of Power, Dispel Scroll
Skink Priest: Level 2, Itzi Grubs, Dispel Scroll
23 Saurus Warriors: Musician, Standard, Champion
16 Skinks: 2 Krox, champion
12 Skink skirmishers
12 Skink skirmishers
1 Salamander hunting pack: Extra handler
1 Razordon hunting pack: Extra handler

Both priests had heavens, with one getting forked lightning and portent, the other portent and celestial shield.

Quite a nice lizzie army, nothing to nasty for my first try against them, as this was a pick up game.

Initial strategy saw me put the ironguts with tyrant near the stegadon and saurus, hoping for some beastkiller action.

I wasn’t too sure how I was going to deal with the carnosaur, but was banking on some bonecruncha action to knock off some wounds before he got into combat.
I won the roll to chose sides. Deployment went something like this:


The ogres also won the roll off to go first, but let the lizards advance as they had surprised us in the fluff.

Lizard Turn 1

Move: With much guttural croaking and the odd roar from the carnosaur and salamander, the Lizardmen army advanced as one.

On the left (from my view) the stegadon kept pace with the saurus block, screened by skink skirmishers in a line. In the centre was the salamander, with the skink/krox block on their right, and screened by a skink skirmish unit.

On the right was the razordon, with the carnosaur also in the centre and the skink priest lurking in a pond on the right side of his deployment zone. The skink priest hid in the pond, and did so for the whole of the battle so I won’t mention him again.

Magic: In the magic phase, the Engine uses its ability to make all heavens spells -1 to cast. Forked lightning is the only spell that goes off, killing a single gnoblar.

Shooting: None

Combat: None

Ogre Turn 1

Move: With a throaty roar of its own, the scraplauncher pounds forward and smashes into the skink skirmish unit in front of the EOG and saurus block, much to Fillyerboots’ consternation. I’d misjudged the range, and he was just in so no killing blow large templates for me.:(

The 3-strong bull unit on the left uses it’s full move to go between two woods and wheel towards the EOG. The bull (3) on the right moves up towards the razordon.

The gnoblars don’t bicker, and leg it forwards, followed behind by the tyrant ironguts and the butcher ironguts.

The 4-strong bull unit moves forwards behind these units. Both lone butchers move to get LOS for their spells. Finally the leadbelchers inch forwards to bring their guns to bear on the skink screen.

Magic: I bonecrunch the carnosaur, which is let through and causes 1 wound to the carno and 1 to the oldblood. An attempt at the same spell by another butcher is scrolled.

Then I try a sneaky braingobbla on the skink screen on the right with the skullmantle butcher, but they refuse to panic on a 7.

Shooting: With a deafening boom the leadbelchers unleash a salvo of scrap weapons, killing a whopping 2 skinks, but also causing 2 wounds to themself.

Combat: The skinks stand and shoot, but despite 24 shots only cause three wounds to the scraplauncher. A combination of impact hits, gnoblar crew and a hungry rhinox kills 7, and with no attacks back the skinks break and flee clear. The scraplauncher pursues into the EOG...

Lizard Turn 2

Move: The saurus block declare a charge into the flank of the scraplauncher, but fail their fear test. The salamander, skink/krox block and razordon advance forwards.

The skink skirmishers on the right move towards the leadbelchers and bulls. The carnosaur pounds forward between the woods on my right, to threaten the butcher on his own. The mauled skink skirmish unit on the left rallies.

Magic: Burning Alignment destroys the scraplauncher, before it can get its impact hits on the EOG. Forked lightning is cast on the 3-strong bulls on the left, but I scroll it.

Shooting: Skinks on the right open fire on the leadbelchers, causing three wounds and making the fat critter flee.

The salamander crisps 2 gnoblars, and causes a wound on one of the tyrant’s ironguts. The razordon causes one wound on the bulls on the right.

Combat: None

Ogre Turn 2

Move: With uncharacteristic agility for a fat lad, the butcher dances around the carnosaur and ends up right behind it.

The gnoblars advance forwards again, now within range of the saurus. The bulls on the right move to get a charge on the razordon or skinks, the other butcher moves up for LOS on the carnosaur.

Fill’s unit moves forward to line up a charge on the EOG or saurus, with the 4-strong bulls and other ironguts moving out of LOS of the carnosaur.

The third butcher leaves the unit to pester the skink/krox block. Finally the bulls on the left move to the flank of the EOG. The leadbelcher runs off the board.

Magic: I cast bonecrunch, which is scrolled. A second casting by the butcher in the centre kills 2 saurus, and wounds the butcher.

I again attempt braingobbla, this time on the carnosaur with the skullmantle, but he passes on three dice (would have fled through my units). Another butcher cheekily causes the salamander to flee with a braingobbla.

Shooting: The gnoblars pelt the saurus, but fail to hurt any of them.

Lizard Turn 3

Move: The skink/krox block advances to threaten the gnoblars, the skink skirmishers move into the woods to threaten my butcher/ironguts.

The EOG and saurus shuffle, with what’s left of the skink skirmish on the left moving to threaten my 3-strong bulls on the left flank.

The salamander rallies, with the razordon protecting the flank of the skink/krox unit. The carnosaur moves behind my lines, angling a charge on one of the roaming butchers.

Magic: Forked lightning kills a bull on the left flank, but Celestial Shield is failed to cast. Bulls pass panic.

Shooting: A hail of darts causes a single wound on the butcher, thanks to his immunity to poison. The skink skirmishes kill a bull on the left, and the crew of the EOG finish off the other.

Combat: None

Ogre Turn 3

Tyrant block and 4-strong bulls advance, again behind gnoblars who refuse to bicker.

The butcher threatened by the carno rejoins the ironguts and they reform to face the gribbler. The bulls on the right move up to the razordon. The remaining two butchers shuffle about for LOS.

Magic: Not much gets through, apart from trollguts on the irongut unit threatened by the carno. Thankfully the Halfling cookbook prevents a wound.

Shooting: The gnoblars throw everything at the salamander, but kill a single crewman.

Combat: None – but it is coming honest!

Lizard Turn 4

The Carnosaur charges the butcher ironguts, who pass their fear test. The Krox block and Saurus both charge the gnoblars, who flee clear.

The salamander moves up again. The remaining units stay where they are.

Magic: Forked lightning is dispelled with my second scroll. Celestial shield is not cast.

Shooting: The 10 skinks lurking in the woods kills 2 of the 4-strong bull unit in an impressive display of marksmanship. They pass panic.

Combat: My gutlord issues a challenge, which the oldblood has to accept. The carno/oldblood cause just 2 wounds, thanks to trollguts, with the gutlord inflicting one of the carno and the ogres win by one thanks to the bellower. Sadly for me the oldblood holds.:)

Ogre Turn 4

Move: The 3-strong bulls on the right charge the razordon, and are too close for a bull charge or stand and shoot.

The tyrant and henchmen and remainder of the 4-strong bull unit now move forward again to threaten the saurus/EOG. Butchers wobble about to get LOS on the skink/krox and salamander. The gnoblars rally!

Magic: I successfully bangstick the skinks in the wood, killing four, and the flee through my bulls and are destroyed. All other spells fail, sadly.

Shooting: None

Combat: The bulls on the right kill all four handlers and wound the razordon, who causes two wounds in reply killing a single bull. They break, flee clear, but can’t rally now anyway.

In the challenge, the impudent gutlord is finally killed, but his unit holds.:cool:

Lizard Turn 5

The skink/krox unit charges the ironguts in combat with the carnosaur in the flank.

The EOG moves behind the saurus, who shuffle. The skink skirmish advances to shoot at the bulls on the right.

Magic: Forked lightning is dispelled. My trollguts is dispelled.

Shooting: The salamander only rolls a 2, and his shot is just short. The skinks kill one bull on the right, and he flees.

Combat: Butcher challenges, and is killed with max overkill. The krox unit causes four wounds and the unit breaks and is cut down by the carnosaur. He pursues into the gnoblars, who miraculously hold, with the krox unit close behind.:(

Ogre 5

Move: With a deafening roar, Fillyerboots charges into the saurus, and is just in range. The remaining 2 of the four-strong bull unit charge the skinks.:)

The lone bull on the right rallies. My butchers move for LOS on the krox/skink block.

Magic: Nothing much to target, but the butchers kill some skinks from the krox/skink block with a bonecruncha or two.

Shooting: None

Combat: The gnoblars are beaten and cut to pieces.

Now for the big one. The tyrant unit kills two with the bull charge, with me forgetting to reroll with the bull standard.

Then I challenge, with the scar vet accepting. He has ASF, but causes one wound, and is gut down by the hulking irongut. The tyrant and his cronies then pulverise another 8 saurus, who break, flee clear through the EOG, and I smash into its flank. Standard captured.:)

And there we ran out of time. Gutted really, but it was largely due to me taking a while manoeuvring my ogres out of the way of that carnosaur.

Final victory points: Ogres – 841
Lizardmen – 880

To be honest, if we’d had a sixth turn, that EOG was mine, and I would have had a chance of at least knocking the carnosaur below half wounds for some extra VPs, or pound the krox unit some more.

That would have been enough for a win, as the lizards had nothing left to charge, but oh well.

Made a mistake with the scraplauncher, so never got to fire it, but other than that the battle went reasonably well, with my movement of units much better than last game.

The three butcher list worked well again, so will warrant further use, and that tyrant unit was brutal when it finally got the charge in.

Still, unbeaten in 2 with my ogres isn’t too bad and a very entertaining game all round. Hopefully I will be having another battle in a couple of weeks, so will post another report then.

Thanks for reading.

13-05-2009, 21:26
Congrats on the result, any draw with ogres is a moral victory :D

14-05-2009, 09:25
Nice one! Shame you never got to roll the dice to obliterate the Engine, especially with Beastkiller and Siegebreaker (Do those two effects stack? I dunno)...

14-05-2009, 11:28
I think they do stack.

Siegebreaker makes him S8 and hit against opponents initiative. Beastkiller makes him immune to psychology and causes double wounds against large targets - I don't think there would be a clash there, so I was very confident of gutting the big critter.

Still, as much my fault for running out of time - I'm still a little rusty at the moment.

15-05-2009, 08:33

Good to see some more ogres players on the boards here. Glad to see the battles going well for you.

Just thought I would drop a quick note about beastkiller. It only works with a mundane weapon. The bonus doesn't stack with a magical weapon. You can take a normal great weapon and then get some armor for the tyrant if you like the beastkiller. You will lose 1 Str but gain some defense. I hope this helps. May the Great Maw open, and devour your enemies.

15-05-2009, 08:57
My consolations on not being able to smash up the EoG!

That said, I'm surprised your list didn't contain any Trappers - seems like they would have been useful here.

Good to see that the Leadbelchers were just as useful as they always are! ;)

For the Dwarfs, my advice in list-building is this: Lots of Trappers and Gorgers. I would also recommend a unit of Yhetees, or even a Hunter with Cats - anything with high Movement.

For your magic against Dwarfs, I'd take a good look at what you're getting out of it. You've got a magic-heavy build there (520 points - more than a quarter of your army), in an environment where it may not do as much as usual, especially if he's got a few dispelling runes. If you just dropped your Butchers you'd lose Gut Magic, sure, but that's 5 more units of Bulls to throw against the gunline. Just something to consider.

Of course, that's list-tailouring, which you might be opposed to.

16-05-2009, 03:16
Nice report

20-05-2009, 16:44
Well, my next game will see me up against an Empire army.

Again, no idea what he will be taking, but as my other army is an Empire army I am reasonably hopeful of a decent battle.

Will post the lists and battle report after the game.

20-05-2009, 16:49
Way to go on the draw/win. Too bad you couldn't get that last turn in... really sucks when you should have won (or had a good chance to) but you run out of time and have to call it.

Hope it goes well against empire.

23-05-2009, 20:20
Nice report. Another win to the underdogs. OK are different from most others and it is good to see them succeed now and then. WoC should swap marauders for horsemen or something with more potential.

14-06-2009, 00:10
Well, after an enforced hiatus I am finally getting my third game of the year with ogres tomorrow.

It's going to be against another WoC army, although a different player, at 2k again. Will post a battle report afterwards. :)

14-06-2009, 16:14
Spring time for the Mawcrag tribe was a very similar story to the rest of the year. The only difference was the thaw would be well underway, allowing the snowbound ogres to venture out of their mountain dwelling in search of plunder and food.

Fillyerboots had given the last two raiding parties a miss, generally because he was a lazy so and so, and also because he’d just got himself his third new female ogre that month.

She was a little bit bossy, and made his life a misery if he went out too often and for too long.

Anyway, after the missus had thrown the toys out of the pram, or actually his pet rhinox cub in this case, he had stormed out bellowing the tribe to rouse up a raiding party. And so Mawcrag had stomped their fat way into the lowlands in search of something to hit, and later cook and eat.

The gnoblar trappers hadn’t taken long to discover the trail of the stinking Stonebelly tribe, but Fillyerboots didn’t fancy a showdown with another ogre tyrant yet. He was, after all, a coward.

But after 3 days of stamping around in a foul mood, the diminutive greenskin scouts had stumbled upon an encampment of northmen.

Fresh from their embarrassing inability to bash the last lot of northmen they came across, the tyrant wasted no time in ordering an attack.

It was just a case of rotisserie style or slow-roasted human, well in his opinion anyway...

My last game was due to be against Empire, but I was kept back at work so couldn’t make the game. Instead, I’ve got my second battle against WoC, although against a different player this time.

He informed me he would have to go magic heavy to make up the points, partly down to the models at his disposal, but that was fine with me packing three butchers and all.

I lost the roll to choose sides, but won the roll to start set up – so I decided to go first. The battlefield looked something, like this:


Ogre Army

Tyrant: Heavy Armour, Tenderiser, Gnoblar Thiefstone, Kineater – 311
Butcher: 2 Tooth Gnoblars, Halfling Cookbook, Dispel Scroll – 190
Butcher: 2 Tooth Gnoblars, Bangstick, Dispel Scroll – 190
Butcher: 2 Tooth Gnoblars, Skullmantle – 160

3 Bulls: Xtra hand weapon, bellower – 127
3 Bulls: Xtra hand weapon, bellower – 127
4 Bulls: Xtra hand weapon, bellower, crusher – 186
4 Ironguts: bellower, gutlord – 222
4 Ironguts: bellower, standard bearer, gutlord – 247
20 Gnoblar Fighters: 40
8 Gnoblar Trappers: Snarefinger – 50
Gorger: 75
Gorger: 75

WoC Army

Sorceror Lord: Mark of Tzeentch, Chaos Steed, ? – 314 (Pandaemonium, Flickering Fire, Treason of Tzeentch, Infernal Gateway)
Chaos Sorceror: Level 2, Mark of Nurgle, Staff of Sorcery – 175 (Buboes, Fleshy Abundance)
Chaos Sorceror: Level 2, Mark of Slaanesh, Infernal Puppet – 160 (Lash, Hellshriek) (with marauder block)
20 Marauders: Chieftain, Musician, Standard, Light Armour, Shields, Mark of Slaanesh – 150
20 Marauders: Chieftain, Flails, Mark of Khorne – 113
5 Chaos Hounds: 30
5 Chaos Hounds: 30
5 Chaos Hounds: 30
5 Chaos Hounds: 30
10 Chaos Warriors: Champion, Musician, Standard, Great Weapons, Mark of Khorne – 230
5 Marauder Horse: Throwing Axes, Throwing Spears, Mark of Slaanesh – 95
5 Marauder Horse: Throwing Axes, Throwing Spears, Mark of Slaanesh – 95
5 Chaos Knights: Mark of Khorne - 230
5 Chaos Knights: Mark of Khorne, Standard - 250

I won the roll off and decided to go first so I could deal with the 4 blocks of hounds and pick my targets.

Ogre Turn 1

Move: The entire army surged forwards, including the gnoblar fighters who refused to bicker. The gnoblar trappers on the right also refused to bicker, but stayed hidden in the woods.

In the centre both ironguts units moved their full 12”, with the 4-strong bulls on the left and 3-strong bulls moving up around 10”.

Magic: I set about trying to thin down or remove some of the chaos hounds. The bangstick was dispelled, my first attempt at bonecruncher killed one hound and wounded the butcher.

I cast braingobbla at another unit, but they passed the panic with the reroll. My second bonecruncha killed 2 hounds, and also caused a wound on that butcher. An attempt at bullgorger failed.

Shooting: None

Combat: None

WoC Turn 1

Move: All 4 hound units moved up to cause a nuisance and redirect charges away from his juicy units. The marauder horse on my left moved up in front of the 4-strong bull unit and the knights moved nearby to threaten the bulls.

On my right, the marauder horse and knights angled towards the centre, threatening my other 3-strong bull unit. The sorcerer lord and nurgle sorcerer lurked with angles for spells.

Magic: Buboes was cast and let through – wounding my butcher (down to 2). Lash was cast, and caused a wound on the 3-strong bulls with butcher on my right. Gateway was cast on my tyrant unit, but dispel scrolled.

Shooting: The marauder horse on my left throw their axes at the bulls with butcher, and cause a wound.

Combat: None

Ogres Turn 2

Move: No bickering, thankfully, and the gnoblars declare a charge on the warhounds in front of them. They flee clear.

Both bull units on the left shuffle backwards out of range of the knights. In the centre, both irongut units advance forwards, and the bulls with butcher on the right wobbles towards the chaos line.

The trappers leave the woods and present a nice target to the knights, while hefting sharp stones in the direction of the marauder horsemen. One gorger comes on, right behind the chaos general.

Magic: Braingobbla on one of the hounds units goes through, but they pass on the reroll. Bangstick is again dispelled, but bonecruncha kills 2 marauder horsemen on my left, although they pass panic. I bloodgruel that butcher back up to 3 wounds.

My second attempt at bonecruncha on the knights on the right is dispelled. Another braingobbla does get through though, and a unit of hounds flees away from the hulking ogres.

Shooting: The gnoblar trappers have an inspired turn, wiping out all 5 marauder horsemen in an astonishing display of ballistic prowess.

Combat: None

WoC Turn 2

Move: The khorne knights on the right have to charge my gnoblars, who decided to stand and shoot as they would probably die anyway.

Again the warhounds move to annoy me, and the marauder horsemen on the left charge my gnoblars in the flank, and I choose to hold. The marauders in the centre turn right around to face the threat of my gorger.

Magic: Buboes is again cast on the centre butcher, he’s down to 1 wound now. Lash fails to wound anyone, and I again scroll gateway.

Shooting: None

Combat: The marauder horsemen only kill 2 gnoblars, but it’s enough to make them flee and they are cut down, with the horsemen running behind my ironguts.

I fail to kill any knights with the trapper stand and shoot, as they are clearly laughing too hard at killing the marauder horsemen. The knights predictably gut them and pursue 14” out through the back of the woods.

Ogre Turn 3

Move: The 3-strong bulls on the left charge his khornate knights. The 4-strong unit next to them advances to threaten the marauder horse and dog units.

The butcher-led ironguts charge hounds, who flee, and my tyrant unit charges the flail using marauders, with the gorger hitting their flank.

The butcher on the right leaves his unit to irritate the knights, with his former unit moving to within an inch of the dogs in front of them. My remaining gorger doesn’t show.

Magic: Bonecruncha goes off with irresistible force, killing four chaos knights on my right and wounding my butcher. He successfully bloodgruels the wound back though.

The bangstick goes off, and wipes out the remaining three marauder horse on the left. I attempt braingobbla and a second bonecruncher, but either fail or it is dispelled.

Shooting: None

Combat: On the left flank, my bulls kill one knight, but lose 2 ogres in reply and are cut to pieces as they run.

The irongut/gorger/tyrant melee sees my ogres kill 4 with the bull charge, and then polish off another 5 in combat. The tyrant causes just the 2 wounds on the slaanesh sorcerer, but it’s enough.

They need double 1s, but turn to run before the gorger pursues and cuts them down. The gorger manages to pursue far enough to hit the fleeing hounds, who flee to the edge of the board.

WoC Turn 3

Move: The knights on the left turn about to threaten my bulls and butcher unit. The warriors move up a little, and the nurgle sorcerer advances.

The marauder block reforms to face the ironguts, but it’s not looking good for them. One unit of dogs runs off the board, another with a gorger breathing down their neck rallies.

The one in the centre tries to get away from my 3-strong bulls, but can’t. The solitary knight moves towards the centre of the battlefield.

Magic: The nurgle sorcerer attempts to take the remaining wound of my central butcher, but I dispel it. The sorcerer lord miscasts his gateway attempt, but doesn’t suffer a wound thanks to the infernal puppet.

His treachery spell gets through on an irresistible spell on my tyrants unit, and I kill one of my own men. Flickering fire kills another 2, but we pass panic.

Shooting: None

Combat: None

Ogre Turn 4

Move: The bulls and butcher on the left declare a charge on the nurgle sorcerer, who flees clear.

The irongut unit with butcher charges the marauders, who hold or run through the sorcerer lord. The gorger has to charge the dogs, who hold, and the tyrant shifts a little to see where he is going next.

The 3-strong bull unit on my right charges the hounds, who flee but are caught. My lone butcher on the right moves up behind the solitary knight again.

Magic: Bonecruncher kills off the last knight. A second attempt on the chaos warriors fails. I attempt to bullgorge the butcher ironguts, but fail.

Shooting: None

Combat: The gorger fluffs, and loses a wound for his trouble, but fortunately is unbreakable. The ironguts kill 5, including the chieftain, and the unit breaks and is cut down, with my unit piling into the sorcerer lord.:)

WoC Turn 4

Move: The chaos knights on my left charge the 4-strong bull/butcher unit in the rear. The warriors and nurgle sorcerer move forwards to attempt to get something from the centre.

Magic: Buboes is cast at my tyrant, which I let through. Nothing else.

Shooting: None

Combat: The gorger kills one hound, and they hold. In the sorcerer lord/irongut combat, he has to challenge, and I am unable to wound him. He causes 2 wounds, but I pass the break test. The knights destroy 3 bulls, and I flee and am cut down.

Ogre Turn 5

Move: The remaining gorger comes on, threatening the nurgle sorcerer and pursuing unit of knights. The 3-strong bulls on the right move to contest table quarter.

The tyrant, now with depleted unit, spins around to face the threat of the knights/warriors and to get an angle on that pesky sorcerer.

Magic: I attempt to braingobbla the nurgle sorcerer, but it is dispelled. So is bonecruncha on the same target. I do bullgorge the in combat ironguts though.

Shooting: None

Combat: The gorger kills 2 hounds, they break off the table hotly pursued by the hungry ogre. In the challenge with the sorcerer lord, he kills off my gutlord and it’s a draw, but my bellower gives me the win. He holds.

WoC Turn 5

Move: There are no charges as the nurgle sorcerer is blocking his khornate knights, so they just move up a little.

Magic: The nurgle sorcerer miscasts, and suffers a wound and ends the magic phase.

Shooting: None

Combat: The sorcerer lord, now challenging my badly wounded butcher, finishes him off. I win again with the bellower, but he doesn’t care.

Ogre Turn 6

Move: The tyrant, fed up of that irritating sorcerer lord, charges in. The gorger charges the knights. My remaining butcher moves up towards the sorcerer.

Magic: No spells get through.

Shooting: None

Combat: The sorcerer lord challenges again, and my tyrant accepts. I only cause 2 wounds though, and suffer one in reply. The lord breaks, and flees off the table, followed by my tyrant and bulls.

My gorger kills one knight, bringing them down to 3, but is soundly beaten and they pursue out of charge arc of my ironguts.

WoC Turn 6

Move: No charges as nothing can see, or is in range.

Magic: He thinks about casting buboes, but it won’t do anything so doesn’t bother.

Shooting: None

Combat: None

And that was that. A very entertaining game, with both of us left with very little on the battlefield at the close. Fortunately, Fillyerboots’ mob had done just enough to record my first win this year with ogres, with getting rid of that pesky sorcerer lord clinching it.

Final victory points were: Ogres – 1683
WoC – 1301

Couple of points came up, one being he forgot to roll on the eye of the gods’ table after killing my gutlord and butcher. In that same combat, I also forgot he was outnumbered by a fear causing unit, and should have been rolling double 1s to stay. But hey ho.

Pleased with how the army worked. The gnoblars wiping out the marauder horsemen and redirecting the khorne knights on my right was great, but I had hoped I might get rid of 2 of the knights on the left with the bull unit charge. My tyrant did well again, killing a slaanesh sorcerer and finally seeing off that sorcerer lord. Didn’t make best use of the 4-strong bull and butcher unit, but you can’t have it all!!

My opponent is new to the WoC, and as I said he was limited by the models he had. That said, two miscasts didn't do him any favours, although with the puppet it could have been a lot worse.

Thanks for reading.

14-06-2009, 20:03
Grats on a well deserved win between two solid lists. BTW when you write "My gorger kills one knight, bringing them down to 3, but is soundly beaten and they pursue out of charge arc of my ironguts." do you mean the gorger fled?

14-06-2009, 21:05
No he was torn apart, and the knights overran. They moved a couple of inches too far to be able to target my ironguts, so couldn't do anything in the last turn.

14-06-2009, 21:16
nice win, i won the other day with 1k of ogres against a woc army with 1 unit of hounds, marauders, warriors (with lord) and knights, all khorne stuff.
gonna try and get a report done form the battle against another woc army about 1.2k points but this time its tzeench stuff so cud be a lot more challenging

26-07-2009, 15:34
The ogres of mawcrag have their fourth outing tomorrow against a high elf army.

Now I've always struggled against high elves, and I am up against a very good player, so I expect it to be a difficult game. Most of my previous battles, albeit with empire, have resulted in defeats against high elves, but we shall see.

I'm taking a similar list to before, I'm quite keen to see how it does against a magic/shooty army. Will post a battle report later in the week.

15-09-2009, 14:26
Hello again folks. I've had another outing with the ogres, against another WoC army this time, so here's a link to the battle report.

Unfortunately, all the nice pictures and notes I took for the high elf battle report (above post) were lost. Needless to say, I was defeated quite comfortably against a nice high elf list.

But anyway, this battle saw me use some Yhetees for the first time. Enjoy!


Krom The Eternal
18-09-2009, 04:49
I'm noticing a trend WoC are good but if ogres can hang with them and their a higher level army wouldn't that mean ogres arent one of the worst armies i recently sold my WoC and ive been playing ogres for a few months now their really fun and tough as nails you should try running a hunter their very valuable i used one when i beat the dwarfs a few nights ago any way keep the bat reps coming i love reading them!! lol

19-09-2009, 03:08
Thanks for the comments Krom, glad you're enjoying the ogres too.

I like playing Warriors with the ogres, it's one of the few armies I feel confident I have a chance against with the big guys. I would say that ogres are one of the weaker armies, but that makes them all the more fun to play because they are a challenge.

I like the hunter, but I've been trying the three butcher list for these games to see how I get a long. I see the hunter as a useful character for 3,000 point games - but I haven't played a battle that big as of yet.

I'm hoping for another game in a couple of weeks, so watch this space for more battle reports.

27-09-2009, 15:18
Nice report.

I think my next army is going to be ogres but that is still a long ways away from happening.:D

07-10-2009, 17:59
Hello again folks.

I had another battle with the bellied ones this week, this time against an Empire force fielding Kurt Hellborg, a steam tank and 2 units of knights.

It wasn't the best of games, so apologies for that, mainly due to a difference of opinion about ogre units choosing to run away, but I thought I'd post all the same.

Hopefully I will get round to painting some of my army soon, and can post pictures, but for now I'll link you to this battle report.

Thanks for reading

http://www.ageofstrife.com/viewtopic.php?f=135&t=3834&p=39325#p39325"]Ogres vs Empire

10-10-2009, 06:27
Very impressive win Wilzif, I like your Ogres fluff a lot as well and it's great to see them winning :D

10-10-2009, 17:17
Thanks Toshiro, glad you liked the report.

On a side note, does anyone know how to change the title of a thread? Would like to alter it to a generic ogre bat rep title, might generate more hits :)

11-10-2009, 09:08
Choose edit and then go to advanced option, there you can change the title =)

12-10-2009, 10:05
Except you cant change the title a certain time after posting, need to ask a mod :)